How To Make A Floating Nightstand

How To Make A Floating Nightstand – One good result of this winter weather (spring – where are you??) is more time to focus on indoor projects. This past week we freed up some floor space in the bedroom by building and installing floating nightstands.

Our current night stands are cheap and I made them for a Pinterest challenge. It's beautiful and I love the color, but it's too small for our bed And since the dog likes to sleep on the floor next to the bed, we thought it would be nice to give him a little space to spread out.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

With the new desks, it was very easy to adjust the bed frame to make the room look good. Dimensions are 18″W x 14″D x 7″H, 16.5″W x 12.5″D x 5.5″H with drawers.

How To Build A Diy Modern Floating Nightstand

Made from pine boards – four 16″ x 48″ boards are enough for two shelves and two drawers. Both are boxed, attached to the sides with hinged hinges The frame opens at the back to allow connection to a wall-mounted mounting plate (see below for mounting information ). The top of the box was attached with nails

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Wooden guides attached to the inside of each frame fit into grooves on the sides of each box. These guides aid in the movement of the ark and keep the altar from sliding forward when open. Tom saw the holes in the drawers on the table with a dado blade, then cut matching slats from the leftover wood. Attached with sliding glue and finishing posts

Once the frame and drawers were built, I sanded it smooth and then primed it with one coat of Minwax stain in Jacobean, followed by two coats of MW stain in Mahogany Red. I tried to match the color of the bed frame as close as possible After the stain dried I coated the pieces with MW Finish wax and sanded with fine steel wool.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Henrik Floating Nightstand

To hang the tables on the wall, Tom cut 2″ x 6″ lumber to match the inside dimensions of the table frame (16.5″ x 5.5″). The board was mounted on the wall (on studs) with a 3-inch tail. For some reason I didn't take a picture, but you can look at this floating shelf to get an idea. The “box” table frame is placed on the mounting plate and screwed on all four sides with countersunk screws.

The desks are mounted on the wall 3 inches above the bed so that we can easily reach the light and see the alarm clock while we sleep.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Here are the front and back panels The only thing wrong with the floating table next to the bed is that the table and the watch cable are visible We can shorten the cables but don't hide the output

Modern Gray Floating Nightstand Wall Mount Night Stand

It's not ready to sleep under the dog nightstand, but it can fill the extra space (mostly with its long giraffe legs and random toys). Woodworking is my therapy…most days I recently opened up on Instagram, but it's been amazing to turn my gardening hobby into a business. But, it's not often that I can create something without a deadline these days. So, during my break from full-time work this summer, I decided to make a a personal project – a medical project. Something that reminds me why I started sharing my hobby…and from that was born a set of floating nightstands and living drawers for our new home.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

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Want to see this build in action? Check out the YouTube tutorial and subscribe to my channel!

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Welland Floating Nightstand Side Table Wall Mounted Shelf With Drawer — Welland Store

I'm still slow to convert the bedroom into our new home. I started with a flat head a few weeks ago (I mean, I want to)…and now it's time to focus on adding some nightstands. Since we have a storage bed, I knew we needed something that could be hung on the wall But, we also needed something with storage (because you don't need a lot of storage).

So, creating a floating nightstand on the go and giving drawers pizzazz (if that's a word anyone still uses). Actually, I saw this screen live on the Walmart website, and it really inspired me to make something like this, but I missed the glue line and left the gap open for the handle. .

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

*Front and back measurements are initial measurements cut to size during Always check your specific building measurements before cutting parts to size

Easy To Build Diy Floating Nightstand / Side Table Plans

** Denotes parts made from assembled boards Remember to check a tutorial for more information before building

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

1. The first step for me was to break my supplies down into manageable pieces. To do this, I cut my pieces on my miter saw close to their final size (I left a less for cutting later). For now, I'll just focus on the parts I'll use for the night party. We'll focus on the back panel and drawers later.

2. My fuel was not milled, so I ran it through my planer to make it flat and smooth.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

The Easiest ‘floating' Night Stands

3. Next, I brought the pieces to my table and cut the edges so they were straight and the edges were clean for the glue.

4. After the wood is ready, I proceed to attach them to their boards (top board, bottom board, sides).

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

5. After leaving the panels closed overnight, I came back the next day and ran through my plan and cut it to the final shape, making sure to add a center corner. to one of the parts that are assembled to make the night box. . .

Diy Floating Nightstand Plans — Ashley Diann Designs

6. Next, I started gluing the pieces together to make my night stand. I did this by lining up the pieces with painter's tape and then taping everything shut.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

7. Next, it was time to work on the back panel. I cut out the panel with my miter saw and then attached it to the back of the night stand using pocket holes and glue. tree. I made sure to install the panels in the nightstands to make the French cleat system work.

8. Once the nightstand is assembled, it's time to make the drawers I started by gluing two pieces of 1 x 8″ plywood together to make the two bases.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Diy Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands Tutorial • Its Overflowing

10. Once the cutters were cut, I assembled the fridge using wood glue and screws that I drove into the wood. I then masked these screw holes with 5/8″ sealant and wood glue.

12. Next, I cut my living room panels to size to fit the refrigerators as before.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Then I removed the box and attached the box to the front using wood screws from the inside of the box face.

Lovely Diy Night Stands

14. Next, I added some wooden pulls to prevent the drawers from falling apart during use. I learned this technique from a John Peters video on YouTube!

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

15. Now it's time to finish! First I filled some holes with wood planks and then sanded the piece

17. After letting it dry overnight, I came back the next day and installed the mounting system. I chose this great French cleat system from Hangman Products that goes right behind the night stand.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Floating Nightstand In Oak With 1 Drawer, Straight Forehead

18. Then I used half of the cleat system in our house to set it up on a permanent level. That's easy

I'm so happy with how these nightstands turned out They have so much character and are perfect for our new space!

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

I hope you all love this project as much as I do! If so, be sure to pin it later! My goal is to teach you how to make a magazine-worthy DIY with confidence.

Diy Floating Nightstand

A nightstand is essential A place to put your book, some cutlery, and charge your phone while you rest for the night Everyone needs a nightstand, it's an easy way to add some new design to your site.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

Our guest bedroom has bold colors, lots of brass, and a patterned wall Since everything in the room makes a statement, we wanted something simple.

The night stand is a very good choice and the floating design is more modern than the modern style.

How To Make A Floating Nightstand

White Oak Wood Floating Nightstand

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