How To Make A Wedging Board

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If the soil is too wet, you should knead it on an absorbent surface to remove excess water. This project creates a table for this purpose. Wood frame about 3 inches thick rigid drywall. With a convenient clay shelf for storage below.

How To Make A Wedging Board

How To Make A Wedging Board

To support the plaster on top, drive a few screws into the upper frames and tie steel wire back and forth to form a loose wire mesh.

Steps To Setting Up A Handbuilding Workspace At Home

When you are ready to pour the plaster, place a roll of clay on the top edge of the table and invert it onto a flat piece of clear plastic.

How To Make A Wedging Board

Woodworking saw, handsaw or circular saw,   Cut with Japanese Zorner 4×4

This is a photo of an early prototype, but it gives you a good idea of ​​what it looks like finished

How To Make A Wedging Board

Wedging Table For Clay Studio

The size runs a bit small and the legs tighten quickly and extend slightly to accommodate rough terrain. I did this two years ago and it still works great.

Never scrape the table top to clean it, use a wet cloth to wipe it. Scratches are only worse on hard plaster and if the plaster starts to flake it is time to make a new table, plaster dust on the clay will cause the clay to explode in the kiln.

How To Make A Wedging Board

Another option, instead of plaster, is to use portland cement, although this will make the table several hundred pounds heavy….. Here are instructions on how to make a free standing dowel table for your studio. I'm writing this instructable in hopes of getting some great frosting kits or a red t-shirt! This is my first trainer!!! 🙂

Custom Wheel Hoops Made On Taig Mini Lathe

Basic tool safety knowledge should be used, if you don't know how to use the tool, get help.

How To Make A Wedging Board

This table is approximately 31 inches tall and has a 2 foot square top. This was the largest size I felt comfortable with for my garage studio.

30 inches tall – 1 inch (I forgot to do this so I'm lying about the math) = 30 inches x 4 = 120 inches or 10 feet

How To Make A Wedging Board

Best Surfaces For Hand Building

2 x 6 lumber (or similar 2 x 4): Add 6 SIDES to the perimeter of the table top. (You need cross braces)

Set the Kreg tool to the proper depth for your wood and use the proper lead screws.

How To Make A Wedging Board

I had some nice birch plywood left over from another project, so I chose that wood. It will also be acceptable if the wood is finished wood and not covered with canvas.

Diversified Spaces Clay Wedging Table

I cut the wood to 2 feet x 2 feet. And install screws every 3 to 4 cm. I wanted as little impact as possible when pushing the clay back. (I did not take a picture of this process.)

How To Make A Wedging Board

If desired, the wedge table can be wrapped in canvas, just be sure to tighten it. Knock it down with a pin and then cut it out.

Completed project. If I switch to red clay I will add another canvas. I also plan to add a long vertical piece to attach the wire cutter to so I can drive the wedge more efficiently.

How To Make A Wedging Board

Debcor Wedging Board

Thanks for checking out my first guide. I hope you like it. If so, please vote for me in the clay contest.

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