How To Make A Cement Table Top

How To Make A Cement Table Top – “Excuse me, are you saying I can make concrete counters myself?” I did! When gathering ideas for our new studio space We realized that we finally had a chance to try making our own DIY concrete countertops.

We loved reading about this DIY countertop last year and were so impressed that we wanted to try it ourselves. Here's what we did:

How To Make A Cement Table Top

How To Make A Cement Table Top

*Note: We supply sealing machines locally. But was told there was no food grade concrete sealer. We chose to use the sealant they recommended because we knew we would always use cutting boards to protect food from countertop surfaces.

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However, from further research We have come across some sealers (such as this one) that claim to be food safe.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

First, I sanded the surface of the existing formica worktop with coarse sandpaper. (Cement holds better on rough surfaces.) Then I wipe the countertop with a damp cloth and let it dry. I found it very helpful to use masking tape over the point where the top of the backsplash meets the wall tile.

This will prevent tile and grout from scratching and staining the concrete. We also took out the sink so that I could walk under the shelf on the counter where the sink was. Use a small disposable container and a paint mixer to mix your cement.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

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I found a popcorn bucket-sized paper mache in a movie theater at our local Ace Hardware store. And I probably use about 4-5 pieces when I'm done.

The back of Ardex Feather Finish says to use a ratio of 1 part water to 2 parts dry cement when mixing in small amounts. I use a disposable plastic cup to mix this ratio into my tank.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

I recommend mixing just 1 cup of water with 2 cups of dry cement per batch, so you can spread it all out before it dries. (Moreover The cement will harden before application.) I used a small putty knife and a large putty knife and a large dry putty trowel.

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It's good to have a mix of tools because some tools are useful at different times of the job. Use this tool to spread a thin layer of concrete over the top of the countertop.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

It's like icing on the cake. But it also reminded me of using Spackle to patch a hole in the wall – you guys use the same movement. Don't worry about coating the entire surface with a first coat. If you have a thin area You can apply a second layer over it.

Once you've got the right angle (such as the point where the backsplash meets the counter), use a wide putty knife to pull the wet cement from the counter above the backsplash and toward you. Away from the wall and up on the counter. Pulling the mortar in the opposite direction will help make the corners look cleaner.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

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The hardest part of the whole job is the chicken fillet on top of the tailgate. I had to use a small putty knife to apply a small amount of wet concrete to the rounded edges. Smooth it out as much as you can. But I shape most areas while sanding.

If in doubt Put too much concrete – you can sand off the excess later. But you can't mix more without mixing another batch.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

I let the first layer dry completely for 24 hours, then sanded that layer with medium-grit sandpaper before painting the rest. You don't need to make the surface very smooth right now. You just want to scrub away what is stuck on other things.

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Use a shop vac to remove excess dust and mix the concrete for another coat. I ended up with three coats of concrete with at least 24 hours of dry time between coats.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

H) Polish the surface as smooth as possible. I started with coarse fine sandpaper and repeated the process with fine sandpaper. I recommend hand scrubbing as much as possible with thin gloves. I haven't used anything and my fingers have been unhappy for days!

I can pre-sand with a hand sander. But be careful as sometimes it feels too sharp and causes splits instead of smoothing it. At this point I also pulled the painter's tape off.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

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It seems to have been quite successful in protecting the wall. Although I had to scrape off some of the masking tape with a putty knife at some points. Once the surface is smooth and the tape has been removed, use a shop vac to remove excess dust. And you're ready to seal your counter!

I use a water-based triple satin sealer. The sealer recommends using the dust roller and brush in narrower areas to apply the sealer. And it seems to work really well.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

The sealant has the consistency of diluted whey. So you have to be careful not to splash anywhere when rolling. After the grout dries We installed a new gutter. That's it!

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You can see the sealant darkens the counter a bit. But I like the dark color contrast with the mezzanine. white tile and yellow cabinet (White kitchen accessories like this look great against gray, like white vintage items.)

How To Make A Cement Table Top

So far, it seems to be long lasting and appears to be fully waterproof. (Even if the water seeps onto the surface for a while The area will become darker and lighter as it dries). I must say it was a very physical project. (I can't tell you how much my arm hurt after the last round of scrubbing) but it was totally worth it.

Even the home contractor was impressed that I could do it myself, which is awesome! We've done some DIY countertops, but it's not bad for a countertop makeover under $100, right? Do you think you'll try it at home soon? xo Laura We may earn affiliate commissions when you purchase through links on our website. Here's how it works.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

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With a full summer So I wanted to renovate the space under our outdoor pavilion. I found this nice $50 chair and table on Facebook Marketplace. The table already has a clean base and minimalist black metal legs. But the glass top still looks dirty. I wanted to create a new table top for a base that looked interesting and unique.

I've been looking for outdoor (indoor too!) concrete furniture for the past few seasons. And the concrete table seemed like the perfect solution. Once I decided on the direction for this DIY project, building the concrete table top was a pretty simple process.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

First, I bought a sheet of ¾” pressure-pressed plywood and cut it to size for my table top. (If you don't have a saw (You can have a local lumberjack or home improvement store cut the planks for you.)

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To create a frame around the table I used a regular 1″x2″ board and used a nail gun to fix the edges for a seamless look. I'm not afraid to use plain wood because I know I'll have to cover it with concrete.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

I mix the self-leveling concrete according to the instructions on the package. And use the attachment of the drill to mix well. I started using a notched trowel and found that the mixture was too thick. Therefore dilute it with more water to make it easier to grip the concrete.

I highly recommend the pancake batter consistency! That way you can pour the concrete and let it flow along the top edge of the plywood. I found this to be more natural than having to trowel the concrete around the edge. I applied two coats of the concrete and let it dry in between. This means mixing a new batch of concrete for the second application. I had to go back and patch up where the concrete was thin and saw the plywood sticking out.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

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I applied two coats of concrete and let it dry in between. This means mixing a new batch of concrete for the second application. I had to go back and patch up where the concrete was thin and saw the plywood sticking out.

Once I was satisfied with the look of the concrete table top. I used a wheel sander and 60-grit sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas and make them look smoother.

How To Make A Cement Table Top

I wiped the concrete clean with a rag and applied concrete sealer to the table top.

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