How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot


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We love the convenience of coffee machines – all you have to do is slide one in and press start. That’s why we were surprised when we found this Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker ($99, originally $180) on Cyber ​​Monday. A 45 percent discount is pretty impressive.

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

You can use any K-Cup container with this machine to brew coffee or make delicious lattes and cappuccinos. It also has its own milk.

Keurig K Mini Plus Black Single Serve Coffee Maker In The Single Serve Coffee Makers Department At

“I’m already in love with this machine.” The customer wrote. “Makes an amazing latte. We’ve been waiting for Keurig to come out with this. We have an espresso machine, but we never use it because it’s such a pain to make anything. It makes a latte so easy and clean. . It’s a breeze with this new machine. It makes just as good coffee as you’d think.”

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

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How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

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How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

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How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

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How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

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How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

I’ve taken it for granted that I’ll never be one of those coffee lovers who brings in one premium bean, grinds it at home, and does the exact math to determine the perfect water temperature and perfect brew volume. But I enjoy it at least twice a day in a nice cup. I like to keep the process as simple as possible, which is why I consider the Keurig machine a life-changer in my daily Java routine.

Keurig Coffee Maker Problems: A Trouble Shooting Guide

The best part about using the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Coffee Maker is that…

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

For unfamiliar concepts, Keurigs are affordable coffee machines that emerged in the 90s as a strong competitor to Nespresso. But while Nespresso offers fewer models divided into two lines (Virtuo and Original), Keurig has introduced more than 80 different models that offer something for everyone. The brand offers over 200 flavors of K-cups, which are also relatively cheap (K-cup pods start at $0.35, compared to Nespresso’s price of $0.75 per capsule).

Keurig coffee machines couldn’t be easier to use: just pop the pre-measured pod into the machine, fill the tank with water, and then press a few buttons to choose your drink either hot or cold. (such as coffee, tea or cocoa). Mine has kept me driving 20 minutes and ordering a $6 coffee at the local Starbucks twice a day for years. I believe this is the ultimate budget-friendly and time-saving way to get your daily caffeine fix.

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

Keurig K Duo Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker 12 K Cups

That said, not all Keurigs are created equal. My first Keurig, an $80 K-mini, single-serve coffee maker, made perfectly good coffee and was incredibly easy to use, but there was no way to adjust the temperature of the brew, so I constantly had to let my brew sit for several minutes. to cool And while this machine supports all K-Cup varieties, it also does not offer a choice of cup size or coffee strength. When I first heard about the new Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Coffee Maker, I was intrigued by the extra features it offered, especially the temperature control. After using it every day for about four months, I can say that it has officially become a permanent fixture in my home.

Works with over 200 K-Cup pod types to identify beverage type (including pods from 75 beverage brands like Starbucks, Dunkin’, Newman, and Peet’s Coffee)

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

Size: 12.4″ long (16.9″ open) x 8.3″ wide x 12.4″ high | Reservoir Capacity: 78 oz Bald sizes available: 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches Keurig Mobile App: Available for iPhone and Android-based smartphones Key Features: Supports beverage customization, BrewID technology and many other technologies, Keurig offers a smart auto-delivery option, is compatible with over 200 K-Cup pod varieties

Keurig K Duo Black Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Compared to my old, cheap Keurig coffee maker, this new coffee maker offers a lot of features that I really appreciate. First, the K-Supreme coffee machine is smart, so you can connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and control it remotely with your phone. Once you have raised it – make sure there is enough water in the tank by inserting the K-Cup folder and placing the mug under the outlet – you can move it with a few taps on the screen or a voice command on your smartphone. I like to start brewing K-Supreme in my upstairs office, so by the time I get down to the kitchen, the brew is almost done in 90 seconds.

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

The display and control on the K-Supreme Plus Smart Smart is very easy to use and intuitive… [+]

Another great feature of this machine is the BrewID, which indicates the type of coffee or beverage in the K-Cup as it is inserted into the machine. It then automatically optimizes the settings for that particular batch. One of the main settings that it controls is the multistream technology machine, which controls the flow of water to evenly saturate the contents of the cup. Excited by these new features, I noticed that using the same K-Bald in my previous model consistently produces better tasting and aromatic cups of coffee. Plus, it’s easy to adjust the strength of each drink to your personal taste with a few taps (on the machine or in the app), a feature that most other Keurig machines don’t offer.

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

Keurig K Supreme Coffee Maker With 48 K Cups And My K Cup

As for the drink sizes, the K-Supreme Plus Smart supports five different options. Overall, this is more, but it should be noted that there is only six inches of height between the drip tray and the scale, so most beetles are not suitable for travel. But when I plan to make my coffee on the go, I usually use a 10-ounce Yeti Rambler that slides to the right. Of course, you always have the option of mixing in a regular mug of coffee and then pulling it. Pour it into your favorite travel mug.

One small downside, the coffee factor here is pretty heavy. In addition to these functions, it heats water very quickly and works quietly. And while the K-Supremi Plus Smart requires additional initial setup to connect to your home network and smartphone, I found it easier and more intuitive to use than the old device during the day, thanks to the well-labeled controls. today

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

Insert any genuine K-Cup into the K-Supreme Plus Smart and the built-in BrewID function… [+] automatically detects the type of drink you want.

You Can Get A Single Serve Keurig For Just $35 During Walmart’s Black Friday Sale

The display on the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart provides clear instructions for using the machine as well as information on which functions and features are activated. All the controls directly below the screen are well labeled and intuitive; They can be easily controlled through the app.

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

The display and controls are part of the lid that lifts up to insert into each box and instantly reveals the entire Keurig K-cup machine inside. You can then choose optimized settings for that variety of K-Calc on the screen or customize it using your controller or mobile app.

In terms of design, the biggest improvement over the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart and my old coffee maker is that the water tank is pitcher-shaped and removable. This makes it easier to fill a bottle or jar.

How Much Is A Keurig Coffee Pot

K Supreme® Single Serve Coffee Maker

Remember that the water tank holds 72 ounces, the K-Supreme Plus Smart is a single cup brewer. So, if you need to make one cup after another of coffee (for yourself and someone).

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