How To Wire Exhaust Fan To Light Switch

How To Wire Exhaust Fan To Light Switch – Mr. Electric:  How can I add a bathroom fan switch to the existing bathroom light switch to control my bathroom fan separately?

Answer:  Depending on how the house was originally wired, adding a bathroom fan may be just a matter of changing a few connections on the existing light switch. Then you can install a combination device with two pole switches on one cable. NOTE: Some text links below are for related Amazon products. I earn from purchases as an Amazon Partner.

How To Wire Exhaust Fan To Light Switch

I have asked this question several times and in some cases I just had to open an existing negative change and make some changes. I’m going to remove the wall plate, remove the screws holding the switch in place, and move the switch away from the wall so I can get the wires in. Sometimes removing the paint from the wall plate screws is the hardest part.

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If there is a wire in the electrical switch box that goes to the bathroom light fixture and another wire that goes to the bathroom fan, you can add a second switch without additional installation. See bathroom fan wiring diagram below.

The original meters would have one wire carrying power to the breaker box with two separate wires going to air and light. There may be other wiring that supplies power to other parts of the house. They are connected to hot and neutral.

All white neutral wires will be joined together using a wire nut or other type of wire connection. The black wires going to the air and light will join a black pigtail that will connect to a negative switch.

The black wire of the power cord is connected to the other terminal on the switch. When the switch is on, energy flows through the air and electricity simultaneously.

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Inside the wall switch box I will separate the black wire going to the bathroom fan and the black wire going to the light fixture. Then a combination switch as below is installed to replace the old shaft switch.

In the replacement scenario above, the hot wire from the switch box would connect to one of the black screw terminals. The black fan wire goes under the brass screw. The other black wire for the light goes under the other copper screw. The grounding conductor goes under the green screw only.

You can see the wiring in the picture below. The two screws on the left are hot connections, and the tab between them is obviously broken. It is possible to have two separate circuits powering this device by turning off the small tab.

The wiring terminals are shown on the back of the combination switch with two pole switches

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Due to the original method of cable installation, it is not always possible to quickly change the connection of cables. In that case, the next option is to install a new separate cable in the air or in the light so that you have two separate switches.

Pictured below is a job where I replaced the entire shower unit and also installed a wall switch for the fan. The old exhaust fan in the current bathroom is routed to the adjacent ceiling light. So we need a new cable from the switch to the new bathroom fan.

Replacing an air conditioner is considered a repair and does not need to be inspected by a city electrical inspector. The new wiring and switch box should be checked, but since this is a small job, it does not require close inspection. I applied for an electrical permit a few weeks before starting the project.

The current electrical box is full of power with wires, so it is necessary to install a two-pole breaker box to meet the code. Section 314.16 of the National Electrical Code tells how to calculate the capacitance per cubic inch for each size of wire.

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I developed my own method for cutting access holes in walls where I need to install cables. I cut the hole that the compass saw was in at about a 45 degree angle with the notch. This makes patching very easy. See the pictures at the end for the patchwork.

There are a total of six wires with points in the current switch box. The black and white wire is the electrical feed that powers the box. Another black and white leads from switch box to switch box for room lighting.

The last pair of wires go from the ceiling light to the existing bathroom light. I marked the black LOAD wire going to power with red electrical tape.

Cut holes in the ceiling and walls to run the new bathroom fan wire

Replacing Old Exhaust Fan Going To Two Switches For Fan And Light. Not Getting Power, What Am I Doing Wrong?

I had to cut holes in the ceiling and wall to get the new cable down to the current switch position. The ceiling has bushings that make it easy to insert the new cable.

The wall is more difficult because of the proximity of the medicine cabinet, the closet behind this wall, and the door. The top holes are cut with a 45 degree angle saw.

I use a keyhole or compass to cut these holes. However, ever since I bought my Oscillating Multi-Tool, I’ve been using it to cut access holes in drywall.

After cutting the dry access holes I had to drill some holes with my half inch Milwaukee Drill. I had to drill holes in the top plates of the walls to get into the ceiling. I also had to drill some holes in the wall to run the new cable through the current switch position.

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Above is the new Romex cable that I installed next to the existing cable that will be reused when the new switches are installed.

Before removing the old switch box I took the old plastic switch box off the wall and followed a line to cut the opening. It is easy to remove the old case with a large hole.

I started pulling the wires at the same time from the two small old gangs to the new work switch boxes. As I moved the box closer to the wall I continued to pull on each string until the box sat inside the wall.

The switch installation is almost complete. The homeowner wants to install the existing downlight with a new shower fan switch.

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The holes at the top are closed with old pieces of cut drywall. The dry edges of the wall and the cuts are rubbed together with a thick layer of the mixture. Once things settle down, some compounds will appear. Use a wide knife and smooth it out.

Joints should not be taped due to the angle of the drywall. Let the mixture dry overnight. The next day lightly sand it with a damp sponge or fine sandpaper and then apply a second coat. A third coat is needed to finish.

For large pieces of ceiling, I will place a wooden block or two to screw a piece of drywall until the composition dries.

The old ceiling fan had a plastic casing and was easy to remove. I cut the pieces with my crochet hook.

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New Panasonic bathroom fan dusty inside from my work. I usually clean the engine and grill before installing. Panasonic fans are designed to fit retro into existing fan positions. I especially like Panasonic’s WhisperFit fan models because they are low profile and sized for use with 3-inch or 4-inch air ducts.

Below is a photo from another bathroom remodeling job where the drywall was removed. You can see the wiring route that the original electrician had to do to avoid the medicine cabinet.

The first thing I did when I started this work was to bring the muscles to the same height of the transitions.

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