How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair – In this tutorial, I will show you guys the process of designing and building a cardboard chair. This project was my assignment in design school, but it's a fun and inexpensive design challenge that really got me thinking about how I make chairs.

Cardboard: You may need to travel to find suitable sources of cardboard, or you may need to create your own design to fit within the limitations of your cardboard. I was able to make mine with two pieces of 8″ by 4″ cardboard and a double sided cardboard box I bought from Home Depot.

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

Box Knife: Because you know we cut boxes and stuff. You can use any very handy knife to cut through the cardboard.

Children's Chair — Erik Lack

For this first step, use some scrap cardboard. You'll go through a lot, and you'll want to save your good cardboard for later use.

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

The most important part of any project is the prototyping stage. In this project, I only spent two hours designing the chair, and I learned a lot in those two hours. In the short amount of time I need to make, I make decisions quickly. I decided that the main seat and leg of my chair would be in the shape of a trapezoid that my legs would form when I was sitting comfortably. So I use a friend my age to measure the outside angles of his knees to be the base of a trapezoid and the width of his buttocks to be the top of a trapezoid. I did a quick web search on my phone and found that lining up two pieces of cardboard with a slot in between helped improve the design of cardboard in model buildings and more. So I calculated the length of all the sides of the chair and the crossbars that go inside the trapezoid seat so that I have the dimensions of all the pieces of cardboard.

Still sticking to my two-hour schedule, I started assembling the seat and quickly noticed a few things. First: make sure the cardboard wall is perpendicular to the floor. I have found that the cardboard is strong enough to support the weight when the weight is evenly applied to the corrugation, otherwise the cardboard will bend. Remember portable boxes? For this reason, its expansion is horizontal at the top and bottom, so that boxes can be stacked on top of each other.

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

How To Make Diy Chairs Of Moving Boxes

Otherwise, it was a pleasant find, the assembly of the prototype was successful. I found that only two sides were needed to hold the crossbars at the right angle and I didn't have to do anything to the back or front. This allowed me to cross my legs to make it easier to get out of the chair and add impromptu support to the chair. Finally, the seat was pressed to the base with hot glue and all the joints that were in place were covered with hot glue to hold them together.

The chair was a huge success. It can support all my weight and my friend standing on it. Now I have the basis for the cardboard chair design.

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

This step is just as important (if not more so) than the measurement step. This step will give you a better idea of ​​how you want your chair to look and include details that will make things easier. It's important to come up with final dimensions for all your parts so you don't waste quality cardboard on this build. I'll show you what I came up with and how I came to these conclusions.

Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

I accidentally made a design that is too good to support a person sitting on the floor. I first made a trapezoidal chair to reflect the shape of my legs when I sit comfortably; of course with the d-pad method I implemented by making a trapezoidal geometry that moves that d-pad to the back of the seat where my butt (and most of my weight) was pushing down and where it gave me more. support where I needed it.

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

See other chairs for inspiration. I have looked at other chairs to find more suitable sizes for my chair; The dining room chairs at my college were a good example because they were folding chairs in their simplest form so they could be made cheaply. Looking at these seats, I found that a slight lowering of the seat and a right-angled backrest position was a change that would really add to the comfort of the seat. In addition to being small, I have noticed that the back corner of the chair feels like a hug and maintains a human shape where there might be an uncomfortable corner. The last major change I made was the back support. Instead of the previous design where it looked down and moved around a lot, I actually measured the angle to be the angle where the support meets the backrest. In the final version, this turned out to be enough.

You can see all of my final measurements and the design I was aiming for in the image above.

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

How Do You Make A Chair From Cardboard?

This step is self-explanatory. Draw your pieces exactly to the dimensions you got in the previous step with a marker and cut out the shapes with a utility knife. When joining the two halves together, make sure the slot is on opposite sides of the cardboard so that one side of the slot is up and the other is down. And make sure that the slot is not less than the width of the cardboard. If you're making a fold, only cut it down the middle of the cardboard so it's easier to get a sharp end. As a final step, apply hot glue to all corners of the seat to keep them from coming apart. when you remove the chair. And the most important thing at this stage: make sure you cut the pieces so that the side of the corrugation is facing down.

This chair can be comfortable if it has something to sit on. I took the measurements for the trapezoid chair and base from my Home Depot double cardboard box, cut it out, and hot glued it to the base. Now I'm going to put another layer on top of the Home Depot box to bring the back and seat together and get that supportive shape that matches the corner; but to make sure that the curve of the shape fit, didn't tear, that it took on too much stress, I folded up a piece of discarded cardboard to give extra support.

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

Finally, add this last layer to the seat. After repeating the process of painting and cutting out the part, I hot glued it to a home storage chair. I made sure to leave some extra on the top layer to fold and close the ends of the Home Depot cardboard for aesthetic reasons. In this layer, I deliberately made sure that the decomposition of this piece works in the same way as the Home Depot cardboard. I believe this is what they do to the plywood to help distribute the pressure, making sure the grain of the wood matches that of the previous layer, I hope the idea is on the map.

Donttakethisthewrongway Reimagines Cardboard Box As Chair

These are all the steps I took to make this cardboard chair. It was a very organic process, I was trying to do it with a certain degree of precision, but since it was a school project, it had to be a learning experience. On the whole it was a very good result; it turned out to be very strong, more than enough to hold 200 pounds, so it was a success for me!

How Do You Make A Cardboard Chair

I hope this helps people model the chairs they want to make out of wood, or helps people make unique pieces of furniture out of cardboard, or maybe even design students who have to do this project in their college design class, I hope that it will help you all! We have assembled a chair-blanket from 100% cardboard. The base is strong and strong enough to support up to 120 pounds. It was fun putting together this puzzle and we completed it in 2 hours. Cardboard racks used inside the chair provide the necessary rigidity and strength. The back, as you can see, is decorated with pieces of cardboard of different sizes. It looks like the blocks are stuck together. The seat is wrapped in a gray stripe, giving it a metallic look.

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