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Spring is approaching, which means more creative ways to spend time with loved ones and celebrate fun events. So, to help keep things safe and fun, I created a DIY concrete coffee table that doubles as a beverage cooler or fire pit for outdoor entertaining!

How To Make A Fire Table

How To Make A Fire Table

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First, I cut my melamine to the size I needed for my table top mold. Then I assembled my desk pieces with wood screws into a 24 x 36 inch box for my table top.

How To Make A Fire Table

Once my mold was assembled, I ran a 1 ¼” long strip of melamine down the middle of the mold to frame my opening pan to go in later (you can calculate the pan by hand Putting it in is very useful, you want to make sure it will fit snugly before putting it in.

I didn’t want Pan to sit in that box. I wanted the box to be the exact size of the pan because it would have an opening in the concrete to release the pan later.

How To Make A Fire Table

Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Next, I hollowed out my mold and sealed all the edges with silicone. I removed more before it dried.

Once the silicone dried, I mixed the concrete into a peanut butter consistency and then formed the concrete into a mold with my hands. I also added wire mesh to reinforce the concrete table.

How To Make A Fire Table

I made sure to move the mold up and down a few times and ran a sander around the sides to knock out some air bubbles before covering the concrete with plastic and letting it dry for a few days.

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While the concrete was drying, I started building the foundation. I started putting the legs together. I used (2) 2 x 4 boards for each leg and attached them with wood glue and decking screws.

How To Make A Fire Table

Then I attached two short stretchers (top and bottom) between each full leg with wood screws and glue and then similarly attached both short sides to the long stretcher.

Once the base was assembled, I added my decorative wood slats to the exterior using wood glue and tack. I used scrap wood as a spacer between each plank.

How To Make A Fire Table

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When the base of the table was dry, I shaped the concrete slab and smoothed the edges by hand. I then sealed the concrete.

The last step was to assemble the table and insert the pan into the opening. You can even drill drainage holes in the pan for easy cleaning! A gas fire pit gives you the opportunity to express your creativity. Check out the easy options for building your own gas firebox.

How To Make A Fire Table

Lush waterfall greenery surrounds a gas fire pit with a large outdoor coffee table for comfortable seating for five.

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An outdoor gas fire pit can blow flames, shift and flicker, all with the flip of a switch. There’s no wood to collect, no storage required and you’ll enjoy the same warm atmosphere that a wood-burning fire provides. DIY propane fire pits can be installed in a snap if you purchase a ready-made fire pit or other design that requires only minimal assembly. Get information on building an outdoor gas fire pit, including practical tips.

How To Make A Fire Table

Before you focus on learning how to build a gas fire pit, consider the most basic fire safety issues. Make sure your site is well away from flammable surfaces. Although gas flames do not produce flying sparks or amber, heat production must be considered. A gas fire pit can melt vinyl siding if placed too close to it. Always check local restrictions on open flames on private property.

You can run a gas fire pit with propane or natural gas. Most fire pit kits can be converted from one gas source to another, but be sure before you buy. A propane fire pit offers the option of portability when refueling from a small propane tank. This means you can easily move the fire pit from a patio, to a backyard, to a campsite. Connecting a gas fire pit to your home’s natural gas line requires a permanent fire pit structure, but it pays off in the long run by producing a more economical fire than propane.

How To Make A Fire Table

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The easiest way to build a gas fire pit is to purchase a ready-made drop-in fire pit kit. Kits are usually bowl shaped and ready to install in your fire pit of choice. You have to build a fence, which can be as simple as cinder blocks, cinder blocks, or concrete pavers.

You can also order powder coated steel frames that come with a gas fire pit kit. You buy concrete boards and screw in the frame and finish with mortar and stone, brick or tile. Next comes the installation of the burner, followed by the filling material, such as lava rock or refractory glass. The result is quite absurd. You can also buy unfinished frames in curved shapes. This is a good option for the average DIYer that allows you to customize the finishing touches.

How To Make A Fire Table

Another quick outdoor gas fire pit ready is the propane fueled fire pit. These kits just need to be connected to a propane tank like a gas grill.

Backyard Ideas Diy Fire Pit Cover • Keeping It Simple

With gas fire pots, the burner pan is optional, but it really helps to support the burner and the material used to cover the burner. Choose a heat-resistant material to cover the burner, such as lava stone or refractory glass. When using fire glass, you can choose different colors and sizes to create a truly personalized experience. Fire glass absorbs and releases heat, actually producing more heat than lava rock.

How To Make A Fire Table

Do not use river stone or ordinary stone inside a gas fireplace, where it will be exposed to the intense heat of the flames. If these rocks contain water, enough heat can turn the water into steam, causing the rocks to explode.

With a short list of materials and just a few hours, you can easily create an inviting fire pit that will quickly become your new favorite backyard spot.

How To Make A Fire Table

How To Make A Diy Tabletop Fire Bowl

Otherwise, it will be trashed in the treasury outside. Start with a discarded washer drum, which you can pick up at an appliance repair shop or junk yard.

We built a fire pit in the ground, then decorated it with colored river rocks and sand to give it a mandala-inspired look. There isn’t always room for a campfire in the garden, so we’ve created a mini fire pit, small enough to fit on a small patio table, but still perfect for roasting marshmallows and enjoying your evening. is suitable Some light!

How To Make A Fire Table

A note on ShapeCrete: For this project we had the opportunity to partner with two different companies to use their products. Sakrete is a brand we have been cooperating with for a long time as a supplier of concrete, sand and masonry products. ShapeCrate is their newest product, designed specifically for projects. It is very strong and very bad, so we must try. (and the U.S

Crestone Gas Fire Pit Table

Dunn Lumber does not stock shape crates in the store, but we can custom order them. Contact one of our nine Dune Lumber locations for more information and make an appointment to order this great new product. (You may be able to find ShapeCrete at other retailers.)

How To Make A Fire Table

If you want more information about the ShapeCrete product itself and how to use it, check out their website. It is full of great inspiration and instructional videos.

You can mix ShapeCrete in two ways. We tried both and found that the first method produced a smooth finish while the second method resulted in a rough finish. Both were lovely! Then, start by assembling your ShapeCrete in one of the following ways:

How To Make A Fire Table

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The first option creates a very smooth surface on the outside of the bowl, the second has a more natural, rough texture.

Cover your project with a piece of plastic and let it dry. Be sure to follow all directions on the bucket for mixing, application and drying time.

How To Make A Fire Table

When the cement dries, remove it from the pot. You’ll be glad you used cooking oil to coat the bowls so the concrete slides off the plastic easily!

This Cozy Mini Fire Pit Is The Perfect Fall Addition To Any Room

For the lava rock and crystal on this project, we partnered with local Seattle firm Sutterholm & Hearth. Located in Ballard, Sutter has been around for over 35 years. He values ​​customer service and strives to provide expert advice and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Be sure to check out their website!

How To Make A Fire Table

After purchasing the lava rock and/or crystals of your choice, fill the bottom of the concrete pot with a layer of lava rock. It is important to use fire-resistant stone and glass that will not crack when exposed to heat.

Note: The shape is not curt.

How To Make A Fire Table

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