How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs – This unique step-by-step article is all about free garden bench plans. We’ll show you how to build your own simple bench in just one weekend while keeping costs under control. A bench in your backyard is a great place to relax. Also, if you choose a space under a large tree, you can enjoy summer afternoons more than ever before. Adjust the seat size as needed.

This is a basic woodworking project that requires cutting several components from 2×4 and 2×6 boards, aligning and installing them properly, then screwing them together. Also, building an outdoor bench is an inexpensive project, as it costs between $50 and $150 (depending on the materials used). Using pressure-treated lumber is much cheaper, but a cedar bench will look odd.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

Use a router and 1/4″ drill bit to round out the exposed edges of the 2×4 boards to give your garden bench a nicer look. Align the component at both ends before installing the wood screws. Also check the squareness of the corners after each step. If you want to make your wood bench more sturdy, you can add 2×4 stretchers between the sides and secure them in place with 3-inch screws.

Free Garden Bench Plans

Creating a beautiful garden bench is a simple process if you use a plan that suits your needs and budget. There are many outdoor bench designs to choose from, but this article will show you how to make a simple bench at a low cost.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

First you need to make the legs of the garden bench. So follow the free plan and use 2×6 wood planks to make the forelimbs and back supports. Cut both ends of the hind legs at a 75 degree angle. If you want to customize the seat, you can adjust the angle of the backrest to suit your needs (75º cut).

Next make the cross braces to lock the wooden legs together. We recommend cutting braces from 2x4s or 1x4s for a strong and durable structure. Make sure you cut one end of the harness at an angle equal to the slope of the rear brace.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

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Cover the garden bench using 2×4 boards as shown. Cut the wood planks 57 inches apart and set them in place so they hang 2 inches on each side. I recommend sanding the edges and covering them with several layers of wood before pinning.

You should see in the picture how to attach the 2×4 slats to the bench frame. So you need to tighten 4 screws on each end of the slats and 2 screws on each holder. Before drilling the preliminary holes, draw two parallel lines for a neat look and consistent results.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

Next put the 2×4 slats on the back of the bench. The technique is simple. First you need to measure the size of the rear support and determine the spacing between the arrows.

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In our case, we need to leave about 1/4 inch between the wooden planks to evenly space them. However, you can adjust the spacing between the boards according to your needs and taste.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

Reinforcing a garden bench is easy, but essential for any woodworking project. As you can easily see in the picture, you will need to place a 2×4 stretcher between the lower supports of the bench.

After assembling and securing the parts, sand the surface of the bench with medium sandpaper and apply several coats of varnish. These coatings need to be renewed every few years to protect them from water damage.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

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Thanks for reading our article on free garden bench plans. Check out the rest of the project. If you’d like to help keep adding free woodworking plans, don’t forget to share and like the project with your friends using the social media widget. PDF Buy and Cut List We knew our bench and what we wanted from this. It has everything! Affordable price, stylish design, solid as a rock, low maintenance and super easy to build.

Introduction We may be biased, but we love this simple outdoor bench. Huge without being crude, modest with modernity, well designed (if I say that myself) and very easy to build. If you can actually lift the heavy landscaping lumber needed for this project, it’s about 60 pounds. Anyone can build this bench. And since the benches are made from treated wood, they are virtually indestructible and can last for decades.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

This wooden bench is surprisingly fast to make. If you have experience with power tools, you can assemble it in a few hours, but painting can add a few hours. All you need is a drill/screwdriver, circular saw, and basic hand tools, but you’ll also get faster and better results with a router and eccentric sander.

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This bench is made entirely of pressure treated landscaping lumber and some galvanized screws and washers. Add some black paint and exterior stains and you have a beautiful, low-maintenance bench. The hardest part of this project is digging through the heavy pile of lumber in the middle of the house to find the best ones. When choosing lumber, take your time and choose the straightest in the pile. After making the bench it will bend a bit (see “One year later” at the end of this project), but when you cut the joints and assemble the bench it should be nice and straight.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

This wooden bench has been outside completely unprotected through hot summers and harsh Minnesota winters and still looks great. The loincloths are slightly curled, but that only adds to the rustic look. The seams on this wood bench were a bit loose due to the shrinkage of the wood, but it was easily held in place with screws.

We no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) in order to serve pages for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. These two corner benches are great weekend projects and don’t require a set of luggage. good job. It’s the equipment I need on my woodworking tool post, it’s easy to mount and uncomplicated. Lots of cutting and turning. So, if you are considering woodworking or just starting out, this is for you. Materials and equipment are listed below.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

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This bench is going to be a short section as it is almost completely copied from a very popular YouTube video. I built a table for a neighborhood aunt and she asked if I could build a corner bench to make something from scratch and followed the method proven in the video. The only addition I made was adding mid back support as the woman wanted the added padding to not fall off.

After modeling the bench in SketchUp and checking the dimensions, I ordered over 27 2.4m pressure treated 2x4s. The bench is made entirely of 2x4s and is very strong and heavy.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

With so much to cut, it can be really difficult to determine exactly how many lengths of lumber you will need. I found an app called CutList Optimizer, where you enter the length and amount of cuts and it tells you exactly what lengths you need and how to cut them to minimize waste. Great for keeping costs down and getting more lumber or no extra load.

How To Build A Garden Bench

Once the bench is modeled and the cut list is sorted, you have a miter saw. All cuts can be easily done with a circular saw attached to a speed square, but I prefer to use a miter saw when I have repetitive cross cuts.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

When shipping the trees, there were a few lengths that were uglier than others. I set it aside for use inside the frame or in an inconspicuous area like a noggin.

“It’s a good idea to label the sections as you need to keep track of all the sections.”

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

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The planned 2×4’s are already pretty flat and have rounded edges, but a quick flash with a sander is still a good idea.

The last step before assembly was to apply wood preservative to all cut ends to prolong the life of the wood.

How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

You can build this bench with pocket screws for a particularly smooth finish, but I opted for standard 65mm deck screws. To keep it as unobtrusive as possible, I used a combination square to keep the screw locations straight.

Chainsaw, Fence Poles, Six Inch Nails = Garden Bench

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How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of Chairs

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