How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

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When we bought our cabin out in the woods it came with all the furniture and household items. It was a blessing, mostly because we had our own little furniture at the time. In other ways, though, it just adds to our already numerous useless assets. For example, now we have 10 chairs. 2 sets of completely different plates; About 20 dishes for couples without children; There is no way we can use it all.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

So since we moved, I’ve been trying to recycle or sell extra items. We don’t have outdoor furniture, but we do have 2 decks, so we started thinking about how to fit these chairs outside on the deck. That’s how I came up with the best idea… I turned to Pinterest for a great idea to turn old chairs into benches.

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Oh! Did you say I got a big pile of wood with the house? Most appear to be leftovers from home renovations, while others are taken from the back deck. So it is very well kept and beautifully rural. This is where I get the wood for most of my projects.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

How to cut your boards. Hand Saw Crocodile Saw Round Saw Table… If you buy a board for this project. A hardware store can cut them for you.

Have you turned old furniture into something new? Leave a comment I’d love to hear it! 2 Old Chairs Headed For The Landfill And Wood Plank Repurposed Into Colorful Recycled Bench Set For Your Backyard.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

PÄronholmen Bench With Backrest, Outdoor, Red

Bringing colorful recycled bench seating to your garden in partnership with Sharon Williams. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely based on my experience. This post contains affiliate links; But I would not recommend it in any case. Read my full statement here.

Have you ever found some junk waiting to be turned into treasure? I found these vintage chairs for free in a local Facebook group.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

I knew what to do with those old chairs. I want to give them new life with a fresh coat of paint and turn them into colorful outdoor benches.

Cable Spool Pallet Bench

The chairs are a little broken, but they are in perfect condition. I mean… they’re going to the dump.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

All that is needed is a clean wash and a new color. I’m so glad I was able to breathe new life into these old chairs and turn them into colorful recycled benches for your backyard.

Are you ready to see how to turn two old chairs and a field into a colorful outdoor bench for your backyard?

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

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For starters, you’ll want to give the chairs a good cleaning. Especially if, like me, you’re using old chairs that are destined for the trash.

After getting a freebie from someone on Facebook, this row of DIY camel chairs sat in our garage for a few months until we finally found some time to tackle it.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

This will remove any residue on the chair and/or give you something to adhere to the finish and exterior paint.

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A slightly damp cloth or cloth can be used. I like the fabric to be a little sticky and straighten the clay that is curled up.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Now that our recycled bench seat is going into our garden, we decided to apply a high-quality exterior paint to extend the life of the wooden outdoor furniture.

Sherwin Williams was nice enough to send me some flexible exterior acrylic latex paint to test for this project. The flexible line offers exceptional moisture resistance, which is what we need as we live in a harsh winter climate with harsh winters and hot summers.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Diva Ii Storage Bench

I used a paintbrush, but you can also use spray paint to spice up this DIY bench project.

As I mentioned in the video below, when painting outdoor furniture you really want to think about completely covering the wood, not just covering the wood where you can see it.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Exterior paint acts as a seal for wooden furniture, so it’s important to get into all the nooks and crannies.

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Don’t forget to paint under the chair and under the legs where the chair touches the ground.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Note: If you think you can sit in the puddles on the bench outside. You can also tie some rice to the bottom of your feet so that you are not sitting directly on the ground.

Finish with two coats of exterior paint. I could get away with doing one if it was a little thicker…but I did learn to paint a lighter coat, though it took a while. It ends a little too neatly.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

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I love the color after applying 2 coats of top coat and letting it dry (Refresh by Sharon Williams). But I didn’t like how the chair bench came out.

My style is usually a bit more understated and formal. When painting furniture, I know I can’t mess up the chair, which I often do. There were no coats of exterior paint left to provide moisture protection for this outdoor bench, so I definitely couldn’t sand it. I dry brushed the chairs with white acrylic paint.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Dry brushing is a very simple technique that can be used to add some character to painted furniture. A dry brush is also good for bringing attention to the texture of a piece of furniture. It is very easy to do.

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All you do is take an old brush, put some paint on it, and then rub the paint on a paper towel or rag, mostly.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Then carefully move the brush over the furniture and rub as much as possible. Always use a brush with tree limbs.

With a dry brush you can always go back and add white letters. So go small and light on the brush.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

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If there is too much white in some areas, you can come back with the outer color and use the same dry brush technique to tone down the white.

While the paint is drying, you can start working on the wooden panel. We have quite a few pallets around our house because we use them all the time for DIY pallet wood projects (in fact, we made our bed out of pallet wood!).

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Once you have your plank of wood, you can measure the length of the chaise longue and if necessary, cut the pieces to size so that the chaise longue will fit.

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We finish off our chairs by clearing them out a bit so they can fit on top of the pallet pieces to cut less.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

I used an iron gun on the chair bench. I put 2 nails in each plank that match the seat part.

Leave some gaps between the small pieces of wood so that water can seep into the seat and not spread over the seat.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

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I also used a dry brush painting technique with a thin white paint to give the same look to the wooden planks.

An additional piece of plank wood was painted the same color as the chair and an additional light was attached to the bottom of the chair.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Once the seat is opened and the paint is completely dry, you’ll want to seal the bench seat well before removing it.

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The exterior paint does not need to be sealed, but the plank wood must be sealed. I use spray acrylic coating. Don’t forget to do the bottom and sides too.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

You can imagine a bike-mounted seat into many a fun backyard party under the stars. There’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy this little bench before winter sets in.

You can certainly make your own recycled park bench with outdoor paint. If you want to dress up this outdoor bench more, you can add some additional decorative paint.

How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

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This recycled bench seat for your backyard is very easy to make. This is a great DIY project for beginners because it requires less investment. I bet you can find many options for used chairs at your local thrift stores or on the Facebook marketplace, CraigsList. You can find it for free as I am.

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How To Make 2 Chairs Into A Bench

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