How To Make Concrete Side Table

How To Make Concrete Side Table – I’m so excited to share this DIY project with all of you! This DIY concrete side table is the perfect industrial/mid-century inspired side table for your home. And the best? It’s very easy! Follow this step-by-step guide to creating your own concrete coffee table.

The first step in making this DIY concrete coffee table is getting your buckets ready! You will need 2 multi-purpose buckets – I used these at Home Depot. Use the tape measure and pen to mark a 2-inch line inside the bucket. This will be your guide so you know how much to fill the concrete bucket.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

How To Make Concrete Side Table

It is very important to choose the right multi-purpose buckets. Make sure the bottom of the bucket is flat and the shape is not distorted. I found this out the hard way when I realized the bottom of my buckets were all warped and wavy. If you have this problem, like me, you can sand the table top after it’s completely dry.

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Now for the fun part, mixing the concrete! Even if you follow the instructions on the bag of cement, mixing the cement is a bit of a guessing game. I suggest starting small and gradually increasing, adding more cement and water as needed. Mix the concrete until you get a smooth consistency that will hold its shape.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

Next, pour the mixed concrete into your clean bucket. Slowly add concrete to the marked 2 inch line. Once the concrete is filled to the line, tap the sides of the bucket to dislodge any air bubbles.

Next, glue the legs of the wooden coffee table into the wet concrete. I have used these legs on wooden furniture and they have worked great! Gently shake your legs to eliminate air pockets. Make sure your legs are evenly spaced. Set the bucket aside for 1-2 days and let the concrete harden.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

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After 1-2 days, you can remove the table from the bucket mold. Carefully remove the table from the mold by pulling on the legs. Note: The concrete will still be a little soft, so handle your new side table with care! Let the table dry out of the mold for another 2-3 days.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

This step is optional, but since I wanted a mid-century feel, I wanted to color my legs in taupe. I used this oil-based wood stain and I’m very happy with the result. It’s the perfect grey/brown!

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There you have it, a super easy DIY rustic concrete coffee table! Working with concrete isn’t exactly easy, but I love how this little project turned out. I left the bottom edge raw concrete as I think it adds to the industrial appeal, but if you prefer a smoother look you can just sand it down.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

I was looking forward to trying out some hands-on DIY projects and now that I’ve finished my first one, I can’t wait to try some more! Stay tuned for more concrete home improvement projects in the coming weeks. Our porch needed a patio table, so we turned to concrete! This DIY concrete side table was so much fun and looks so cute!!

Later this month, Logan and I are traveling to Atlanta, Georgia for the Haven Conference! We are very happy to be part of this DIY/design conference for bloggers and influencers.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

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One of the brands that will be there (we can’t wait to meet them) is Quikrete. They’re having a really fun pre-conference competition called the Quikrete Casting Call. They challenged everyone at the conference to come up with a concrete DIY project using LOTS of concrete. How funny is that?! I can’t wait to see what everyone came up with! I’m sure there will be some good ideas.

We were really looking forward to this challenge because to be honest we have only used concrete a handful of times and never for a small DIY concrete project. But we’ve seen friends do some amazing things with concrete, like this cute candle holder and fun DIY soap dish!

How To Make Concrete Side Table

I think everyone can agree that concrete is a little intimidating. You have to work quickly otherwise it hardens. But I really think it only gets a bad reputation because it turns out to be quite easy to use. We’ll walk you through all the steps in this concrete coffee table tutorial!

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We’ve created a fun step-by-step video tutorial for you to watch and learn too! (Pssstt… Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this!)

How To Make Concrete Side Table

This specific coffee table tutorial contains affiliate links, but nothing that I don’t highly recommend! Read my full disclosure here

First you need to mix this concrete! It’s really very simple. Just pour it into a bucket and add water according to the proportions indicated on the sachet.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

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We wanted the tabletop to be three inches high, so we made a little mark on the inside of the bucket to show where to pour it.

Pour the cement into the bucket up to the marked line. So you want to shake it up a bit. This eliminates air bubbles in the concrete which can cause cracks and spalling in the concrete once it has set. You can also tap the sides of the bucket gently with a rubber mallet to remove any air bubbles.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

Since we’ve moved a few things around our house lately, we no longer need that cute little router box to hide the internet cables, so we removed the bobby pins and were able to reuse them in this project, but we only needed three.

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Before starting the concrete coffee table, we cut the top corners of the hairpin legs at the base to round them off. This allowed us to bring the legs a little closer to the edge of the bucket and make it a little more stable.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

We placed the hairpin legs so that they are equidistant from each other. To make sure they were nice and level, we simply measured from the top of the bucket to the bottom of the protruding leg and made sure they were exactly the same before screwing them in place.

I’m so glad we took the time to fix this part because this table doesn’t wobble at all! 🙂

How To Make Concrete Side Table

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We waited about 2 days for the concrete to set completely. This may vary depending on climate and humidity.

To remove the bucket, turn the concrete coffee table right side up and tap the outside of the bucket with the rubber mallet. You can see the concrete “flaking” off the bucket. Then gently remove the bucket.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

So… here’s the thing. I’ve gone through just about every bucket that Home Depot stocks and Lowe’s tries to find one that doesn’t have warped plastic on the bottom and just doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s the time of year or something.

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So before we even started this specific DIY project, I knew we had to fix this problem. You need a flat surface for a table, right?

How To Make Concrete Side Table

We didn’t really know how easy or hard it would be, but we did it!

I started with a random orbital sander and coarse sandpaper…for about an hour. And he hasn’t made much progress. Then Logan tried the belt sander and even that would take forever.

How To Make Concrete Side Table

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And let me tell you, it worked like a charm! We were able to get rid of the high spots pretty quickly and then smooth it all out with the belt sander.

Since it’s an end table, I wanted to make sure it’s properly sealed so we don’t have to worry about coasters (or sticky kids’ hands, which are pretty much near the norm here).

How To Make Concrete Side Table

We used a foam brush to apply this sealer to the sides and top of the concrete as evenly as possible. I ended up doing two coats of sealer.

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I actually thought this would be a super quick and easy DIY project. But it took longer than expected because we spent so much time sanding and leveling the top!

How To Make Concrete Side Table

But we didn’t do many concrete DIY projects, so we learned as we went! What’s a rollercoaster, right?

I was so excited when we ran out of the concrete coffee table, so I ran to the store to buy some cute new outdoor chairs and cushions to go with it! These were super affordable at Walmart and really so cute, right?! I spent less than $115 on chairs and pillows

How To Make Concrete Side Table

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