How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor – Turn your indoor table into an outdoor table. Create an inexpensive garden table by repurposing an old patio table for outdoor use. See my tips on how to paint an interior for outdoor use.

Hello sweeties, today we are moving outside, because there is a big development in my garden. I still have outdoor furniture now! Yes, alfresco dining is in my future (if the weather wasn’t better), as well as long gossipy conversations while sipping lemonade and of course a long Sunday breakfast with the newspaper spread out on the table. my “new” garden table.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Now there is nothing new here, but you thought about it. A long time ago I found a dining room table with nothing on our local version of Craigslist and it has been patiently waiting for another one ever since.

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Well, here’s the baby! My old ugly indoor table has become a fully functional outdoor table. Because yes, you can use a wooden dining table outside if you prepare it properly.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

The previous owner had started sanding the counter but gave up half of it. The legs of the table are very colorful and a bit sharp. But overall, it’s a solid tablet that just needs some loving restoration to make it beautiful again. So I started building an indoor outdoor table. These are my steps.

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How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Acacia Wood Dining Indoor Or Outdoor Dining Table, Rustic Brown &

The real secret to making any indoor space safe is choosing the right type of finish. Indoor furniture is usually made of softer woods that are not designed to withstand the forces of nature. Moisture is the biggest enemy of this type of softer wood. Painting and/or staining them with a real weatherproof finish gives them a real fighting chance outside. I chose a paint that is for exterior doors and window frames and has strong UV protection and built in water resistance. And the above stain is for fences and outdoor wooden structures.

I used the same paint stripper I used on my pine dining table to remove the last bits of stain from the surface and then went to town with a palm sander. After all the work, it looks like this:

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

It turns out that there are many types of wood used for this table. I went for a light oak finish to bring everything together. The stain really brought this dry wood to life.

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I give it a three finish overall. Three coats of paint for the top and three coats of exterior paint on the table legs. Overall, the whole project went faster than I expected. I love when DIY is good and easy to change.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

At Songbird we share lots of DIY projects that are always doable, quick and cheap. My outdoor projects are an exception to this rule. Check out some of our previous outdoor project posts to get you started: 51 DIY Garden Table Arm Crate Ideas Makeover Bird Feeder Chandelier

I just hope it doesn’t take too long for me to start working on a project. In my opinion, work is always more difficult than real life. Maybe one day I will learn this lesson and get on with my projects on time. Does anyone share this problem? All of you beaver-loving DIY gods and goddesses who tackle everything at once? Or can you relate to my cheating ways?

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Diy Dining Tables

Well, the rest of my garden still leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m working on it. All that’s left to worry about is another day, now I’m basking in the glory that is my new outdoor dining table.

From now on my table will live under my new and popular patio cover. But for more than two years (including winter) my table was outside without shelter and then it was not even painted. When the weather is wet and weak, he will put an oil tarpaulin on it. And he survived.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

So if you plan to use a wooden dining table outside and without a patio cover, just cover the table when needed and it will last for years. Paint and stain it well and protect it from the worst attacks of water and moisture and it’s good. You can learn more about protecting wooden, metal and wicker outdoor furniture here.

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Well, why don’t you all go get some tea or lemonade and talk about the virtues of turning your indoor table into garden furniture?

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Oh, and if you’re wondering. The last piece of my fence was completed a few weeks ago, the rest of my fence was completed last year. So the new piece does not have time to age and turn very gray on itself. He will be mixing with others soon…

And of course, if you want to pin this post, like it, or save it for future reference, go ahead! And make a blogger happy in the meantime… See how creative design and smart reuse can turn an outdoor space into a comfortable and accessible space for outdoor entertaining.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

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The fabric between the four stakes is sunk into the ground for a DIY parasol. Use tent pegs to reinforce the lines running from the top of the poles to the lawn.

Like the sample: bamboo sticks from Taiwan, about $9 each; A bamboo fence. Instead of a normal shade, use fabric. Work canvas rectangle fabric with waterproof backing in case it rains, about $20; The Museum

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

A huge improvement on the picnic blanket, and infinitely more comfortable for a long lunch, your family’s table and chairs will look fresh and new when they are moved into the sunlight. There is no charge

Diy Picnic Tables

Use the color chart options to replicate the colors of the garden. Here, three placed runners add more charm than one placed all over. Make your three on a wardrobe; just cut the pieces to size and sew the edges.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Turn an unused part of the driveway into a cozy patio. Here, stone slabs with bright green “mortar” replace a concrete parking deck.

Similar to shown: MS International Santa Barbara Gold Mesh Slab, about $5.75 per square foot; The Museum. Traffic-proof wool fargola, about $5.50 per plant; High Country Gardens

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Beachcroft Rectangular Cocktail Table

Build a defensive wall. A custom fence with a timber clad gate crosses the side of an existing outbuilding, adding a sense of privacy.

Like pictured: red cedar Canterbury Arbor with door and two side wings, about $1,049;

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Swap a simple plate glass for something more romantic. The amber-colored glass emits a warm glow, turning this illuminated outdoor building into a kind of lantern.

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Set the stage for dinner with a parasol and fabric panels framing a window like a candlelit wall grid.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Like the sample: Coolaroo Square Shade Sail, about $130; Walmart. Outdoor curtains, about $70 per panel; Home and Home

Add a trellis-like backdrop to the upper deck, then fill its grill with candles. Here, thick 4×4 posts are placed where they cross: at the front for the horizontal members, at the back for the vertical ones.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Beachcroft Outdoor Rectangular Dining Table In Beige P791 625 By Dining Rooms Outlet By Dining Rooms Outlet

As pictured: 10-foot weight-treated pine 4×4, about $14 each; said Lowe. 8-inch tall, safe, windproof flameless outdoor candles, about $15 each; Unlit candles

Roll up a colorful all-weather rug to mark a special spot where guests can gather for pre-dinner drinks.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Like the sample: Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Rug in Rust, 6 by 9 feet, about $95; 3rd alive

Thrifted Pottery Barn Table {how To Turn Indoor Furniture Into Outdoor Furniture}

With a butcher block, a bar-level prep table near the grill can be a place where guests can pull up a chair for a drink while cheering on the chef.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

For a DIY version of the standard table shown, use pieces of 1¼-inch threaded steel pipe and base fittings, about $250 at home centers, and 50-by-26 inch numbered beech slabs for the roof, about $89 ; Ikea

Create an instant “room” with a garden structure. This filigree wrought iron gazebo defines the dining room without blocking the sunset, the stars or the wind.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Signature Design By Ashley Outdoor/patio Beachcroft Dining Table With Umbrella Option P791 625

Face concrete tiles with mesh-backed mosaic tiles left over from a bathroom or kitchen remodel for a stylish all-weather rug. Set the tile with a rough grade exterior mortar and grout as you would the interior of the house.

Place candles at different heights, as you do here with floor lamps, hanging lanterns and table votives, to see where you walk and what’s on your plate.

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Add luxurious comfort to outdoor furniture with easy-to-clean rust-proof cushions around the coffee table.

PplarÖ Drop Leaf Table, Outdoor, Brown Stained Brown

Like the sample: Sunbrella 54-inch fabric bench cushions in Air Blue, about $75 each; Pillow connection. 20-inch-square Valencia wood block and medallion pillows in assorted colors, about $32 each; Hardware upgrade

How To Make An Indoor Dining Table Outdoor

Park a weatherproof appliance next to the sofa. Here, rust proof

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