How to Change Name on PUBG Mobile for Free, Follow These Easy Steps!

How to Change Name on PUBG Mobile

How to Change PUBG Mobile Nickname – As the game with the most players, PUBG is one of the best battle royale games in the world. In addition to the exciting gameplay, players are also allowed to change names.

So if you previously created an account with a random nickname, when you join a clan you can change the name in line with the squad in the clan. Of course, this includes a feature that is quite profitable.

But unfortunately, even though the release date of this game is long, there are still many players who don’t know how to change their name on PUBG Mobile. Well, for that this time the admin will explain the steps. Listen, yes!

How to Change Name on PUBG Mobile

As the initial explanation, changing the name in PUBG Mobile can’t be as we like. Because in this game there is an item called ID Card or Rename Card. This item serves as a “ticket” for updating the account name.

The Rename Card itself can be obtained by completing daily missions, Royale Pass, or buying it in the Shop using UC.

But calm down, in this article the admin will explain how to change the name on PUBG Mobile for free without UC. That way you don’t have to spend money to top up UC. Check out the guide below.

  • First open the PUBG Mobile game on your cellphone
  • If you have entered the Lobby, click the menu “Inventory” or “Inventory”

  • Then click the cardboard box (check the picture)

  • Then you look for the item that says “ID”
  • Later when you click on the name “Rename Card”
  • Next click “Use” or “Use”

  • Then the “Name Change” option will appear.

  • Enter the new name in the column provided
  • Finally, click “OK”

Until this stage, how to change the nickname in PUBG Mobile has been completed. Your account name will automatically change. To find out, please go to the Profile menu.

Besides that, you can also check when playing, you will definitely see a new name in the top left bar or after eliminating enemies.

Well, by changing the PUBG nickname above, you might become more confident and start getting serious when playing Solo or Squad.

Can You Change PUBG Name Without ID Card?

Although it is very easy, unfortunately changing the PUBG Mobile nickname without an ID Card cannot be done. You still have to use the card that says “ID” that you get from completing missions.

PUBG provides this condition so that players don’t change account names too often. The reason is, if the name or nickname is always changing, PUBG will have difficulty monitoring match statistics.

This also applies to all battle royale games, Free Fire, Farlight 84, to CODM also have ID/Rename Card requirements for players who want to change account names

But actually how to change the name in PUBG Mobile is not difficult. Because the ID Card itself is very easy to get, as long as you often play in Classic mode, Arena, or complete missions.


Battle royale themed games are very popular right now. Even on various social media, such as Facebook to TikTok, many users live stream playing PUBGM and other games.

So, how about you, how long have you been playing PUBG? If the admin is about 1 year, but yes, the skill is still stale. Okay, here’s the article on how to change the name on PUBG Mobile for free that the admin can share. Good luck!

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