How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs – This project is a great example of reusing furniture to create something completely different How to make this recycled bed for a chair Take a bed headboard and legs and turn it into a chair.

My mom found this bed and footboard for 50% off at a thrift store The detail of the pieces caught his eye and he just couldn’t help it I’m glad he didn’t.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

The bed had a lot of detail, but it gets a little lost with the date on it I knew it would look great in white, but first I had to figure out how to turn it into a chair

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To turn this bed into a bench, the first thing Matt did was cut the top of the board and remove some trim pieces so we could put them together after building the bench.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

Then he attached supports to the headboard with some wood from the garage To get the exact dimensions (height, depth) for this chair, we measured a chair at home.

Hubby added some pieces of wood to the bench to give it plenty of support

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

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Then came the place Her husband used the same wood for the seat He then added trim to the back of the seat that completely covered the end of the seat board

As most of you know, upcycling projects are one of my favorite projects Seeing the original purpose of a piece and seeing what it can be is rewarding and rewarding for this budget-minded girl. I decorate our whole house like this and I hope it inspires you to replace parts of your home that you no longer love. Look around your home and reinvent what you have

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

If you don’t have the materials or time to make your own recycled bench bed, I’ve found some great options online: they’re great as a porch swing or an entryway bench. It specifically made a red porch chair

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I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of headgear and shoes to ride my favorite bike and we finally found the perfect set!

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

I saw them at a fun little vintage market for only $10! They were missing the side rails so I didn’t feel guilty about my plan to turn them into a DIY headband.

I have made many headboard chairs and each time they are a little different But the general structure is the same with all

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

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First we cut the end pieces from the headboard (with a meter saw) to attach to the legs

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

We had to increase the height of the shoe so that the seat was not in the middle of the side rail

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We also cut the legs from the base of the board and cut the end pieces from the headboard in half

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

We added part of the finial to the legs and returned the rest of the finial to the finial.

The rest of the finals were held up to become finals again (We’ve rounded them to round them out a bit.)

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

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Cut the shoe board in half with a cutter, and then pry the top of the board off the studs.

We cut new straps, drilled holes to connect to the axles, then nailed the arms to the headboard and footboard.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

We attached them together and to the chair frame with Craig jig pocket holes and screws.

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After attaching the headboard and footboard to the bed frame, there were large holes and splits I filled the holes with bandeau filler Bondo dries hard and stains easily so using it is a no brainer!

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

So we painted it with the red chalk paint he picked up and then sealed the chalk paint with an exterior grade top coat.

You can use chalk paint outside! The secret is to cover it with an outer layer instead of the usual inner layer

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

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We used a paint color from a local hardware store and mixed it into chalk paint with a homemade chalk paint recipe. I then applied a finishing spray to finish the mess

It’s a water-based finish that’s rated for exterior use, and General Finish makes high-quality products I believe.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

* Do not use this coating on light colors as it may turn yellow Learn more about General Fines 450 here

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I absolutely love that we were able to revive this old bed and give it a new purpose! Build your own chair, upcycle an old headboard, or if you prefer painted furniture, this collection of upcycled, upcycled and handcrafted chairs is the perfect item.

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

Looking for DIY chairs to bring something unique and creative to your home? Are you handy enough to build a chair from scratch? Maybe you have an old bed or door that you want to upcycle Personally, I’m more of a painted furniture girl Whatever your preference, I have a wide selection of upcycled, refurbished, budget and DIY chairs to share with you.

This farmhouse style chair was a little orange in its “before” phase I’ll also talk about the boomerang chair because it started with me, then went away, then came back and went away again. He is definitely welcome in my home but his forever good work See the full makeover here: Farmhouse Style Bench with Storage

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

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I had the pleasure of working on this painted bench in a completely different way for the client This contemporary small chair is given a soft gray finish with a French pattern. It started with some damage and can be seen here: Chair painted with French stencils

If you like to mix things up a bit with DIY chairs or creative chairs, check out these DIY chairs from some of my fellow bloggers. Be sure to click above to view their project and credit the source

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

Ready to tackle your own DIY bench project? Be sure to check out Dixie Belle for beautiful paint colors and stains! Have you seen any cute headboard chairs? I have been wanting to make one for a long time The other day I went to lunch with some blogger friends – Tausha from Sassy Style and Sally from House of Smiths.

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Just ahead sat this antique seed I thought my front porch would have a wide bench!

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

1. I started in front of my scrappy, dirty old bed I washed everything and put it in the sand

2. Next I measured the width of the bed – 30 inches I cut two long boards to this length from Home Depot I decided to make the bench 18 inches wide so it is very deep You can make the bench anywhere from 16 to 20 inches – depending on how you want it to look. Then I cut two side boards 17 inches long (you’ll see why in a minute).

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

Repurposed Bed To Bench Tutorial

3. Next I cut the top board of the seat I cut them 18 inches long so there would be a 1 inch overhang in front of the seat I also used wood glue on the bottom of the board before hammering it into the frame

4. For the chair legs, I bought two sturdy chair legs from Home Depot. They have one end that has a screw Then I bought some metal brackets – screw the feet into the metal pieces I added an extra piece of wood to the bottom for more stability Then I screwed the plugs into the two front corners under the seat The other legs of the chair are the back of the bed I also used gorilla wood glue between the boards

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

5. I found some nice moldings to put on the bench to add a little more interest And I made a rope for the seat apron I then attached the sheet to the bed using L brackets that I also found at Home Depot

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7. After the primer dries overnight, I’m ready to paint! Deco Art sent me some patio paint to try It can be used on concrete, wood or metal and is great for items exposed to the elements. I used “iron black” paint To apply it, I used a big brush that would get into all the corners I put two layers on the bench and let it dry

How To Make A Bench Out Of Old Chairs

8. Then set aside

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