How To Make A Table Pedestal

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I've had an old laminate table in my studio for a long time. Dirty, ugly, bad laminate. Everything screams: upcycle!

How To Make A Table Pedestal

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Luckily I love round tables and I wanted to recreate the beautiful tables I see everywhere lately, made of concrete, mortar and stone. I was able to remove the metal legs from the top of the table and knew that all I needed was a base made of a cylinder or cone. My next step was obviously to walk the aisles of Bunnings as I like to do. And what do you know, I found a great foundation – a database! Read on to see how I transformed it to make a raised dining table!

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I spent time planning the project and deciding what would work with love and passion. I would have liked everything to be hung, but I knew it wouldn't work on a tabletop and I want to sit in the studio and relax or eat lunch! So I decided to install a tile top (you know how much I love tiles!). I kept everything white so that there would be a change of color between the texture changes between the plaster and the tiles. I have to say, I'm glad they went down this route because I love going forward!

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Note that when choosing a bowl to use as the base for this project, I recommend getting a durable industrial grade one. I can sit in this bin without any change in shape, but other thin plastic bins can't hold my weight, so I wouldn't choose that bin. If you are worried about the strength of your container, you can fill it with concrete or something else to make it better.

The first step was to cover the base with compost. Since the container is plastic, I thought the link wouldn't stick well, so I started by covering the container with fiberglass tape to give it something to stick to. The tape has a grid pattern that gives a nice sand texture to the plaster. I just cut the tape into strips and stuck it on.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Diy Table Leaf For Vintage Dining Table

After that, it's time to plaster the warehouse. I straightened it making sure to work both sides straight. The bottom of my container has a small lip which is good for strength, but I wanted it to be compact and more of a cone shape so I could fill it with compound and level it. With each layer of compound I added a little more to the mouth area and it ended up being a smooth transition. It is important to wait until the mortar is completely dry before adding another layer and remember to always sand before adding another layer.

After the plaster is dry, I put the base on the table. You can put the base after placing it on the table, but I did it this way. Take two thick pieces of wood (thick enough to bring the height of the table to about 730mm – 750mm) and smooth the bottom of the table, which is in the middle where the base meets the two.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Turn your container upside down and nail it to the tree from the bottom. It is better to use a screw size that goes through the wood and the table (without going through the other side.

How To Make An Upcycled Pedestal Dining Table

The first step is to glue the tiles to the table top. You can use tile adhesive but I use wet nails. I started with a piece of paper in the middle of the table and worked from there.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

The key to a good finish with this type of tile is to make sure each sheet is consistent. I recommend taking your time applying the foil to all sides and not rushing through this step. Add glue only when you are ready to glue. When the tray is lowered, there is a small space to move the paper and make sure it is in the correct position.

After you reach the edge, you can cut the paper and remove the extra. This time I kept a little tile aside and after the tile was exposed I went back and did a final sanding to make sure it was nice and smooth. For some large gaps I use a tile cutter to cut the tile to match the border spaces, but I know because I use a matching color grout that the border spaces will be filled and the unfilled spaces will show. If you use contrasting grout, I recommend making as many tiles as possible.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Powdercoated Black Table Base Pdc7590

Then, this table needs an edge. If you can get furniture hardware then you can use it or turn off the controller or make it out of metal. I already had leaves so I decided to cut them and use them as a border. I measured the end of the table and the length of the tile.

I glued the border and then immediately took it off to make sure it didn't move even after the glue dried. When dry, I use wood to close the space between the pieces.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

After the glue and wood dried, I painted the tiles and painted them all white using waterproof exterior paint. You can choose to paint the border before you assemble it and just touch it up once it's open.

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After the paint is dry, it's time to lay the tile. I used my gloved hands to gently push the grout into the gaps, working in a circular motion. Then I used a grout float to make it even better. When it's done well, try not to touch it or repeat it, because you may have symptoms or signs. Allow to dry overnight (or as directed on the grout package).

How To Make A Table Pedestal

When the grout is dry, take a wet sponge and clean, then clean all the areas on the tile. Finally, I sprayed sealer and tile all over the table to make sure it was waterproof and could be easily cleaned after use.

I hope you enjoyed this updated dining table tutorial! I really like how it turned out, even though there are a few steps and a lot of twists and turns. How to make a square farmhouse table. This beautiful base is combined with a simple top to create a beautiful table. All 2x wood bases, this is the perfect way to use bare metal for a table. Free graphics from

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Vanguard P721b Sb Dining Room Stafford Dining Table Base

For a sturdy base, we love how SmashingDIY used 2x6s instead of 2x4s to make this base. This will affect some cuts, so try and cut as you go.

If you don't mind working with 4x4s, here's a nice and easy alternative: a Pedestal Base Table with 4x4s.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Here is another way to make the base, using 1x in the middle and small cross braces. It's just a different look. The plans are here.

T 48rt 48

Please read the entire plan and all comments before starting this process. It is also recommended that you read the introductory section. Take all necessary steps for a safe and intelligent . Work on a clean, level surface, free of defects or debris. Always use straight boards. Check the size after each step. Always pre-drill holes before installing screws. Use nail polish glue to hold it in place. Remove excess glue from bare wood, as dry glue will not stain. Be safe, have fun and get help if you need it. Good luck!

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Start by placing the center 2×4 with glue and nails. Use glue and screws for the first two lengths. Then on the third 2×4, use two nails and wood glue.

Now mark and measure the placement of the floor board and join from below. Reinstall the star screws and make sure they are square in the center of the base.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Build A Diy Dining Table With Free Plans

Then add the following table. Remember this is a 30 degree bevel square. TIP: Use the planks from step 4 as a guide when appropriate. Connect with star screws.

Now write and save boards. When you go to finish the base, sand and sandpaper to create a good finish to the end.

How To Make A Table Pedestal

Write it down

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