How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter


How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter – Is your Shark vacuum cleaner losing suction? Does it smell bad? One of the main reasons for the problem is that we sometimes neglect to clean the vacuum cleaner.

No need anymore! You don’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements. All you need is proper care.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

With a step-by-step guide on how to clean a Shark vacuum cleaner, your vacuum cleaner will be as efficient as ever again.

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A HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air) can work for two years without problems. However, if you feel that the efficiency is decreasing, you may want to clean or replace it sooner

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Basically, you need to remember to clean your Shark vacuum four times a year so that it can do its job well. Again, even with Google Calendar reminders, you might miss a date or two.

Fortunately, there are some signs from your Shark that tell you it’s time to vacuum. This includes:

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

How To Clean Your Dirty Vacuum!

The manufacturer boasts that the Shark vacuum cleaner never loses suction, so if yours is yours, you might want to check how dirty it is.

There are several Shark models on the market, and the removable parts can be located in different places. Therefore, you should consult your model-specific manual to find out where to find these components and how to remove them.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Start by unplugging your vacuum cleaner. Ideally, you should vacuum outside the house as there can be some build up on it. If possible, place a sheet or other cover under the vacuum to avoid a messy pile.

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As you remove the various components from your larger vacuum, remember how to put them back together. This will save you from wasting valuable time thinking about which parts to use.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Then remove the container from the unit and dispose of the waste in a waste bag. Soak the tube in soapy water and wash it with a microfiber cloth. Rinse with cold water and let dry.

If you reinstall the vacuum while one of the cleaned parts is still wet, mold can grow. This in turn can cause breathing problems and other allergic reactions

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

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Once you have removed the dirt container from the main part of your vacuum cleaner, you will find the filter. Depending on the model of your Shark vacuum cleaner, the filter may be made of foam rubber. Additional filters can be made from felt.

Dip the foam filter in soapy water and wash it clean. The filter will most likely look stained even after a good scrubbing. The important thing to remember is that they are clean.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Shark does not recommend washing felt filters as they are easily damaged. So, tap gently to loosen the dirt and clean it.

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If you choose to wash it, soak it in sudsy soapy water. However, wash lightly and thoroughly. Remember, you do this at your own risk.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Rinse the soap off the filter, spread it out and let it dry for at least 24 hours. If the filter is worn, this may be a sign that it is time to replace it. Make sure you buy a specific filter for your model.

Simply soak in soapy water and clean like any other filter. Compared to regular filters, HEPA filters may take longer to dry.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

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Rotating brushes take a toll on cleaning, and you’ll find that dirt sticks to them, such as hair, string, and other debris.

To clean your spinning brush, start by separating the floor mount from the handle. The floor mount on most models has a button at each end. Press this button to remove the brush head for better cleaning.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Use your scissors to cut away any dirt stuck to the brush. Then use your hands to gently remove any dirt, being careful not to damage the fur in the process.

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Use a soft brush to remove stubborn dirt or soak the brush in water and scrub thoroughly. Allow the brush to dry for at least 24 hours before reinserting it.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Check the tubing for any blockages that may prevent movement. Disconnect the hose from both ends. Carefully inspect the ends and the entire length of the hose.

If the vacuum hose is clogged, place it over a hot water faucet and turn it on. Close one end of the hose by hand, remove the hose from the pipe, close the other end. Shake the hose well.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

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Then mix baking powder and vinegar in a saucepan and pour into the hose. Like hot water, you should cover one end with your hand and the other end as well. Shake well for a few minutes.

Allow the mixture to drain and run hot water through the hose, followed by cold water. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar will help unclog clogged pipes and remove bad odors. Even warm water helps to loosen and remove dirt.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Lay the hose flat and let it dry. When it is completely dry, put it back on the device.

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After removing the hose from the connection, check the opening for blockage. Turn the floor nozzle upside down. Tap gently to dislodge dirt, then use an old toothbrush to remove it.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

The downspout hose attached to the motorized floor nozzle is a small hose that is often forgotten when cleaning. Remove and check for blockages. Check the opening for restrictions as well.

Clean in the same manner as the main hose and opening brush shown above for each.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

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The cleaning process is almost complete. Reassemble all parts, being careful to ensure that each component is completely dry. We cannot overemphasize this.

With everything intact, give it all a good vacuum and make sure the outside is as clean as the inside.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Does the smell of dog on your floor or other smells make you nervous? You can place a lightly scented tub in the vacuum before you inhale and inhale the fresh scent. Ground cinnamon or ground coffee beans have the same effect.

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If you think others smell a little too strong, try the Fresh Wave Vacuum Deodorizing Beads that will leave your home and your Shark vacuum smelling fresh.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

To remove the Shark vacuum filter, place the vacuum cleaner on its back and locate the two filters under the dust container. Press the filter release button to remove the filter housing. You will see two filters: one is foam and the other is felt.

To prevent your Shark vacuum from smelling like dog, empty the container regularly and keep it clean. Wash the filter or replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Another way to get rid of dog smell is to put in some fresher capsules, like these aroma capsules.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

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Your Shark Vacuum keeps getting clogged because you probably don’t clean it often. The filter gets dirty and blocks the air flow. When that happens, suction drops, affecting performance.

Your Shark Vacuum removes debris from a blockage in the system. If you leave the dust container filled to the max, the dust will be forced out of the vacuum as it has nowhere else to go.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

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Shark vacuum cleaners are popular on the market, and for good reason. This vacuum cleaner will work well, provided you clean it regularly.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

You should clean your Shark vacuum cleaner at least once a year or more often if you are a heavy user. Concentrate your efforts on cleaning the dust container, filter, brush roll and hose to maximize the vacuum cleaner’s performance. Also, be sure to wipe down the outside of the vacuum cleaner to keep the device at its best.

This guide goes through the different Shark vacuum components you need to clean regularly and the methods you can use.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

How To Clean Shark Vacuum?

It is important to clean your Shark vacuum thoroughly from time to time. This deep cleaning ensures that all parts work as efficiently as possible, giving you the best cleaning experience you could hope for.

It is beneficial to approach cleaning your Shark vacuum in a methodical manner. Doing so ensures that you cover all the most important parts and don’t miss anything.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

As your Shark vacuum picks up all the dirt, dust and other debris, it will deposit it all in the dust tube. It is the final resting place for all the dust, so it fills up quickly if you clean the dirty areas.

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Unfortunately, a bin full of debris will reduce the optimal airflow, causing your Shark vacuum cleaner to quickly lose its suction power. This is why the garbage can is definitely one of the most important parts for you to clean regularly.

How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filter

To clean the dust tube on your Shark vacuum cleaner, start by removing it from the appliance. Then empty all the dust into the dustbin

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