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I want to install a ceiling fan under the old drywall. I was thinking of running a piece of wood between the two joists in the attic above and then screwing the electrical pancake box directly to this piece of wood.

How To Install A Ceiling Fan Pancake Box

Instead of cutting into the plaster, I would simply install the box on the surface of the ceiling (with screws to secure the box to the wood above). In other words, the box should not be built into the ceiling.

Tips For Installing A Ceiling Fan

The reason I want it is because the roof is old and not in good condition. I’m worried that if I start cutting into the plaster and scraping the cut between the joists, I’ll cause more cracks in the plaster. I prefer to leave the plaster intact.

I know you can see the case a bit with this mounting method (although I’m hoping that if I can find a small enough case and a fan with enough space in the part that covers the case, I can hide everything). I’m not too worried about it as it shouldn’t be very noticeable, certainly not as noticeable as other cracks in the ceiling.

You can use one of the rear knockouts and a matching connector to feed the cable from above.

Your plan to put wood on top of the mountain sounds good. You should not try to assemble such a box with plaster fasteners alone. You may want to consider hanging beams for your cross beams.

Ceiling Fan Wiring Topics

Of course, just get a box of fan-rated pancakes. They look like any other 8-B pancake box, but have 10/32 screws and reinforced holes. The fan will cover you completely when the canopy cover is activated.

You just have to be very careful to swing the fan properly, because any jolt can crack the plaster. Good fans come with some weight to adjust and usually don’t need much adjustment.

You’ll still need to find the connector, but your plan seems like the best route for the least plaster mess, which is definitely better.

This is a perfectly acceptable installation method. I used this method 35 years ago to hang three very heavy hunters in an oil bath. Note that if you are using a standard pancake box you cannot hang the fan from the box, but you must have long screws going into the top of the 2×4. The oil trap at that time hung from a single heavy center hook that was screwed into the center opening of the pancake box in the 2×4 above the ceiling.

Mount Ceiling Fan To Old Junction Box?

Specially designed fan mounting boxes allow fans to be attached to the box with machine screws, but the tabs and threads on standard pancake box tabs are not rated to support a fan.

Before doing anything, check if the fan mounting bracket is interfering with the pancake box ie. does the holder fit outside the box or inside?

Drill a hole in the drywall and mount the 1/2″ deep pancake box directly on the 2×4 crosspiece, but I think surface mount would work. (One of the three fans is installed in the vaulted ceiling directly on the 2×12 joist).

Just be sure to mark the location of the 2×4 supports so you can put the center underneath (since you won’t be able to see it from below). One way to do this would be to drill a small hole (or two) in the ceiling from below to mark the spot, then go up to the ceiling and pencil in line with the 2×4 centered on the hole/s.

Hubbell Raco 295 1/2 Inch Deep 1/2 Inch Bottom Knockouts 4 Inch Round Ceiling Fan Support Pan

Many newer fans (at least the Hunter seal bearing type) have a bracket that is designed to attach to a 2×4 above the drywall with special long screws. These screws can go through holes in the pancake box, or you may need to drill holes in the metal to get them through.

In my case, and I think yours as well, it would be better to attach the short 2x4s to the ceiling joists with Simpson Strong Tie angle fasteners and use Simpson (short) screws designed for that purpose to attach the bracket there. Driving nails attached to joists can crack the plaster on the ceiling. I can’t remember, but I think I used one corner connector on each end, on opposite sides. I thought two at each end was unnecessary.

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My goal is to hang the fan from the ceiling. I’m in a house that was built in the 1930s. I have an old pancake box that looks like it’s 3.25 inches in diameter instead of 4. I decided that even though it’s old, it’s attached directly to some woodwork and won’t . motion That’s why I prefer to use it only for the fan.

Hubbell Raco 8293 1/2 Inch Deep, 1/2 Inch Bottom Knockouts 4 Inch Round Ceiling Pan

Replace it though because I can’t mount the ceiling fan with only 1 off center screw.

Is there anything I can do to save this pancake box and somehow attach the fan to it even though it only has one (folded) mounting hole? Maybe fix it another way? Directly to the tree?

Or if I have to replace it, is there a way to do it below? I have access to the attic, but it is in a difficult location and covered with cellulose insulation.

Edit (1): I was going to go to the pancake box as Jim suggested, but the holes didn’t line up with the fan mount.

Metal Ceiling Electrical Boxes At

I’m not proud of this, but I got a 4 inch beam kit from Home Depot that is rated to hold a light up to 35 lbs. It connects to the crow’s feet through a 1/8 inch nipple. Mount the fan bracket to that + screw directly to the case (shown in green below). It’s not official for coding, but my fan weighs 18 pounds. Expect the crow’s foot/cross bar and nails/screws directly to the box to hold 18 pounds more of extra weight while the fan is running.

This box or next to it. The fan hardware for the new Hunter fans I installed came with two long wood screws designed to screw the pancake box holes into the ceiling joist.

Your electrical wires are known as knobs and tubes that probably have insulation made mostly of tar and cloth. Without inspecting your house, I personally would not trust this fan load circuit. Also, the fan has vibrations associated with it, so a screw is an accident waiting to happen. I assume this box is nailed to a 2x piece of wood. My recommendation would be to replace the box with a new 4″ one that is designed to run the fan and reconnect it to the switch. If it is powered by K&T wire, go back to the switch (fuse) box.

By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Dear Mr. Electrician: Should I replace the old ceiling light box with a new ceiling light? After removing the existing light fixture cover, I discovered that there is no standard ceiling electrical junction box. Instead, there is a round black disc (about 3 inches in diameter) with a 1 inch long screw protruding from it. Wires are everywhere. This is not compatible with the new device I want to install. What am I doing?

How To Install The Mounting Bracket For Ceiling Fan

Answer: It is best to replace the old ceiling pancake box. However, sometimes this is more trouble than it’s worth. Below are photos and old pancake box situations I’ve come across.

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My guess is that the round disk is actually an old enameled black metal pancake box. It is about the diameter and thickness of a hockey puck and is made of metal.

Sometimes an old gas pipe sticks out of the middle of this pancake box instead of a screw. The screw secures the box to the fuel line.

Ceiling Fan Install Help Please (electric, Replace, Remove, Mount)

Thus, old houses that originally had gas lighting were converted to electric lighting. The pancake box was mounted on the already disconnected gas pipe. The cables are attached to the pancake box and the connections are made. An additional fitting, such as a 3/8″ x 1/8″ nipple threaded into the gas pipe to support the appliance is designed for this type of installation.

The canopy of the old-style ceiling fixture served as a junction box for the connected cables. When calculating frame padding for the maximum number of threads allowed, you can include

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