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How To Make A Tortoise Table – The lady, our last savior, needed good protection. The first month we kept it in an XL cement mixing tank because it was too big for the rubber boxes I usually insulate new rescues in.

Turtles need a place to burrow, live, eat, explore, bathe and sleep. Ideally, we provide them with open space where they can spend the warmer months. Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are many cold, rainy days each year, so a nice, spacious patio is also important.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

How To Make A Tortoise Table

I am often asked what is the “minimum size” for a turtle. I tell them everything I can. The ABSOLUTE minimum is 4 feet by 2 feet, and that’s only for a fairly small turtle. In an aviary of this size, I had a hard time creating the microclimate the turtle needed (warm swimming area, water tank, cool end, skin, feeding area, etc.). Owners who keep their turtles in small enclosures often complain that their turtles are constantly running around or that the turtle is “boring” because it never does anything interesting.

Tortoise Table Lighting

Buying a tank big enough can hit the jackpot, but there are cheaper, simpler, and really cool options out there! Today I will show you how to make a beautiful turtle side table from a used bookcase.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

Step 1: Buy a shelf. I found a 4ft by 3ft oak and oak veneer shelf on Craigslist for $30. It perfectly complements our other furniture. 3 removable shelves. I used 2 shelves to form the legs of the turtle table. I used the rest as a roof for a hidden box.

Because you’re working on an existing shelf, you don’t need to know much about woodworking to complete this project. If you don’t sink the cement bath into the floor like I did (to dig deeper), you don’t have to worry about creating the legs.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

Xxl Tortoise Table Small Pet Reptile Wooden House Hide Shelter Den With Run 45

I removed the stand because it is made of very thin material. I had to remove the braces holding it in place. If the back of your shelf is stronger, you can leave it open.

Step 2: Cut plywood (found in our garage) to size for the back of the floor shelf.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

I used the leg shelves in the next step. To account for this, at the short ends I subtracted 2 shelves from the length (so the shelf was 48 inches and each shelf was 5/8 inches thick). 48 inches). I will explain why later. If you don’t want to make the legs, don’t worry and just cut the wood to fit the shelf perfectly.

Vivexotic Tortoise Table Walnut Finish Optional Stand Optional Set Up Kit

Step 3: Outline the cement mixing bowl. I made myself a little more interesting than I needed to be by dunking the cement mixing bowl in the middle to provide deeper soil for the Lady.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

Step 4: Measure the “edge” of the mixing bowl and draw a line inside the drawn line. This way, when you cut the hole, the ledge rests against the wood and the tub sinks into the hole.

Step 5: Ask your decoupage friend to cut a hole in the tree. (That’s right, I outsourced it) A Dremel drywall cutter is great for this too…but I have a friend with a hand saw.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

Diy Tortoise Table

Step 6: Use a belt sander or file to smooth the edges of the hole so that the tub slides smoothly through it. You want the edges to be completely flat. I drew the inner line very small so it was more work than needed. When you’re done, sweep the board to remove sawdust.

Secure the vinyl floor with a good adhesive. I found a bathroom vinyl floor that works well in the attic. For previous projects, I went to a local brick and mortar carpet store and bought a large $12 leftover. That was enough to cover the floors of several turtle tables.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

First, measure the size of the vinyl. You need to place the sides of the shelf on top of the board (which will be visible later when assembling) and draw a line where the vinyl should meet the edges. It should stop before touching the inner walls of the container. The glue (I used Tuff Stuff) should dry within 24 hours. I put concrete stones on it to make it heavier.

Housing For Tortoises: The Pros & Cons Of Tortoise Tables And Vivarium

Step 8: Attach the cabinet floor to the shelf using wood glue and screws. First, position it properly so that the shelves you use as legs fit snugly at both ends. The rack should lie flat, with the “beautiful” side out. You can see what I mean in the picture in step 9.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

Because I wanted a cement mixing bowl that I knew would be heavy, I built a small 1×2 frame that we had in the garage. I drilled pilot holes in this small frame and attached the floor to the shelf walls with screws that go through the 1×2 holes through the floor to the shelf walls.

I used screws (inside) to attach two shelves (pretty side out) to a small 1×2 frame I built. I also used L-brackets on the corners for extra stability. I wanted to attach small 1×2 legs to the back of the “shelf legs” but they were so strong that it wasn’t necessary. * Click on the image to view a larger version

How To Make A Tortoise Table

How To Care For Your Tortoise

If you look closely, you’ll see that I’ve attached a small 1×2 piece in the middle as an extra leg. I didn’t want to risk the weight not being able to support the floor. I used an L-bracket.

Step 10: Glue the edges. This is done to protect the wood from moisture (substrate, bedding, spilled water from the tank, etc.).

How To Make A Tortoise Table

On previous turtle tables, I used silicone to seal the edges. I didn’t have any sealant on hand today and wanted to get the project up and running, so I looked around for some impromptu solutions in our garage. I came up with this Shurtape, a modern and improved version of duct tape (Random fact: did you know that traditional duct tape is no longer used for duct tape?! It was considered flammable and not sticky with temperature changes). Shurtape is AMAZING because it lasts for about 1000 years even at different temperatures. I carefully opened it and glued each edge. The tape folds nicely into the corner between the floor and the wall, I cut it at each vertical corner. Then I placed the second piece at each vertical corner so that the edges are even. I also cut out small pieces for the rounded corners of the hole.

Tier Tortoise Table

Then I ran another layer of tape along the bottom of the 4 walls, all in one piece. Thus, the subfloor does not damage the walls.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

It was faster and easier than casting…but not as good. I used scissors to smooth the tape, making sure it stuck to all the little gaps in the vinyl and wood planks.

Step 11 – Go to the bath! Lady is a very large female and hopefully she spawns someday. Giving him deep soil to dig will also be fun for him, as Russian tortoises love to dig and dig.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

New Tortoise Seems A Bit Restless And Trying To Escapee

Step 12: Using masking tape, secure the edge of the tub by attaching it to the turtle’s table, and also seal the gap so the substrate doesn’t stick out. may fall. Oh, I want to finish so much that I forgot to take a picture.

Step 13: Place the Substrate (I chose to use organic soil, but coconut fiber bought in brick form and mixed with water is also a great choice). Place some flat rocks and a bowl of water in the dining area. I like to use Pyrex pans or cake pans (by Goodwill) because they are small enough for the turtle to get out of and are easy to clean. I still need to put river rocks around the water container to protect the substrate from it.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

Tomorrow I’ll put the river stones around the water tank and also set the lights right.

Tortoise House Information

Step 14: Using one of the shelves, create a small hidden house. I originally used pegs to hold up the shelf. I simply positioned them so that the rack would be held horizontally and slide inward. I cut out a small piece of wood to cover one part.

How To Make A Tortoise Table

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