How To Make A Table Look Old

How To Make A Table Look Old – I am sharing the transformation of the dining table. From dark old wood to French country elegance. When I first bought this table, it was dark walnut and had a lot of scratches. In fact, they were more like deep holes. The best way for such fabric is to cover these defects. At the end of the post I will share how I ended up.

I wanted to keep the top board, paint the apron and legs cream white and distress the beautiful carving.

How To Make A Table Look Old

How To Make A Table Look Old

When I started this conversion (almost a year ago!), I had originally tried to paint the body of the board pure white, but it bled really badly, so I decided to paint it a second time. This time I went for a creamier color. I painted it “Gyps” from Fusion Mineral Paint. “Chalk” is one of their new fall colors.

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While this table has many flaws, I love the detail of the curved legs.

How To Make A Table Look Old

The table opens up and had enough room to hold three 8″ extensions, but none of them came with it, so I had my husband make some new extensions. What you see in the “before” picture above was a temporary form made from MDF board that I painted brown. Since we had to make them out of new wood, we needed to match the new boards on the add-ons to the rest of the table. This means drilling holes in the new extension to match the rest of the table top, then routing the edges and then painting the top of the extensions to match the rest of the table top.

Here’s a close-up with one of the new plugins built on it. It’s not a 100% match, but it’s pretty close.

How To Make A Table Look Old

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The first thing I did was sand the top of the table, just enough to lighten it up a bit, but not so deep as to kill the holes. I wanted a very classy look and the imperfections give this board the rustic look I was going for. After I finished sanding, I noticed that it was a little uneven in places, so I took a small area, diluted it with alcohol and went over it a bit.

After cutting them to size, I started making lots of dowels and holes by tapping the boards with various tools and chains.

How To Make A Table Look Old

I used this handy tool to make a wormhole. It is basically a block of wood with a bunch of screws attached.

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The next step is painting. I used Minwax provincial stain. One of my new favorite colors. The most important thing is to make sure your stain lines up with the new holes and wormholes you make. I think it is better to use with cloth. Make sure you wet your cloth and really get into the holes, then wipe the surface.

How To Make A Table Look Old

I also milled the edge of the new extensions to fit my husband on the table and since I’m leaving at least one of the extensions permanently, I added a piece to hold the apron so we don’t see a hole.

There is one more step to keep the three extensions in place and that is to create a file with the punches and holes on the side of each board.

How To Make A Table Look Old

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After all the painting, carpentry and painting, I sealed the counters and extensions with a protective coat of Rustoleum plaster. It left a nice dark ending. The legs and apron are sealed with wax.

Thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts on my last post about my oak sideboard problem. I really appreciate it. I am finishing it and will post it in the next few days. Happy Halloween! After all the outfit ideas that went through my head, I chose the simplest one. Pregnancy doubt, maybe I can spice it up and get pregnant with my cousin’s baby? A little too much??? I tried to dress up as a pregnant cheerleader. My belly is bigger than what I thought, it won’t fit anymore. Ok so I’m pregnant 🙂 I guess the next question is, am I too old to dress up for Halloween??? Burst of laughter

How To Make A Table Look Old

Ok so back to the real topic 😉 How to age new trees. When I created it, I had a vision for my country. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, but I didn’t know how to get it. I was almost scared and wanted to whitewash everything. Which I still think looks good. Maybe distress the edges a bit. But then the hubs all wanted it dark brown. I told him it was too similar to our current desk and would eventually move, which I didn’t want. The whole point of making the table was to make it a little lighter because I didn’t like the dark brown we had now. I almost wanted a gray color. But not real gray, but faded gray.

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So I started experimenting with having a weathered gray. I know it’s a gray wood stain, but I was too lazy to go to the store and find it. I thought this was the last example. So I was going to use what I had and come up with something – dark walnut stain, chestnut stain and white paint.

How To Make A Table Look Old

So I took a few routes that I didn’t like at all. Dyeing and then bleaching. Paint and then paint. White washing and then dyeing.

I think my favorite was the white with walnut stain. I will use it until I try it for the last time…

How To Make A Table Look Old

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And he looked great. The weathered greyish-brown whitish color is fully compressed. Plus, the hubs loved it too.

Sand your wood (I used pine boards for mine). Try to avoid weird synthetic textures. I had a lot of it so I had to sand it down a bit. Sand the corners and edges for less curvature. This last part has nothing to do with the finish, but it helps 🙂 I used medium 120 paper for this process. Don’t over sand and remove all the grain of the wood, as you will sand again later and still need the “raised” pieces.

How To Make A Table Look Old

Paint the wood with a coat of white paint, very lightly… so that most of it is soaked into the wood. I used Glidden’s White Linen, but any white will work. The color I used is latex and semi-glossy. Let it dry.

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Sand again. This time I used 80 grit color sandpaper. When sanding this time, sand enough to show some of the wood on the higher surfaces, but still leave enough white. There really is no right way to do it. Just start sanding and remember that the inside of the wood will stain the most, so if you want more brown, sand more, if you want more white, sand less.

How To Make A Table Look Old

To stain I used dark walnut from Minwax, put it on the fabric and went over each board to get the look I wanted. If I wanted some places to be dark, I put another layer.

Unpainted wood takes the stain beautifully and restores all the qualities of the wood. The rest of the white color turns into a fairly worn gray 🙂

How To Make A Table Look Old

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And there it is! How to age new wood in 4 easy steps. If you want to seal 5 steps.

I wanted to finish this whole table, but when it came down to it – painting, staining, sanding, painting and bending over while 7 1/2 months pregnant just didn’t seem like much fun.

How To Make A Table Look Old

And I was trying to get into all these grooves and joints and something, well, it’s not happening.

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So I used walnut stain for the bottom of the table. simple There are knots to polish the claws a bit. Then just apply a coat of stain and sealer and you’re done.

How To Make A Table Look Old

I think the high contrast works really well and brings out those dark shadows. When painting, be sure to work well into the edges of the wood to bring out the hard, used look. You can see this in the image above and below.

It’s always a good idea to test it on the same type of wood you’re finishing with before you start. You will have to adapt this technique depending on the wood you are using. It is better to buy

How To Make A Table Look Old

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