Holding FF Certificate, Essential Equipment for Tournament


Did you know that many people download FF certificates raw on the net for tournament purposes? A Free Fire tournament is not complete without a certificate for the champions.

The FF certificate can be a marker of your ability to play Free Fire as a popular sport in the world. Many people have played it so many parties have created tournaments to accommodate public interest.

FF tournaments are usually followed by professional e-game teams consisting of reliable players. The skills of the players have been honed very well so that the chances of winning the tournament are quite large.

If you want to get a certificate yourself, you don’t have to take part in a big tournament. You can make it yourself with your closest friends and then download the raw certificate on the net.

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Free Fire, Popular Game from Garena
popular games loose hearth
Before entering into the discussion of raw FF certificates, you should first get acquainted with Free Fire. Indeed, many people already know the name. But it seems that only a few people know the full information.

Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio and then released by Garena. The game can be accessed via both Android and iOS.

When 2019, FF occupies a high position as the most downloaded phone game. Indonesia itself is also not left behind in getting to know FF. You must also often see the people of the country playing it in various places.

This game starts with the player who is on the plane, later the player must free fall and can decide when to jump. Next, players need to find a variety of weapons and medical devices in the game.

Weapons are useful in fighting against other players and survival. Sometimes, FF will send an airdrop in the form of a large box with a variety of weapons in it. For example, bullet-proof vests, helmets, Groza, M79, machine guns and so on.

When an airdrop is dropped, a special mark is given. Namely a vertical or straight line from the sky with a yellow glow. When you see the sign, you can approach and take the desired object.

In addition to providing benefits through airdrops, Free Fire also provides challenges by sending danger zones. Danger zones are marked in red on the map. Generally there will be an explosion in the danger zone.

Therefore, players need to avoid the danger zone. Players do need to move around, not stay in one zone. If players continue to be in their comfort zone, of course the adrenaline will not increase.

Getting to Know the Ins and Outs of Holding FF Certificates
raw certificate ff
Example of a Free Fire Ministerial Certificate (photo: teknoalat.Com)
Free Fire provides features that can be used when you want to create a tournament. Players can create non-public rooms that are protected with a password. You can use the personal room feature to hold tournaments.

The tournament doesn’t have to be big. You can hold small tournaments, for example, for events at warkop, cafes, and so on. The prize doesn’t have to be big either. But don’t ignore the certificates for the champions.

To provide the certificate is not at all difficult. It’s enough to download the raw FF certificate over the internet and edit it a bit through an app like PixelLab.

Withholding this certificate is indeed in the form of a blank format that can be used to mark the ability of FF players. You can also call it a sign of the prestige of the players.

Why can a certificate be a sign of prestige? Because, the more certificates a player has from the tournament, the wider his experience. So that the name of the related player will be better known by many people.

Of course, a popular name is a matter of pride. A player who still has no experience, of course, will be underestimated a lot. Even though you have played FF for a long time but have never participated in a tournament, you will definitely be underestimated.

The certificate serves to increase the prestige of the related game player. Therefore, if you want to host a tournament, don’t underestimate the role of certificates.

Especially now that you don’t need to make your own design with a guide. Just take advantage of the FF certificate raw reports that are widely spread on the net. Just choose the desired design, download and edit as you wish.

These files are usually also available for free. So you don’t have to think about the cost of ordering a custom design. Generally only need to edit the text.

FF Certificate Retaining Download Guide

Free Fire certificate raw files are now very easy to obtain. You will find many sites that offer these documents for free and can be edited freely. This is how to download it.

Keyword Typing
The first step is to type the FF certificate raw keyword in the browser search page. You can also try other similar word combinations. If so, just choose a site that offers certificate records.

Find File Download Link
Look for the certificate download link available on the related internet site. Sometimes, one website offers multiple certificate designs. So you can first choose which design you want.

Click Download
The next step is to simply click the Download button. Don’t forget to make sure the internet network is smooth so that the download process is not interrupted in the middle of the road. You know for yourself that if the signal is bad, the download process will be disrupted.

Wait for the Process
Wait until the download process is complete. Usually it doesn’t take long especially if the net network is strong and smooth. Check on the phone storage whether the document has been successfully downloaded.

For this raw report, sometimes the format is not the same. There are websites that offer PLP, ZIP, RAR, to PNG formats. You can choose which format is easier to edit or adapt to an editing application.

Important Points in FF Certificate Holding Edit
FF certificate is a document that shows evidence of someone’s achievement in a Free Fire tournament. This document needs to contain some important points as below.

Certificate Description
The main point that must exist, of course, is the certificate writing. Of course to indicate the type of related documents. Usually this text is located in the middle of the document with the largest font size.

Name of Participant or Champion Team
The next important point is the name of the participant or team that won the tournament. Don’t make a mistake in writing the names of participants or teams. Because, if only one letter later need to edit again.

When editing the FF certificate raw, don’t forget to include a brief and clear description that shows information about the related gaming tournament. For example, when organizing a tournament to commemorate the community’s birthday.

This description can contain a thank you for participating in the FF tournament which commemorates the anniversary. Just enter important information. No need to explain the event too elemental.

You must know that an official document definitely contains a signature? For this FF certificate, it is necessary to contain approval from the tournament organizing committee. So it is necessary to enter the name of the committee and also their signature.

Don’t forget to include the organizer’s emblem too. Usually also listed parties who support the running of the tournament. For example, the associate or sponsor.

So, it’s not just a Free Fire emblem. For example, if there are many supporting parties, you can see references to the right and beautiful brand placement on the net.

FF Certificate Holding Edit Guide on PixelLab
Edit Hold FF Certificate in PixelLab
When creating a manual design, generally use software on a PC such as Coreldraw or Photoshop. However, it is different when editing a design file that is already available on the net. Simply use the application on the cellphone.

Download PixelLab
The first step that needs to be done is to download PixelLab to your cellphone. Also do the installation process until it works. Don’t forget to stay connected to the net when opening PixelLab.

Open PixelLab
The next step is to open PixelLab that is already installed on the phone and click on the three-dot icon at the top of the screen. Then, take the Open PLP File option.

Open File
You need to click the PLP menu then look for the FF certificate raw document that has been downloaded to the smartphone. So you first download the related document and then open it in the PixelLab application.

The main step in this academic is to make edits. You can change the logo or image in the file. Then change or add text. The point is free to edit like anything.

Adding Text
If you want to add text to the FF certificate raw, then press the pencil icon. Then first delete the previous text and create a new text through the Ok option. Please make the text according to your wishes or needs.

Add Logo
The method is similar to adding text. First, delete the brand that you want to replace. Then, press the icon to insert a new logo into the certificate design. Please take the brand from the gallery then press the check option and adjust the size of the logo.

Make sure you check all the parts first before saving the document. How to store it is fairly easy. Just hit the Save as Project icon. It’s at the top of the screen.

How to Edit Hold FF Certificate on Picsart
FF Certificate on Picsart
Another recommended application for editing certificates is to use Picasart. Picsart can also be installed on a cellphone. So, editing activities will run more practically.

Download Picsart
The first step starts with downloading and installing Picsart to your phone. Previously, you can first check whether cellphone storage is still available. If it is full, first delete some records that are considered unimportant.

Preparing Materials
The next step is to prepare the materials needed in the certificate editing process. For example, FF history, raw frames, brands and so on. Make sure the phone is always connected to the net.

Open Picsart
Continue by opening Picsart which has been successfully installed on your device to do the raw editing process of the FF certificate. Similar to PixelLab, on Picsart you are also free to edit designs.

You can start editing by inserting a background. To do this, click the icon. Then, press the Free Fire background in a size of 1560 × 1080. You can scroll the cursor to the side and then press the image menu.

Please make a layer on the black square image. You can set the layer size. Then it can be added with a frame or border by pressing Add Image.

Next, select the frame record that you downloaded on your smartphone. Don’t forget to align left and right. Please insert the frame freely without any rules regarding the frame design.

Insert Logo
Don’t forget to insert the logo when editing the FF certificate raw. Please enter the Free Fire brand and the e Sport brand team that managed to become the champion in the tournament. Also add the tournament organizers.

If everything is in order, starting from the background, emblem and text, it can be ended by saving the report. The trick is to click the Save or Save option.

Free Fire is a popular conflict royale sport in the world, including Indonesia. Many parties then organize tournaments. You can also create tournaments by editing the raw FF certificate as one of the equipment.

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