How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table – Learn how to make this “Reverse River” epoxy resin table come to life! I made this table with a live edge walnut board, cast in black metal epoxy, with a maple base!

Before casting this board in epoxy, I had to make it at least relatively flat. Since this panel was wider than my hinged bed, I could only split one part of the panel and have the hinge guard to do so. Be very careful when trying this technique because that spider will screw you up in no time if you’re not careful.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

After removing the bumper, I was able to start straightening part of the panel, which required several passes. This plate turned very well and with this milling process I was able to remove most of the part without the plate being too thin.

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As you can see here, when you connect part of the plate face, a ridge remains between the flattened and non-flattened surfaces. The flattened area was now my reference surface when planning.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

To keep this unflat area out of the way, I added a strip of MDF to the planer bed to raise the edge of the planer bed so that only this flat area was in contact with the MDF.

One thing I didn’t notice when I was actually painting, but I notice now that I’m watching this video, is that the plate was slightly raised on the high side, basically after that twist. To prevent this, I have to push on the left side of the board as it went through the fault that it is

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

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Anyway, after flattening the opposite side of the board, I was able to transfer it so that the newly flattened side was facing the wrong way and to remove the ridge of the joint.

Now, if you don’t have a joint or miter, you can just use a milling cutter here and get almost the same result.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

Once the ridge was gone, I turned the board over a few times to remove an even amount of material from each face, and then I was able to cool the board in my shop for a while before pouring it into the epoxy .

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The next day I had to cut the board to length, which I did with my hacksaw. I really wanted this panel to run diagonally down the center of the tabletop because of the angle at which this cross is cut. I wanted to remove as little as possible from this part, because everyone knows that the cross figure is the best, and that meant that I cut the end of the panel at a slight angle.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

After making the cut, I was able to mark where I needed to make my cut on the other end of the board. To make sure this cut was relatively parallel to the first cut, I placed a 12-inch square on the cutting edge and made sure my tape measure lined up with the square. I made some marks to mark the different areas and then cut the other end.

Before I go any further, I decided to try out a new tool I just received in the mail, the Orion 950 Moisture Meter from Wagner Meters, who is sponsoring this week’s video. I wanted to confirm that this board was ready when it had air dried and was almost two inches thick.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

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For this project it was especially important to make sure the moisture content of the board was at a good level, as epoxy is much less forgiving when it comes to wood movement. Fortunately, this board has been in my air-conditioned shop for about six months and has been good to use from what the gauge told me.

Then I could make a shape. I actually used the same shape I used earlier on my river head, here’s the link if you missed it. Since this MDF was already covered with Tyvec, I just had to cut it to size and assemble it, which made things much easier.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

I therefore used a combination of a table saw, miter saw and miter saw, and then I was able to assemble the shape.

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Tabletop

Before assembly, I need to add more Tyvek tape to a few places where I had screw holes from a previous project to keep the epoxy from leaking through those holes. The TotalBoat epoxy cast I used in this project has an extremely low viscosity, so this mold must be completely waterproof to prevent leakage.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

I used 1 ¼ inch screws to mount the form and made sure to pre-drill and countersink the holes as MDF is otherwise very prone to splitting. I added screws about every eight inches along the bottom of the mold and then added a screw in each corner to hold the sides together.

I then sealed all the seams with 100% silicone caulk and used a burr tool to get a really clean corner. This is a trick I got from my friend Mike at Modustrial Maker and it works amazingly well. Once cured, the excess silicone is scraped off immediately, and because the beading tool leaves a gap between the excess and the silicone in the seam, it allows

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

How To Make A Live Edge Epoxy Table

Since the panel is cut diagonally, I removed a corner at each end of the panel to fit the shape. To do this, I first marked a line where the panel crosses the shape, then marked a square line on the front of the panel.

I cut out these surfaces with the caterpillar and then I was able to attach the panel to the form. I just used glue for this, which is strong enough to hold the plate while casting, but easy to remove afterwards.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

I added lots of hot glue, pressed the panel into the mold, and then blew all the glue with compressed air.

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With that the board was ready to be cast in epoxy and again I used a new epoxy for this project, this ThickSet casting resin from TotalBoat. This epoxy cures much more slowly than other resins, which means you can pour it much deeper. In a pot this large, TotalBoat recommends pouring to a maximum depth of 1″ at a time, otherwise the epoxy will exothermic and harden too quickly, causing cracks, blisters and clouding.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

I mixed the epoxy in half-gallon increments, adding equal amounts of black metallic pigment to each batch. Since I had to apply in two layers, I wanted to make sure the two layers were as even as possible, so I weighted the pigment to keep things nice and even.

Plus, this Rockler silicone mat is my new favorite thing for mixing things like epoxies and pouring topcoats. Since almost nothing sticks to the silicone, it is easy to clean and protects my workbench from the epoxy coating.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

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, and I had this half-gallon mixing jug on hand, so that’s what I went with. While mixing these smaller amounts did slow things down a bit, it also allowed me to easily measure how much epoxy I needed instead of trying to mix a huge amount all at once.

I used a total of one and a half gallons on the first coat and mixed three batches. Plus, those slow-mo shots of epoxy shots are so satisfying.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

After pouring I let the epoxy cure overnight and then I was able to pour the remaining epoxy, in this case two more gallons. Before I poured the second set of drinks, I cleaned the surface of the first pourer with high-grit sandpaper so that the epoxy layers would adhere better.

How To Make A River Table

This second set of drinks was exactly the same and I was able to fill the mold to the brim with the last topping. Then I let the epoxy cure for 24 hours.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

While the epoxy cured, I started working on the table base, which I made from the scraps of hard maple from the butcher’s tapes I made a few weeks ago.

I kept the basic design very simple to really make the top the main focal point. The legs are these rectangular assemblies that are attached to these two long supports. The legs are about half an inch higher than the legs, which lifts the table top off the legs and gives the surface a floating appearance.

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

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I cut the parts to rough size on the miter saw and the table saw, then put the parts on the joint and miter saw.

Finally, I cut the pieces to the final length on the miter

How Do You Make An Epoxy Table

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