How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

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It’s like a great theme, I’ve been working on this project for months (on and off) and I have to say it’s one of my favorites so far. I’ve been wanting to try making tile projects for a while now and to be honest, I didn’t know how to tile when I started, but I’ve learned so much through the process! Learn which tiles are best to use, how to paint them, how to achieve the best results and more. It took a while to get it going.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

I actually saw this table while walking down the street! It’s during the annual cleaning in my suburb, where everyone throws away the furniture they don’t need. I was very happy to come across a good table for this project, it looks nice and sturdy. I took it home myself, so I have to say it was a labor of love from the start.

Black Gold Cast Aluminum And Porcelain Tile Top 48 In. D Lp Fire Pit Coffee Table

I made a video for you to see how I did it, I learned a lot from the process! This video explains everything you need to know and adds some tips and tricks, so check it out.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

You can see all of how I made the table and some of the things I learned in the video above, so I recommend you watch it! Here are some pictures of the main steps I took to get there. I have to say it’s a joint effort, but to be honest, I’ve never been more satisfied with anything in my life. I’ll share more about how to paint the tiles next week because it’s a bit complicated to fit into this video! Follow the instructions here.

3. I decided to screw the MDF piece on the top for a perfect flat.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

The Mallika Collection

I learned a lot from this process, so I want to share some tips with you to make it easier.

I am so excited to have this table set up on the patio! I updated the decor in the room a bit and this table would be perfect. As a teenager, I’ve got my fair share of furniture. One piece that I got was a cherry wood coffee table. It’s a nice wooden table, but the cherry stain doesn’t go well with my deep pumpkin and the table is always to my taste. After a few runs with a beagle, it is not exactly in top form. Instead of throwing away a beautiful and good piece of furniture, I decided to fix it by painting it black, padding it with foam and sealing the top with clear resin. Here’s how it works…

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

My first inspiration for this project was an article I read about a hotel in New York that used pennies as floor tiles. This made me think that it would look really cool to cover the table with foam and would be a great way to update our coffee table. For the most part, it turned out pretty well.

Diy Coffee Table Plans You Can Make Today

My first step in making this piece of furniture was sanding the entire table to remove the shine. This helps prevent the paint from chipping or peeling.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

Then I painted it black with a brush (insert Rolling Stone quote here). The best way to achieve a nice, smooth finish is to apply the paint in several thin coats. I asked for three layers.

It already looks better and more modern, doesn’t it? Well, that’s just the beginning. First I kept all the change I had to get coins, but that was enough to cover 1/20 of the table. I went to the bank to make a lot of money. Little by little I put them on the table (good luck everyone!) and then used glue sticks to hold them in place. Super glue is a good glue for this because it dries very quickly.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

Moroccan Mosaic Tile Bistro Table

I have found that the best way to release them is to start from the outside and work inward. I will leave one ring at a time, make the necessary adjustments, seal them, and then start on the next one. Very good.

This step takes a little time (and about $10 in pennies), but in the end we can write everything in pennies. When we first started this project, my partner and I estimated it would be between $3 and $4 – maybe we weren’t the best at estimating.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

Once the floor is finished, it’s time to start thinking about the resin. Ideally, if you are doing this project, you have a square or rectangular table. If so, you can sew a small lip to the table to hold the resin. Unfortunately, our table is inconsistent, so we have to use another method. We use tape and aluminum foil for this. First, we put the edges of the table with blue tape to protect the surface.

Red Barrel Studio® Chandal 6

Then we cut long strips of aluminum foil (which will work as the edge of the table) and stick them to long strips of duct tape.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

Then, with the aluminum foil facing up, we stick the tape on the protective edge of the table. Ideally, the foil should end on the line between the table top and the blue painter’s tape. You don’t want the resin to touch the tape when you pour it.

The idea is that the foil will act as a non-adhesive that can be peeled off when the resin dries. Finally, we stuck foil over the table.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

Portland Top Coffee Liftable Table

Now – it’s time to pour the resin. We use this type, which I definitely do not recommend. We have a lot of problems getting the resin to dry completely and after reading online reviews I know we are not alone.

You must follow the instructions exactly (we did), but even then there is no guarantee. The middle of our table is never completely dry (and this project happened over a month ago). Therefore, I recommend using a different type of resin. Anyway, we poured the resin on the table and smoothed it out with an eraser. We actually use a toothpick to get out all the little bubbles. Bright what?

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

After the recommended drying time, the foil and adhesive are removed. There were a few places where the tape and/or foil got caught in the resin, but that was pretty easy to fix with a box cutter or X-acto knife. We sanded the edges of the tables and treated the dirty areas with additional black paint.

Vintage Heritage Tile Top Side Tables

When we finished it looked great, clean and bright although a little sticky in the middle.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

For the holidays, we solved the problem by adding a joint in the middle, which is now pine cones. Now we have a unique, handmade and elegant coffee table that we can relax on every day. Since the floor tiles cost less than a dollar per tile, this is great. We both had a few minor hiccups along the way, but we are both very happy that it was done. What do you think? While waiting for my flight on a recent trip to New Mexico, I found a simple tile table at the airport. The tiles are unique and beautiful and as soon as I got home I was inspired to make a tile table. I quickly found out that good tiles are expensive and hard to find! I have been thinking about painting some of the ceramic tiles but not sure how they will scratch. Finally, I decided to paint the cardboard tiles with a layer of resin. This project opened up a whole new world of tiles for me! Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Oh, and always

1. & 2. Measure, cut and screw 1/2″ around the table top 1/4″ above the surface and then fill the gaps with white glue

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

Tropitone Outdoor Tile Top Side Tables End Tables For Sale In Des Plaines, Il

3. & 4. Paint the table top with Americana Decor satin finish in Aubergine, and paint the table top and legs with Woodland Green

5. – 8. Using Americana acrylic paint and stencils, create your design on 4″ x 4″ tiles with a decorative sponge.

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

* I used two yellows for the base, then orange for the harlequin and finally a light blue for the flower on top

Evelyn&zoe Contemporary Blackened Bronze Square Coffee Table

10. – 12. Mix, pour and apply Famowood Glaze

How To Make A Tile Coffee Table

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