How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair – Sew a beanbag chair that doubles as a toy collection! This fun bean bag chair sewing pattern is easy to make and large – I measured 40 inches in diameter and fit at least 30 stuffed animals.

When I gave it to my daughter, she stuffed all her stuffed animals into a bag and ran around the house. Now she drags it between her room and the family room so she can sit on it all the time lol!

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

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I first saw a similar bean bag chair with a toy collection on Amazon and almost bought it because I thought it was genius. But I love a challenge and I love choosing my clothes.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

I immediately thought of the Premier Prints fabric available at They’re high quality, affordable, and best of all – they’re 54″ wide! This means you can buy fewer yards and still get a lot of fabric. I found this adorable baby pink striped umbrella. Fabric selected. It’s great in Caddy’s. Room

Because this beanbag chair is sewn from a single layer of fabric, regular quilting cotton or similar lightweight fabrics are not as strong. I strongly recommend using a heavier home decor fabric such as cotton duck, twill, satin or heavy.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

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Don’t worry—even if it’s just one layer of fabric, I’ll share tips on how to make each stitch more durable and manageable.

1. Assemble the printable pattern piece and use it to cut out the four main pieces on the flap. Since my fabric is so wide, I can tuck the original fold into the fabric and fold it in half again (lengthwise) to cut two pieces in half at once. I changed the direction of the fabric to cut the other two pieces at the top of the flap so the strips go in different directions like in my inspiration photo.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

2. Choose one of your staple pieces that has a zipper in the middle. Cut it in half lengthwise. You can use a pattern like I did – place the paper pattern on a piece of fabric and cut along the fold line.

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3. Cut two 21″ squares to make circles for the top and bottom of the bag. Fold one square in half twice to make a 10 1/2″ square.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

4. Measure along the bottom of the folded square from the fold point to the raw edges. Mark 10″ from the point.

Place the end of the ruler at the fold point and move the other end about an inch. Make another mark 10″ away from the point.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

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Place the first end of the roller at the fold point, move the other end an inch, and make marks 10” from the corner.

5. After creating a corner-to-corner arc with the dots, cut along them to create a smooth curve. Unfold it and you have a 20″ circle! Repeat to cut another circle from the remaining 21″ square of fabric.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

Tip: Serge or zigzag stitch all edges of all large pieces (not in step 6) to prevent fraying.

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

1. Place one of the 2″ x 3″ zip ties on your workbench. Place the zipper on the end of the tab with the cap as shown above.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

Note: If your zipper is longer than 22″, cut 22′ from the beginning of the zipper teeth. Then place the end of the zipper flush with the end of the tab section.

3. Sew the ends of the zipper pieces 3/8″ from the ends. Trim the ends of the zipper (so you don’t break the pin later when you remove the metal stop). Then press the zipper pieces together.

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Cut the zipper tabs to match the width of the zipper. Finish the edges of the zip tab with a zigzag stitch as desired.

Repeat steps 1-3 above to sew the zipper tab to the top of the zipper. Place the beginning of the zipper teeth on the edge of the tab, same as the zipper (but on the opposite side).

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

4. Place one of the half-head pieces on the workbench. Attach the zipper to the straight edge.

Decoupage Chair For Your Favorite Book Lover

5. Sew the zipper straight to the edge with a 3/8″ seam allowance. If necessary, use the zipper foot on your sewing machine. Sew around the edge, including the zipper tabs.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

7. Pin the remaining edge of the fastener to the straight edge of the other half-head piece. Sew the top as before.

This blog post is getting really long! I have started a second part to help the pages load faster. See you there!

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

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P.s I’m adding this to my 14+ Free Sewing Projects list to keep you more organized. Check it out!

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How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

All year we sewed and collected (clothes) and small gifts for this one occasion…

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Some of you (like me) have been waiting for this for ages and I’m so happy to announce that Crafty Little Things to Sew is finally here!!!!

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

I slipped the dowel through the quilt sleeve and it was done in a few minutes! I took these photos right away, so the wrinkles aren’t visible yet. But they are not now, after a few days.

I love Home on the Meadow. I grew up reading (and re-reading) the books and wishing I was Laura Ingalls. I felt the big snowflakes from Papa, the maple sugar candies, and the pages from the Little House book tucked under the quilt that Mom had sewn. Then I read some books to my kids and was amazed how 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 2-8, could still listen and beg for another chapter.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

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Sew a beautiful Moroccan inspired quilt using everyone’s favorite pre-cut cotton fabric…fat quarters! This quick and easy quilt pattern is free in the blog below. I used 9 fat quarters plus 3 yards of backing fabric to sew a 68″ x 68″ quilt. Every morning when I go to wake my daughter up, I dream of Anology on a summer day. Clear my head of all my alpha mom duties and focus on rearranging her room. But in between all the snow days, there were so many moments that weren’t filled with meetings, appointments and gatherings that I decided to check a box on my bucket list. And his room is upstairs. To say it’s a crowd is an understatement. She keeps flower petals, beads and scraps of paper with little notes. But the greatest of all his “collections” is his growing collection of stuffed animals. I decided to make a bean bag chair to collect all the mess but leave easy access to these toys.

Believe it or not, it’s all under the Moses basket. The plan was to keep it in her room as a collection of her stuffed toys when she became a baby. But the toys outgrew the basket in front of the girl – I wasn’t allowed to replace it with a bigger one until now. I didn’t ask him if a new storage system was needed or if I could do alternative storage as I said the animals would be in the basement for the summer. At the risk of losing the toys in her room, she somehow agrees to come collect a bunch.

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

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I didn’t want to buy something, I wanted to process something. A cardboard box or something covered with cloth will work. Or, I can bring some of the clothes. An idea came in the morning

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Chair

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