How To Make A Table Topper

How To Make A Table Topper – Changing diapers isn't the best job for babies, but if you have to, you can at least do it in style. I made this DIY dressing table for my sister's nursery because it was pretty. There is practically nothing practical about it.

I did one for the room challenge. This is a very simple build for a beginner woodworking project. In fact, it was the first time I even used a Craig jig. Want to create your own? do this

How To Make A Table Topper

How To Make A Table Topper

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Quick Table Topper

Well, so many tutorials will tell you that the project only spent $10 on wood and that's fine… b

How To Make A Table Topper

. If you have to buy all the tools and supplies, it can get expensive. I'm assuming you own a drill press, but otherwise you're going to spend about $20 on a craigs jig, another $15 on a good vise, and then pocket hole screws and then a board to make that table top. It adds up pretty quickly. But the NEXT building is significantly cheaper. I like to slowly add to my arsenal of tools and then these projects are as cheap as they seem.

I asked for a saw for Mother's Day and it was the best gift ever!

How To Make A Table Topper

Arrowhead Table Topper

There are so many projects where this is useful. So far I've added baseboards to my kitchen, made picture frames, added molding where I could, and have big plans for more. Such a good investment.

Time: Should take you an hour, including time to figure out Craig's jig. It's lightning fast. I don't claim to be an expert…I followed these instructions when using the Mini Craig Jig.

How To Make A Table Topper

I know you are used to long explanations of my project. But um… to be honest, it took me longer to figure out how to use the Craig jig and clamp than to actually complete the project. But here's a special bonus… I filmed the process on my Instagram stories. So you can see how it turned out.

Christmas Magic, Scalloped Edge Table Topper, Mug Rugs, Hot Pads, (i'm A Panel!)

I always write Keep the required part and cut in a straight line on the waste side, which I marked NO.

How To Make A Table Topper

Resize the cover with 1.25″ pocket hole screws. (This requires a square drill) Always glue where wood meets wood.

I added felt to the bottom of the board to keep the paint from scratching the kids dresser.

How To Make A Table Topper

Sweet Melody & Nature's Beauty Table Topper Quilt Pattern Only

You can draw before or after. I took it after installation and wish I had done it beforehand. The cracks were a little hard to get into, but it wasn't a big deal. I applied one coat of stain using the same color as the large wall painting here (Rustoleum One Step Stain & Polyurethane Water Based). If you want it darker, you can apply two layers.

Now again, this table top was just for show, it didn't add functionality to the room, but look!

How To Make A Table Topper

And of course you can buy the item. Check out this walnut table top… but you can build it for the same price or a little less and have all the tools for your next project. It just made sense to do it.

Amazon.com: 12pcs Table Overlays Center Piece Square Burlap Table Topper Center Peice Table Overlays Burlap Placemats 20 Inch

If you've been following my Instagram stories, (you should be) you know that my sister just had her baby, so I had a weekend to organize my room. It looks great, but you'll have to wait until opening day (November 8) to see it. It's not 100% complete, so I'll continue to share projects each week until then. It's time for another guide to help you get your house ready for Halloween! This is a cute spider web table cover that is easier to make than you think.

How To Make A Table Topper

The finished measurements for this project are 30″ from one edge to a parallel edge and 34″ from one point to the opposite point.

1. For each of the six pieces of fabric, cut two strips that are 3 times the width of the fabric. Arrange the 12 strips into two groups of six, with one fabric in each group.

How To Make A Table Topper

Sunshine Sews…: Roundabout Table Topper

2. Then sew each set of 6 strips with a 1/4″ seam. The recommended method is to sew two strips and then press the seam. Sew the next two and press the seam open. Then sew the last two. Strip and press open. Now sew the three sets together by pressing the seams again. , this method will help prevent the last set of strips from curling.

3. Find the 60 degree mark on the ruler: (I marked the 60 degree lines on the ruler so you can see them a little better.)

How To Make A Table Topper

4. Align the bottom edge of one of the fabric strips from the 60 degree line. Make sure the top right edge of the ruler crosses the edge of the top bar (see image below). Carefully cut the fabric.

Quick And Easy Table Toppers To Sew For Christmas

5. Holding the strip of fabric, turn the ruler over and find a 60 degree line going the other way. Align this line again with the bottom edge of the fabric strips. The bottom right corner of the ruler should be 1/4″ to the left of where you started the last cut (see the red circle in the image below).

How To Make A Table Topper

Carefully cut the fabric. Check your 60 degree triangles using the measurements in the image below (18 inches from the widest edge and 15.5 inches tall in the middle of the triangle. It's okay if it's slightly off.)

On the next triangle, turn the ruler again and move it (the bottom edge of the strips in line with the 60 degree mark) so that the top right edge of the ruler is about 1/4″ to the left. The final cut triangle #2 is, so to speak, a mirror image of triangles 1 and 3. See Below is the chart:

How To Make A Table Topper

How To Sew A Patriotic Patchwork Tablerunner

6. Each set of strips will make three triangles. Cut out all six triangles and arrange them as you like:

7. Sew these triangles together to form three sets. (Three triangles make the top half and three triangles make the bottom.) As you sew the triangles together, join the stitches and insert the needle at each matching point (see image below). Open the seams.

How To Make A Table Topper

8. After the top and bottom edges are sewn and pressed, place both sides right sides together (same stitches as before) and sew with a 1/4″ seam. Press.

Peaceful Cottage Table Topper

Your spider web surface is ready! Cover with wallpaper and cover and cover as desired. I decided to do a straight stitch that follows the stitch lines of each strip.

How To Make A Table Topper

The binding is done like a blanket. Don't let the dots scare you 🙂 I thought it would be a bit difficult, but I used the bias and it turned out great!

If you make a spider web table top, we want to see it! Leave a comment on this post and a link to the photo (on your blog, Flickr account, etc.). Last year you all shared a lot of love with my new buffalo quilts that included two bedding sets (Buffalo Check Winter and Buffalo). Check Autumn) and Buffalo Check Christmas Runner. I also heard from some of you that even though you love the table, you really prefer the table! I'm trying to like it, so I'm showing off a new pattern, my Buffalo Check Table Topper, which is actually two patterns in one. Yes, this article will help you make a Halloween or Christmas table cover for your home!

How To Make A Table Topper

New Pattern: Buffalo Check Table Topper

The Buffalo Check Table Topper is 30 1/2 inches square. is quite simple and easy for experienced beginners. The only “tricky” part is getting all the whites, highlights, and darks in the right order, but my instructions have lots of tips on how to do that. I reused the Moda Bella solids for the buffalo check pieces and then incorporated my favorite images into the gifts, pumpkins and stars.

In the Christmas version, both gifts are made from Sweetwater prints that I had in my stash. The red dot you see in the star dots and gift ribbon is Moda's Essential Dots Country Red (8654 101). Red in the centers of the stars is a heavy mystery, I discovered something nice. The great thing about this pattern is that the fabric needs are so small that you can scavenge a lot from scrap bins!

How To Make A Table Topper

For the Halloween version, the pumpkins are made with an old Lori Holt Fall text print and April Rosenthal's Moda print. The candy corn print is part of April's Midnight Magic II collection, which hits stores in May. I also use Midnight Magic II for the star points,

Swirling Star Table Topper

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