How To Make Your Own Tile Table

How To Make Your Own Tile Table – Sometimes a project comes along that makes you wish you could bury your head in the sand

About that. Have you had these projects before? Because that’s how this project started. I hesitated like you wouldn’t believe it because I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out. So that was the simplest solution

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

March is Adding Style With Tile on Ryobi Nation and I’m thrilled to have been invited to participate! You can find all the step-by-step details of this project on Ryobi Nation!

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This is the story of the poor coffee table. My grandfather (aka Pappy) gave me this table a few years ago. It sat in my garage the whole time (surprise! surprise!) because I didn’t know what to do with it. For one, it’s short…..what would you put on a short end table? Second, there was only

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

Then I realized that it doesn’t matter if I don’t know how to use it. I’m challenging myself to make my first “real” tile project!

Some of you may remember the post I made last year about finding inspiration for decorating a public restroom. The powder room at this Latin American restaurant near where I used to work spoke to me the moment I saw it.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

How To Mosaic A Table

I loved the tile and figured I could somehow recreate it with a permanent marker. I didn’t know when and where I would do it in my house or on what furniture.

This little table was perfect! There was already a small indentation on top where the tile would sit nicely. And then I could put this silver vase on top (which I already had), inspired by that

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

I don’t normally sand with sandpaper, but when the table is this battered you want to smooth everything out first, so I used fine sandpaper.

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Why did I think it would be a good idea to draw a pattern on all the tiles before cutting and gluing? }}}}

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

When I laid everything out, not everything fit on the table. There was about a 1/2″ overhang on one side.

. This is my mistake. I figured I could just seal the top with sealant. I should have waited until they were cut with the Ryobi 7″ wet tile though.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

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I probably could have used tile throwers, but honestly I was dying to test my new wet saw. 🙂

I used a wet tile saw during a demo at the Haven Conference last year. I was ready to face my fear of using it (with protective gear, of course! I made sure to wear safety goggles, long sleeves, no jewelry, work gloves, and hearing protection like these Ryobi Phone WorksNoise Canceling Headphones).

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

You can imagine my disappointment when, after cutting, I put all the freshly cut and freshly cut tiles on the table, only to find that there was no way to salvage the design.

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So I went ahead and spread the tile adhesive, AcrylPro, and laid the tiles, then cleaned up the remaining marker so I could start over and prepare the grout. Because these were small tiles, I didn’t need tile spacers. I put everything together and tried to make sure it was even and level.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

I then added some water to the grout without sandpaper, mixed as directed, and used a grout float to press the grout into the grout line. When it had dried a bit I used a grout sponge to remove the excess. It will leave a fog. Just use a clean towel to clean.

I decided to use this crystal glaze to “set” the marker design. I got a little “lucky” in places, leaving puddles where the pattern started to run slightly. Aeee!! Luckily it was small.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

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If you’re baking your tile (the recommended method for setting permanent markers), I’ve read that you should put the tile in before the top heats up, and then let it cool in the oven with the oven off. . Set it to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I will try next time!!! MORON….

I needed something to hide the exposed tile edges. This wooden strip from Home Depot was perfect, about $1.50 each!

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

I painted the fairing and used my ryobi brad nailer to attach it. I used a miter saw for simple corners (see this post for more info on using a box miter saw to join trim corners at 45 degree angles). You can also use Gorilla Glue to hold these trims in place. (Watch my video on using Gorilla Glue here). If using a brad nailer, use wood spatula for small holes.

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Hoo hoo! I’m so glad it was finally fixed! I was worried there for a minute…or more like 1000 minutes…but I love black and white together especially with that silver vase that reminds me of the amazing pewter tiles on the bathroom ceiling!

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

She never noticed this vase when she was in the family room. But now that it’s out, he couldn’t help but make funny faces at the funky reflection.

It’s a big reflection, what should it do to the people behind you? I caught him doing it, big boots and all! hahaha

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

How To Make A Tile Mosaic Tabletop

Overall, I’m delighted with this piece and can’t wait to show it to my grandpa! I don’t think he will think it’s the same piece!

Have you ever been inspired by something unusual and then made something out of that inspiration? Leave a comment below and join the discussion!

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

Thrift Diving inspires women to decorate, upgrade, and care for their homes… with paint, power tools, and thrift stores! Use these 5 printables, checklists, and ebooks to get started! Sage green is definitely one of the It colors of 2021 and I couldn’t be more excited. Rounding it out is an internet obsession with tiles and my heartbeat. I couldn’t be more excited to bring you a 2am next day delivery push at Home Depot: the Sage Green Tile Cube (or rather, a deconstructed version of it). Best of all, you will learn some contracting skills that can benefit you in your future home ownership/improvement (:

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After you’ve built your boat of choice, be sure to use any Trader Joe paper bags/newspapers you may need to protect your floor from the next steps. Paint your tiles with sage green first – I opted for three coats for a uniform finish. Then open the windows to allow some ventilation and spread a thin layer of tile adhesive over all surfaces. I liked to do one side at a time, lay the tiles, and then move on to the other side. You may need to use scissors to separate the tiles to accommodate open areas that the 12×12 tiles cannot fully cover. Allow the tile adhesive to dry for 24 hours.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

To make your cube liquid, mix the mortar with enough water to give it the smooth consistency of peanut butter. I kept a cup of water nearby to add extra water to ensure consistency. Using the trowel, I pressed the grout into the crevices of the cube, making sure I was trying to really clean the surface of the tiles if possible. This is important as anything left on the tiles will cause haze and may require a lot of sponge to clean. Another tip is to turn the cube so that the surface to be grouted is flat on top. That just makes it easier and protects your back (:

15-30 minutes after applying the grout you should come back and clean the tile with a sponge and a clean bucket of water. This may take a few washes, but it’s worth it to reveal the sage’s green underside.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

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I love my sage green tile as a side table or plant stand in the living room, but I can also imagine it as a beautiful complement to a large floor mirror. If you have extra pieces, turn them into plates or coasters! People will be impressed by your coordinated furniture and accessories. I’m obsessed with this accent piece and love that you can learn a skill or two in the process. Enjoy!

There’s a lot of grout here that forms a mist – try to squeeze it out with a float before it dries! Get your free 45-page wardrobe makeover book when you sign up for our newsletter! Learn how to perfect your wardrobe in five easy steps with this simple guide. Choose your newsletter frequency below.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

I have to say that this is a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It seems I was inspired to cover something completely with tiles almost everywhere I saw it. me too

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