How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter


How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter – It’s been a while since I’ve had the Roomba i7 out, so maybe it’s time for another Roomba release! This week, I’ll be diving into a “clean base” with a large vacuum base that automates most of the cleaning tasks and removes dust from the container. In addition, this foundation sits better on the carpet than a regular dock – what’s in it? A little!

Unfortunately, this demolition is not just demolition. This is a postmortem on how important it really is not to get your Roomba wet, because if the clean base soaks up water, it can completely destroy the control board. Of course, it cannot be taken separately.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

Most people today are familiar with the concept of a Roomba, if not the actual implementation. A small robot vacuum cleaner that moves around your home (according to the model, “intelligent” and “dives into things and goes the other way”), picks up dirt and deposits the dirt in a small tank.

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Then, when Tenser’s Rolling Disk is placed on the charger or back (depending on the model), you clean the basket, remove the hair from the rollers, and try again.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

The obvious problem with this process is that you have to empty the bucket regularly. This detracts from some of Roomba’s convenience. Also, if you have a particularly messy house (pets, small children, lots of dust), the bin can easily fill up during cleaning, and Roomba will either try to dump more dirt into the full bucket or make you empty the cart halfway through. cycle..

IRobot solved this problem perfectly by making a big vacuum to empty a small vacuum! The clean base has a 1000W vacuum motor (now I know how powerful that is) and another small bag vacuums the Roomba.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

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In effect, they have also created another consumer who can buy regularly. The bags are officially non-recyclable and if you are creative you can reuse them several times, they have a filter mechanism and are not easy to clean.

Waterproof In fact, it’s not even slightly waterproof. If the Roomba soaks water (which it happily will if it runs through water on the floor) and the clean tank spills water out of the Roomba tank, the clean base will fail very quickly. The water flows into the clean base bag, passes through the bag, through the open motor housing, and down the base board, completely frying the board. We’ll get there, but if you think your sheer foundation has turned watery, switch it off

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

. Mine would have survived if I had done that and cleaned it, but I realized that the problem was the empty engine randomly starting (and continuing), combined with the strange smell of a burnt circuit board… well, this is mostly a bunch. of rubbish. At least I can get a blog post out of it.

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A clean base is a beautiful home appliance. Stand close to the wall and turn on. Instead of the small charging plate of a standard Roomba charger, there is a large plate for Roomba to roll and an opening on the back to empty the container. The bag lives up and is a well built mechanism.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

If you don’t have a clean base, you might be wondering how Roomba vacuums the dirt, since there’s no obvious way to vacuum the lid (unless it’s a standard i7). The trick is that the clear base comes with another container – there’s a hole in the bottom to empty! There is a small wheel on the back of this container that helps guide the container over me and onto my baking tray (I don’t know why it has a wheel). The port at the bottom of the container lines up with the drain holes in the bottom and all the dirt is sucked out. This process also does a decent job of removing dust from the pre-filter, although you should clean Roomba’s main filter regularly.

It is the main opening on the clean base and the only top cover with which you have constant contact. It’s where you put the vacuum bags and the leftovers from the Roomba finally end up after a busy trip.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

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Inside there is a chamber for an empty bag. The motor is on the bottom with a filter on top (usually holds large rocks). On the left side, the bag is placed on the guides. When you close the lid, this screw pushes the vacuum hole into the bag, pushing the anchor. When you open the lid, it retracts and the bag pops out! If you see the bag sticking, check the position of the lever, but I can’t imagine it’s actually stuck – the spring is too strong.

A large plate underneath provides a stable base for the device. Roomba is released from a hole in the base. As far as I know, the connection is only made through the IR transparent black plastic flashing area. I found no evidence that anything is sending a signal to the charging panels. There’s a clear connection from the charging station to the robot, but I’m not sure how far it goes other than “I’m here, let go.” Here’s what to find when you start charging. Although it looks like there are some IR receivers on the board, we’ll talk about that later.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

The drain hole in the base does not have a rubber seal, but it appears to be a tight fit for the Roomba waste. The dirt flows through a small opening under the base and into the bag.

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Below is the standard product label, a bunch of screws and a dirty track (can be removed if something gets stuck).

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

The product label has some interesting details. It’s an ADE-N1, don’t get wet (yes) and the power level doesn’t matter. 120V at 12A is 1440W, not 1200W. I don’t know what it really draws (it seems a bit broken at the moment), but it’s somewhere between 10-12A. The output voltage for Roomba is 20.5V (fairly standard for laptop charging) and the total charge is about 26 Tuesday.

The marketing name is Clean Base, but everything inside is about Advanced Dock. You will see this in the rest of the episodes.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

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It’s pretty easy to disassemble something like this without a manual: remove every screw you can find, then push/pull until something moves or breaks. Repeat until done, with as few items as possible. Remember that everything like this is made for cheap construction, and apart from a few clips, it will come apart without heroic effort!

The easiest part to remove is the string plate. The power cord is coiled when needed for wall mounting. It works great – you can see the left/right results below, and the way the rope is twisted gives great flexibility in the length of the rope.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

Two screws come out, the plate comes out and… see why! Some communication port! It is undocumented of course, but it allows some interaction with the board after the device is installed. I think this is a very capable communication bus.

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The top of the vacuum door also comes off easily when working around the machine. It’s just a clip, so open it and try to open it – it’ll pop up!

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

At the bottom, the screws that hold the dirt track come out (non-removable screws – convenient!) and the dirt track comes out. As far as I know, this is the only part that is externally usable, and you can remove it to clean the gasket. The left side is gently curved to direct the objects up the vertical part of the vacuum path.

After some work, the lower part comes off. Most of the vertical vacuum duct is attached to the bottom and could move with some work, but I didn’t bother removing it.

How To Clean Roomba I7 Filter

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With the bottom removed, you can see the (gridded) circuit board as well as the metal clips that contact the charging panels on the Roomba. For reasons I can’t fathom, Roomba constantly destroys its chargers. Cleaning them helps a lot if you don’t know how to charge them. you

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