How To Use Tefal Non Stick Pan

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How To Use Tefal Non Stick Pan

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Tefal Cook Right Non Stick 26cm Deep Fry Pan Each

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Tefal Cookware So Chef Non Stick Frypan 24cm (g13504) Fry Pan

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Tefal Non Stick Fry Pan 24 Cm & Wok Pan 28 Cm So Chef Sochefs2 Multi Color

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Tefal is like Le Creuset for the rest of us, good quality and reliable products at a more than reasonable price. Tefal Unlimited On-Non-Stick Pan is no exception…

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Tefal always seems to mix it up when it comes to cooking: the French cooking giant offers a variety of different pots and pans, most of which look more or less the same. Spend 5 minutes browsing the Tefal site for pots and pans and you’ll find a bewildering array of options. To start there is Tefal Ingenio, Ingenio Thermocoach, Tefal Extra, Tefal Comfort, Tefal Sense and Tefal Help. Tefal Hero is “designed”, but Tefal Hard Titanium “exists twice”! The Tefal experience “lasts 3 times longer”! Not to mention Jamie Oliver’s variety of collaboration pans, and more than I’d like to bore you with.

How To Use A T Fal Frying Pan For The First Time

Many of these pan tools have different technologies such as “PowerGlide”, “Titanium Force”, “Titanium Pro” and “Thermo-Fusion”. The names are thick and fast, but aside from the split handle, I can’t tell much of a difference in most of them. I think the latest to join this embarrassment of riches is the On Titanium range, but is it very different from the Tefal Comfort, Titanium Hard, Extra Levels or Intensive? It’s really hard to be honest.

But let’s cut to the chase. Tefal consider Unlimited On’s non-stick titanium anti-scratch coating to be the best and most effective ever, so you can scratch metal if you want. What’s more, Unlimited On works in all types of dishwashers and ovens, although only up to 175°C. Retailing at a low price, making a pan that’s firmly in the hot zone in our guide to the best non-stick pans isn’t bad.

Tefal’s Unlimited On range is made from food-grade aluminum with a scratch-resistant titanium coating to seal the pan. Aluminum cookware is a common choice: it’s light, cheap, and a very efficient and stable conductor of heat. Some people avoid aluminum cookware because aluminum is so reactive in its raw state that it leaches into food. No problem with Tefal’s food-grade coating and ultra-hard titanium anti-scratch aluminum coating.

Another major problem with aluminum cookware is that aluminum is not magnetic, so aluminum pans are not.

Tefal Cookware Natura Non Stick Frypan 28cm Fry Pan (b22606)

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