How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table – There are a few problems with your balcony that most people don’t consider (if you don’t have a balcony, it’s time to start looking for one):

This Ikea hack allows you to fit more people on your balcony and sit high enough that walls don’t obstruct your view!

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Using a drill, mark and cut where the Gerton legs will attach to the board. The legs should rest on the board at the front and on your balcony railing at the back.

Balcony Decoration And Design Ideas For An Outdoor Oasis

Attach a bracket to the bottom of the pole that will act as a stop and prevent it from sliding along the pole. Attach the board to your fence with a steel strap attached to the bottom of the board.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

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How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

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How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Awesome Toronto Events October 30th – November 1st Obviously with Halloween this Saturday comes over a million Halloween themed events… and this simple patio table is awesome! Create extra space in front of the grill or an outdoor bar with this easy to build patio table! Get woodworking plans and build!

How To Create A Balcony Garden

We love to grill in the summer, but it’s hard to eat when you’re cooking with all the ingredients and spices! There wasn’t enough room for a grill station, and many ketchup bottles got lost over the side of the deck while balancing on the rails.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

This easy to build track table doubles the width of an existing track and adds a small lip to prevent tipping. We use it to put on plates, food or drinks for all our backyard BBQs!

It’s also perfect for a balcony high table where space is at a premium! Our old apartment was crammed with patio furniture, and this small wall table would be the perfect spot for an end table.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Stylish Ways To Decorate And Transform A Small Balcony

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Download the woodworking plans to build your own balcony railing table by clicking the button below, then follow the tutorial and video for more details.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Don’t forget your protective equipment when working with wood! Here are my recommendations for safety goggles and hearing protection. No excuses!

Small Balcony Furniture For A Lovely Tiny Outdoor Space

First, watch the video below so you can get an overview of the process. This is a quick project that you can make in just a few hours!

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

The key to preventing this table from falling over is that it fits snugly into the existing track. Our fences are 5 ½” so I used 1×6 boards (which are 5 ½” wide) for this project.

While you’re at it, measure how long you want your wall table to be. I laid out three paper plates (because we usually only cook for the three of us) and then measured how much space they took up.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Bistro Balcony Table, Metal Folding Table For Balcony

Cut two 1×6 boards to the desired length, then cut three more a few inches shorter. Small boards are wrapped around the fence and protected from the rain by the tabletop. This will keep those boards from fading and sticking to the fence!

Don’t have a saw? You can use a handsaw and a miter box for this project and get the same results!

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

I used pocket holes to glue two long table tops together edge to edge, but in hindsight it wasn’t really necessary. But if you have a pocket hole tool, it doesn’t hurt to keep everything in place.

Best Balcony Tables To Save Space

Apply exterior wood glue to the long end of one plank, then screw the two long planks together with 1 ¼” exterior pocket hole screws. This Bessie REVO clamp will hold the planks flat and tight while the glue dries.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

In order for the base plate to lie flat against the balcony railing, you need to align the screws. If you are unfamiliar with this simple technique, you can check out my tutorial on cutting screws.

Drill holes on either side of one of the smaller panels so they can be screwed to both panels.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Vidaxl Hanging Balcony Table 51.1

Then point ⅜” down from one end of the other two short boards and drill a series of countersunk holes along that line. This will ensure the screws hit the dead center edge of the board.

Finally, flip the two assembled table tops over and drill non-slip ⅜” holes in the bottom and on either side. This will attach the hinge to the outside edge.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Apply wood glue to the underside of the center board and then place it in the middle of the two connector boards. Use 1¼” pan head wood screws for attachment.

Diy Furniture Ideas For A Balcony

Next, put a line of glue along the edge of the board with the anti-slip holes. Place the board on top of the middle board and fold it to the sides. Repeat on the other side.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

At this point I moved the skid plate onto the top deck to test the fit. It should slide over the bar and fit snugly without riding up.

I added a loop on three sides so nothing can fall out. It’s four meters deep, so a bottle might break on the floor below!

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

How To Use Indoor Furniture Outside

Cut one 1×2 board the same length as the tabletop and two the width of the tabletop minus ¾ inch. If you feel like it, you can trim and round the edges of the smaller pieces at a 45 degree angle. A sandpaper.

Glue them and let them dry. This will hold the pieces in place so they can be cut from underneath without moving them.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Now turn it upside down and screw the hinge through the conference holes with 1 ¼” exterior wood screws.

Small Balcony Ideas To Help You Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

I had some stains on the outside of the deck railings I did a few weeks ago so I decided to use the same color for this project. Use a foam brush to apply the stain to all surfaces except the inside where it will contact the rail. Our root is a lighter color than the gutter and I didn’t want the paint to bleed.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

The beauty of this design is that it simply slides over the wall with no hardware needed to mount it!

It fits perfectly next to the grill for placing plates and cutlery and keeps our son away from the hot fire while we cook dinner. For an attractive and economical vertical garden, you can attach hooks to the ceiling of your balcony and hang pots of herbs, small vegetables and beautiful flowers without taking up valuable space. Check out more creative hanging planter ideas.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table Balcony Railings Hanging Folding Table Dining Table Leisure Table, Not Easy To Rust, Can Be Placed Outdoors For A Long Time, The Height Of The Porous Position Is Adjustable

No space for table and chairs? Placing this table at the bar allows you to enjoy the view of the city or the green trees surrounding your small space. Attach two chairs to either side of the balcony wall table to make it more relaxed. Check out these maintenance-free deck rails.

This fun idea is perfect for an outdoor party for two. The sliding door on this deck rail bar doubles for all your cocktail needs. If you need more space, put everything in the closet and raise the door to get more space on the balcony.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

For the best placement in a small space, use the walls of your balcony to create a folding chair. You can make an L-seat out of cinder blocks, concrete boxes, etc. Make it as small or big as needed. Need more chair inspiration? How to build an outdoor trestle bench.

Balcony Ideas: 30 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Outdoor Space

Cut two pieces of wood into triangles to fit perfectly in the corner of your balcony. You can use this space to put your drink, book, sunglasses and small odds and ends on the shelves. Check out these DIY floating shelves.

How To Make A Hanging Balcony Table

Hang a small table and make an outdoor table

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