How to Buy Credit and Electricity Tokens on the Neobank BNC Application Easily

how to buy credit at bnc

Until now, Neobank continues to develop into a digital bank with the largest number of users. This is inseparable from the features and services offered. Interestingly, recently Neobank has a feature to buy credit, data packages, and electricity tokens.

This feature is located in the Credit & Billing menu on the main page of the application. So, users who want to buy credit or electricity tokens, don’t need to use other applications or go to the cellphone counter.

Of course, this breakthrough is very new, considering that no other digital bank offers this kind of feature. Moreover, the price offered is not much different from the e-wallet application or even cheaper than the cellphone counter.

Neobank Credit and Billing Features

Neobank users must already know that there are many features available. In addition to Credit & Bills, BNC also offers features for Deposits, VA Payments, Neo Send (to send money), to Invite Friends via the Neo Bank referral code.

A little review about the Credit & Billing feature. Overall this feature is quite interesting for me. Not only because of the many transaction options, the prices offered are also very affordable, not much different from e-wallet.

Moreover, the process is also quite fast. It only takes no more than 1 minute, we can use pulses and tokens.

In addition to credit and tokens, this feature also includes several services, including:

  • Prepaid and Postpaid Credit
  • PLN tokens
  • PLN Bill
  • PDAM
  • Game Vouchers
  • TV & Cable Internet
  • Data Package
  • Top Up WiFi.ID
  • BPJS

Yes, even though it looks anti-mainstream for digital bank applications that offer products other than finance. However, this should be appreciated considering that no other digital bank (as far as I know) has provided a feature like this.

How to Buy Credit at BNC (Neobank)

Like buying credit in general, the steps in the Neobank application are not much different. To be clear, see how to buy credit at BNC or Neo Bank below:
  • First open the Neobank app
  • On the main page, click menu Credit & Bills
  • Then select menu “Pulse”
  • At the top enter the destination cellphone number
  • Later the provider will automatically appear
  • Next select the credit nominal
  • Starting from 5,000, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 50,000, and 100,000
  • After that, transaction information will appear
  • If it is correct, click the button “Payment confirmation”
  • Finally, select an account, click Payand enter Neobank PIN

As soon as the PIN is entered, your credit will be entered automatically. But, to prevent the operator’s credit being sucked up, make sure you don’t turn on internet data. Try checking pulse first.

How to Buy Electricity Tokens at Neobank

  • Enter menu Credit & Bills
  • After that, click menu “PLN tokens”
  • At the top enter No. Your meter or token number
  • Then select the nominal
  • There are 15,000, 25,000, 50,000, 75,000, 100,000, and 200,000
  • After that check the transaction information
  • If it is correct, click Payment confirmation
  • Finally, click Pay put in Neo PIN

Later, the Storm Token number will appear in the application when the transaction is complete. Then you just enter the token number into the electricity meter.

Please note, pulses or tokens purchased at BNC will be automatically activated and appear through application notifications. Based on my experience, it usually takes no more than 1 minute for your transaction to be processed.

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