How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs – Everyone seems to focus on decorating the interior of their home, but what about the backyard? Here in AZ we get a lot of alone time. Perhaps not this time. Why shouldn’t that be good too? So when friends at Cregas asked me to collaborate on a project, I was excited to design and create something that would bring my backyard to life. Also add the seats you need! We currently have some of the summer or many seen plastic edrondeck chairs in AZ.

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How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

Here’s the fun part. Design. I wanted a big one and knew it would be a stable piece. So I decided to make the chair out of 8/4 (2″) thick knotted alder because I have a lot of knotty alder pieces. Gnarled alder isn’t an ideal wood for outdoor furniture, cedar was my favorite, but at the time it was free. That’s enough! Now that you know what to focus on design and you’ve done that, go out into the yard and sit on an old beach chair to get a feel for the place. Done . . …make your own beach chair so DIY modern I came up with a beach chair design!It’s unobtrusive so you can be close to everything.Movement, time… Are you watching?Kids at the pool or kicking their feet around the fire. Serwall Folding Adirondack Chair Patio Chairs Outdoor Chairs Painted Adirondack Chair Weather Resistant For Patio Deck Garden, Backyard Deck, Fire Pit & Lawn Furniture Porch And Patio Seating Green

The chair is designed so that anyone can use it easily. Beginner’s DIY for woodworking professionals. All measurements are based on wood size, so you don’t need all the tools to mill wood like I do. Now that you know deck chairs are cool and easy to make, let’s get started!!!

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

You can find a full list of floor plans, dimensions and cuts at But I wanted to include a few more photos and tips to help make your building even smoother! The steps below match those from

This is the only step that requires a circular saw. If you don’t have a table saw, you can make the chair a little taller than I am and cut it to floor size so you don’t have to. Since I made two chairs, I glued both side pieces to the same strap at the same time to speed up the gluing process and strapping. Make sure you don’t apply glue to the center seam! Also, since it is an outdoor chair, be sure to use an outdoor wood glue. I used Titebond III.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs Embrange Folding Adirondack Chair Weather Resistant, Poly Lumber Patio Chair With Wood Texture. Polystyrene Lawn Chair For Garden, Pool, Fire Pit Table.easy To Install And Move Porch Chair (white)

I absolutely thought this step would be too complex to figure out how to cut, and realized my miter saw was big enough to cut corners in one go. If your miter saw isn’t as big as mine, you can use a straightedge and miter saw to get the angle. So after cutting the first side I flip the board over and cut the other side. I lined up at the perfect spot using the Crag Precision Track and Stop System. To get the correct position for the second cut, I had to place the piece I just cut and a piece of scrap identical to the miter saw blade cut near the fence (see photo). But man, once you figured it out the rest was easy!!!

Once the first seat slats are installed, the rest is super easy! I used Craig right angle clamps to hold the first one in place. It doesn’t have to be, but it’s easy to make. I didn’t use clamps for the rest. It was a snug fit so once it was in place I screwed it in and moved on.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

If you didn’t already know, I know I want to show off as much of it as possible in this build because I love Knotty Adler and every character you get a little bit. So I got the dividers with the most letters on the apron pieces. So what do you think? Do you want to show or hide that button? I definitely introduced them!

Chair For The Fire Pit Made From 2x6s » Famous Artisan

This step is very simple. The only suggestion I would make is to arrange the trees and knots in the order you want, then flip them over and add them.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

In my opinion this is the hardest part of the build and it’s actually not that hard. It’s just math! and i did it for you Find all the numbers on and you’ll be fine! Oh, and the Craig Multi-Mark is really useful at this stage!

I think this step hides the pocket holes on the back of the chair and adds to the overall look of the chair!

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

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I turned the feet around because I didn’t want the feet to come out of the shape of the piece, but I also didn’t want the wood potentially submerged. Placed mines 5 inches from each end of the side pieces. As a precaution, I added some glue to the plastic insert.

Five!!! There are great beach chairs! Now let’s make it last longer. The sun and weather can be really harsh on outdoor wood, so just know that wood furniture needs maintenance. I finished the chair with General Finish Outdoor Oil. It was very easy to apply. Just scrub and let it absorb, then wipe off the excess. But I think painting this style of chair would look really cool and add a pop of color! But if you’ve finished your lounge chair, make sure it’s rated for outdoor use!

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

And here is the finished modern chair!!! I am absolutely in love! Now all you have to do is landscaping and you’ll have a small shrine in your backyard!

Red Cedar Royal Highback Patio Chair

Need more seating in your garden? Do you want to build this modern deck chair ASAP? Then check out the free plan on the Build Something website! Also, click on the photo below to see a direct link to the plan! is Craig’s DIY project planning site, and you can find all kinds of great plans for any project you need.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

I’d love to see if you make this project! Tag me or use #BuildingAwesome!

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How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

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Before building your DIY outdoor chair, let’s briefly talk about cushions. Before starting this project, make sure you have a pillow.

We opted for a standard sized pillow, but it is very important to get these pillows in advance as choosing a different pillow may change your plans slightly.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

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Diy Patio Chairs — Xo, Macenna

* We made a chair using 2x6x8 pine board and cut it to 2×3 size. You can do both. Cutting the 2×6 makes the tree appear squarer.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

Cut the board according to the cutting list. This cut list shows what you need for a chair. Want a pair? double!

Pocket holes are the foundation of most DIY furniture. Become a Pocket Hole pro in less than an hour in Pocket Holes: Explained.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

Modern Outdoor Chair From 2x4s And 2x6s

We like to get most of the sanding done before we start assembling. I’ll be sanding it again after assembly, but no matter how rough the 2×3 is, it’s best to get everything smooth before tackling the nooks and crannies.

We will use the pocket holes and flat head screws together to assemble the legs. Let’s start with flaring.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

Mark on each side and 3/4″ from each end for a total of 4 marks on the top of each leg. Drill holes through the board using a 1/8″ drill bit.

Build Plans Lounge Chair Diy Patio Furniture Metric

Attach the top legs to the front/rear using glue and 2.5″ screws. Apply wood glue to the screw heads and cover them with wooden pegs. If it doesn’t go all the way in, try tapping it with a rubber mallet.

How To Make Wooden Patio Chairs

Next, secure the leg tilt using glue and 2.5″ krag screws. The highest point of the tilt should be 14″ off the floor.

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