How To Hook Up Electric Fan

How To Hook Up Electric Fan – Dear Electrician: Where can I find ceiling fan wiring diagrams showing blue wire and black wire connections?

Answer: Here are the schematics for wiring my ceiling fan along with the two switch down schematics. Also, I have provided links to some ceiling fan manufacturers for replacement parts and indoor ceiling fan wiring diagrams. Note: Some of the links below go to products sold on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I take advantage of qualifying purchases.

How To Hook Up Electric Fan

The ceiling fan wiring diagram at the top of this blog post shows a common wiring method used long ago during home .

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In this ceiling fan wiring diagram, the ceiling fan's blue wire is connected to the load side of the wall switch, which controls the fan light. The fan's black wire is connected to a line that allows the fan pull chain switch to control the fan motor independently of the wall switch.

If you need to change the wiring on the ceiling fan control electrical outlet, go to my blog post that shows pictures of changing the switch outlet to hot to connect the ceiling fan to the two switches on the wall.

Another blog post envisioned retrofitting a ceiling fan electrical outlet with metal switch boxes.

It is not unusual to see a white wire used as a hot wire or line wire in an electrical switch. However, the white wire must be reproduced in a color other than white, gray or green. I have a roll of different colored electrical tape that I use for re-identification. Some electricians will use a permanent marker type pen to change the color of the wire.

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With new home , the National Electrical Code requires that a neutral conductor be installed in most electrical boxes for wall switches. Having a neutral gives you the option of using an electronic device instead of a standard wall switch to control your ceiling fan and light. Read Section 404.2(C) where the neutral is called the “ground circuit conductor.”

The National Electrical Code requires that a ceiling electrical box placed in an area of ​​the room where the ceiling fan can be installed be rated to support the ceiling fan. This is an effective update to Article 314.27(C) of the 2020 Codebook.

I have never seen wiring diagrams for a ceiling fan attached or printed to the fan or motor housing. Installation instructions include ceiling fan internal wiring diagrams showing blue wire and black wire.

My post showing electrical motor wiring diagrams may be useful if you are repairing fan motors. Ceiling fans usually have shaft motors.

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I recommend reading the manufacturer's instructions for installing a ceiling fan before purchasing a fan. This is usually available on the manufacturer's website. There are links to ceiling fan manufacturers at the end of this post.

The following ceiling fan wiring diagrams for wall switches can be used in new , old renovations and renovations.

Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram Power goes to the switch box, the LOAD wire is connected to the light blue wire and the fan motor to the black wire.

The ceiling fan wiring diagram above shows that the power first goes to the electrical switch box and then the heat and neutral are carried in a single conductor cable to the ceiling electrical box. Using this method, the black wire for the fan motor and the blue wire for the ceiling fan light are connected to the LOAD wire from the wall switch.

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The fan and light are controlled by the same wall switch, but the wall switch can be omitted and the fan and light can be controlled separately using pull-chain switches.

A remote control unit can be added to this ceiling fan. The wall switch is only kept in the ON position.

Even if you don't need a remote control, if all of your fan control options are instead of a wall switch, you should look into a ceiling fan with a wall control that works through existing wiring. In some cases, it's just a remote control that fits into the wall like a regular wall switch.

Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram With Power Inside Ceiling Box Blue Wire Connected To Red Load Wire From Wall Switch Black Connected To Fan Motor Wire Line

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Shown above is the method with a neutral conductor in the ceiling fan rating box from the power supply to the switch box. The blue fan wire is connected to the red load wire from the wall switch. A black fan wire is connected to the line. A wall switch controls the light on the ceiling fan, and a pull chain switch controls the fan motor independently of the wall switch.

Since the switch box has the heater and neutral, power can be tapped there for other things like an electrical outlet. The image above shows the red load wire from the wall switch connected to the blue wire of the ceiling fan for light control. The fan motor is controlled independently of the wall switch by the fan's pull chain switch as it is connected directly to the fan's black wire line.

One of the many ceiling fan wiring diagrams depicts a single pole switch that directs power from the same circuit to a light and electrical outlet.

A three conductor cable is required to bring the line and neutral to the ceiling box with the load conductor. The wiring diagram above shows the connections of the blue wire for the light and the black wire for the fan motor. A wall switch controls the lighting and the fan motor is controlled independently of the wall switch by an integrated pull-chain switch.

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The top and bottom electrical outlets are always active and are not controlled by a wall switch.

A 2 1/8 inch deep ceiling fan box should be used to mount the ceiling fan above. Multiple wires for a standard 1 1/2″ deep electrical box. The red load wire on the wall switch is connected to the blue wire on the fan, meaning the wall switch only puts light into the fan. Integrated pull chain switch fan motor. The black fin wire connects to the line.

If you use the above diagram, you will need a deep ceiling fan rating box to handle all the wiring. The National Electrical Code requires 2 cubic inches inside the electrical box for each #14 conductor. Read Section 314 of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).

The wiring diagram above shows the blue wire from the fan connected to the load wire of a switch. The black wire on the fan is connected to the other load switch wire. The light and fan are controlled independently of each other using wall switches. No need to use pull chains to change fan speed.

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Fan motor direction is changed by moving the fan motor switch up or down.

Alternatively, a fan speed control dimmer can be installed to control the fan speed from the wall.

My blog post here shows how to install two switches for a fan and a light using existing wiring.

Switch boxes should be deep enough to accommodate all wiring. Each switch counts as two wires.

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If you're planning to build a house or addition and you're in a location where you can install a ceiling fan, any electrical box mounted to the ceiling must be rated to support the ceiling fan, whether you plan to or not. Read Section 314.27(C) of the National Electrical Code for exact installation requirements.

To wire your ceiling fan so it can be controlled from multiple wall switch positions, visit my post on 3-Way Wiring Diagrams.

A remote control receiver can be attached to most ceiling fans. Read the remote control manufacturer's instructions before purchasing a remote control. Although remote controls for ceiling fans are very convenient, this is also the reason I get so many calls from customers about fans that have stopped working. Either the fan's remote control is damaged, or the radio connection between the transponder and the transponder is lost.

Fixing a damaged transceiver connection is usually easy, but each manufacturer seems to do it differently. Sometimes you have to turn off the power to a circuit, then back off and hold down a button on the transmitter to re-establish the connection. It is best to check with the remote control manufacturer.

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