How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice – I think – and it's true! It's definitely a statement chair, but that's exactly what I did. Our little 60s farmhouse is really cozy, but the bedrooms are pretty boring (low ceilings and small tall windows), so they need a lot of help adding personality. I love how our bedroom turned out, so now I can turn the office/craft room into something more fun. A funky office chair seemed like a good place to start!

I saw this gray office chair at Target ( similar here ) and thought it was a little more unique than your standard office chair (and a great price too!). A perfect base for changing seats!

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

Before attaching the base and wheels, I painted the silver legs and wheels gold (use a metallic primer first). I left the shaft that goes into the seat base. This is a special type of oil so the seat can move up and down. Not the most perfect paint surface…

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To restore the chair, I bought two halves of this beautiful red wool and wrapped it around the top of the chair (me side) with an extra hanging fabric in front. After doing this, I gathered two large pieces of fabric until the fabrics were nice. Then I put the assemblies in place. I then aligned the fabric to the back of the chair and attached the extra fabric to the arms of the chair as well.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

When you do this, think about which way your hair is going so it doesn't go “back” when you flip your hair!

Once I knew which fabric was the “extra fabric”, I sewed on those lines and then tested the shell of the chair to see if I could get a little more.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

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I then followed the line of the chair back with scissors and cut a 1 inch length of fabric from where the bottom of the back meets the chair. I then cut another piece of fabric that followed the seat line of the chair, pinned it, and repeated the sewing process, testing, adjusting if necessary, and sewing off the excess fabric. (Check your direction again. meh!).

I pinched, sewed, and cut the excess fabric on the front of the seat so that when all was said and done I had a perfect fit. Turn your shell right side out and you're ready to attach it to the seat!

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

I left an extra 5″ or so of fabric hanging over the bottom of the shell so I could fold it up and pin it to the bottom of the seat.

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Then, if there were any areas of the fur that didn't fit the seat or looked furry, I attached the fabric to the seat material with a needle and thread. The method is easy. Sew on flat ground with one of these guys). After the material was processed I had to clean the wool and I did!

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

I won't lie, this was probably one of the worst projects I've ever done – fur was flying everywhere!! This is definitely great in a small room where there isn't much to clean after all. Regardless, I think the result could be a really interesting category of chairs. I think the gold would look great under the Bonjour sign and would give the room a little lift. Now I have to work on the rest of the room, but I think this is a good start! xo Laura By clicking the “Accept All Cookies” button, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist with our marketing efforts.

Sarah Levin is a freelance writer based in New York City. He has been writing since 2020 and contributes home, lifestyle, and health content to several other publications, including Apartment Therapy and Architecture Digest.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

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In March 2020, you're debating what you've left on the table and whether you'll be able to pull through a full day of work wearing *full pants*, and you might even be worried about it. Maybe happily replying to emails after a few months. , you will find your desk comfortable. Sofa. Maybe you're worried about losing the comforts of home and family once you're back in a big corporate space.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

“When we go back to work in offices, it's useful to take things from our homes and bring them into our offices,” explains designer Rand Lemmon. Here, she and other style experts share their tips for making any office desk stylish.

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Rande Leaman is the founder of Rande Leaman Interior Design in Los Angeles and brings a fresh perspective and attention to detail to her interior projects.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

“Artwork that's meaningful and makes you feel good will lift your spirits as we talk about this new normal,” Lemon says.

Do you mind going out? If you're feeling crafty during quarantine, create your favorite embroidery or photo collage from the books on the coffee table. Private road.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

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“Office lighting is tired, and it's not as comfortable as a small table lamp with a soft bulb,” explains Anastasia Casey, founder of The Identité Collective. The best thing about decorating your office is that even if your partner doesn't like certain colors, you can experiment with styles that you would never introduce in your home. Do you prefer to relax in a neutral space?

Don't stress about your workday, add keeping a green friend or two alive on your to-do list, so choose plants that don't require much TLC.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

“Medium hair follicles are great and can live well indoors,” says Casey. “They're easy to care for every day with a simple mist bottle.”

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Don't forget the sprinklers. Blogger Kate Dreyer says, “Replace the pot you bought the plant in with beautiful seedlings.” “

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

Application flowers are another gift. “My old office was a few miles away from Trader Joe's, and once a week I had my workspace flowered,” Instagrammer Sarah Jacobson explained. “Nothing cheers me up, especially on long, stressful days.”

“At the office, my desk was full of newborn photos and memorabilia — birthday cards, prints of especially funny emails, and photos of my friends and family,” adds Jacobson. “Like fresh flowers, this piece of ‘home' helps me on good days and brings me back on bad days.”

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

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The next time you miss a photo booth event or receive an especially sweet card from a friend, put the proof in your work bag and stick it on your bulletin board the next morning.

“If you're lucky enough to have a shelf in your office, make it feel like home with your travel accessories or cute items,” says Courtney Sempliner.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

Your sticky notes, pens, and everyday items don't have to be boring. “I'd go for unusual colors for office accessories,” says blogger Carla Bethany Hayden. “Swap out the mouse and desk accessories for something more characterful.”

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This is literally and figuratively key, explains Instagrammer Hannah Hamburg. “Your workspace is expanded and you can spend a lot of time there,” he says. “Fill things that make you happy.”

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

Hamburger agrees that art and framed photos are great table additions, but notes that physical amenities are also important. “Bring a blanket to throw on the couch,” she says. “It adds a comfort factor and counteracts the chronically cold office air conditioning.”

You love to light candles when you work at home, but unfortunately they are not suitable for the office. Don't compromise with a diffuser—Sempliner recommends staying away from fragrances. After all, “fragrances can be polarizing and underestimated.

How To Make An Office Chair Look Nice

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