How To Change To Led Headlights


How To Change To Led Headlights – As vehicles go electric, power consumption increases. LED Lighting Technology Design reduces energy consumption, extends the life cycle, and offers design freedom and total control. It is now used in automotive applications, including lighting and interior lighting. The TDK Group offers a wide range of power supplies for the use of LED drivers designed for a variety of systems, including step-up, step-down, and step-down types.

Permanent circuits are required to control LEDs. DC-DC converters are important for providing stable voltage from variable battery power. The DC-DC converters used (LED driver) are divided into step-up type, step-down type, and step-up / step-down types depending on the number of lights and the system selected. If the battery voltage drops to 6 V, the forward voltage of the white LED is only 3.5 V, and a step-down converter is used. When two to four lights are connected in series, a step-up-down type is used. When five or more LEDs are connected in series, step-up mode is used. In a multi-function system including headlights, daytime running lights, and turn signals these circuits are used together.

How To Change To Led Headlights

How To Change To Led Headlights

In general, high-end lamps use a variable light distribution function to change the width and change the brightness.

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To vary the brightness and range of light, different lamps are used. The brightness of each LED is adjusted to achieve the brightness and width of the light. Figure 1 shows the basic circuit structure. The battery voltage is increased to 40 – 60V and the buck converter supplies power to the LED.

How To Change To Led Headlights

Several LEDs are connected in series and parallel to the back of the inverter (Figure 2). The current flowing through each LED is adjusted independently to turn on the light, and in extreme cases, only one LED is lit, sending a voltage of about 60 V to the generator. output of the converter. As a result, when used in this application, the conductivity is better (for example 100 μH). The smoothing capacitor used with the pre-amplifier converter is required to withstand sudden changes in current to quickly change the exposure range. Typically, the required capacitance range for this smooth capacitor is 1µF to 10µF for a 100 V resistance voltage.

Figure 2. An example of a circuit in the case of several LEDs connected in series and in parallel.

How To Change To Led Headlights

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Single-phase lamps use a single inverter with a step-down/step-down or step-up driver. It is used for car exterior lighting, interior lighting, infotainment systems, etc. Multi-beam models use two converters, a step-up circuit in front and a step-down or constant current circuit in the back. . In car exterior lighting, for headlights, this structure is used to switch between high and low beams. Daytime running lights (DRL) can also be added. Early lighting systems also used two converters, a step-up circuit at the end and a step-down or continuous circuit at the rear. Used for LED lights, including headlights, DRLs, turn signals, etc.

One type of light bulb works normally and is used to switch between high and low beams. In this case, a step-up converter (booster) around 15 W to 30 W is used. Below is a circuit diagram. The output voltage is determined by the number of LEDs in series and is between 20 V and 30 V. In the case of increased path, the transfer loss is greater to fall event, and will increase. the hard way. A common frequency range is between 200 and 400 kHz.

How To Change To Led Headlights

Low power systems including DRLs, interior lights, tail lights, and turn signals use a current circuit or a step-up or step-down circuit. The stepper/step circuit used in LED circuits usually uses a SEPIC circuit.

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Figure 4 is an example of a SEPIC circuit. Two inputs (L1 and L2) and a DC cut-off capacitor (C1) are used. The output is controlled in the same way as a step-up-down converter and is determined using the following formula. In the case of a step-up-down converter (group B), the input and output polarities are reversed, but in the case of a SEPIC circuit, the polarities are the same. The basic connection model is shown below, and the output voltage is equal to the input voltage of the capacitor (C1).

How To Change To Led Headlights

Based on the above connection example, the voltages applied to L1 and L2 (VL1 and VL2) are the same and can be used in a dual circuit assembly with a winding ratio of 1:1 (Circuit C). In cases where a double coil is used, the load on the core is doubled compared to when a single coil is used, an inductor with low core loss and DC superposition is required. The B82477D * series of TDK inductor products is ideal. These products use low loss materials in the core DR and control the heat generation area.

This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Please visit our policy and cookies. When driving at night, it is important that you stay bright enough to see everything in front of you. This depends on how bright your vehicle’s headlights are.

How To Change To Led Headlights

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The lighter, the safer and easier your driving. However, if your vehicle is not a luxury model, the headlight should be a standard halogen or bulb. LED car lights are now available as DIY kits, allowing you to replace existing lights. Before that, you need to know how to install light bulbs.

LED is short form of Light-Emitting Diode. LED lights are lights that use LED light. LED lights have a long service life and good lighting. Some chips can produce more than 300 lumens per watt.

How To Change To Led Headlights

It produces light electronically, unlike the wires or electric cables used in other lighting devices. Therefore, bright light appears. Although the initial cost is high, but in the long run it is very economical. In addition, you get 90% more light compared to standard light bulbs.

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The flashlight kit comes with step-by-step installation instructions. Minimal tools are required for installation, and you don’t need to have any previous installation experience. So, you can “do it yourself” if you really dare. For example, you can take a light bulb package to a machine and make it for you. The third option is that you can ask one of your friends or family members who have had previous installation experience.

How To Change To Led Headlights

If you decide to do it yourself, the following steps, if you follow them carefully, will complete the installation with the best result. You should note that the lighting needs to be improved. A bright light can be a great accessory to enhance your vehicle. By improving the lighting, you won’t suffer from the fading and heat damage associated with incandescent light bulbs.

You have to choose one of two types of LED; Single beam or double beam headlights. Single beam bulbs are used for high beam or low beam. Each single light bulb is powered by two bulbs. If possible, aim for low beam and high beam; You will need two single beam LED kits. The new lights must fit into your existing light fixture.

How To Change To Led Headlights

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Park your car about 20 feet from your garage, with your lights on. Mark your light beams, on the wall and tape. Your light bulb kit contains two bulbs, wires, two bulbs and an assortment of plugs.

Be careful to protect the pump and cables from damage. You can use a screw, self adhesive or double sided tape to hold the bar.

How To Change To Led Headlights

By opening your hood, remove the lights, but be very careful when removing them. Locate the back of the bulb and remove the wire connector attached to the flat tail.

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Open the light connector, slowly, and release. If you find a metal socket in the light assembly that is attached to the power wire, press down on the end of the wire and open the wire. Now you can slide the lamp down and out of its housing.

How To Change To Led Headlights

To protect yourself and the gloves, wear clean cotton gloves, use a clean cloth or rubber gloves. Make sure that no fingerprints get on the bulbs. Do not exert too much force when twisting your lamp and avoid using tools to assist.

Connect one end of the boot connector to the end of the programmer and the other end to your vehicle’s original wiring. Make sure the two plugs are in place on both sides, and pull gently after the connection

How To Change To Led Headlights

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Place the buckle securely

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