How to Delete Permanent and Temporary Twitter Accounts on HP and PC 2022


For Twitter users, especially the old generation of 2011 or 2012’s, sometimes there is a feeling of wanting to delete an account. Moreover, currently the content on Twitter tends to be “vulgar” even though there is also a lot of positive and useful information.

I myself am still at home playing Twitter. In addition to getting information that is not found on other social media, Twitter residents are sometimes quite able to relieve stress with their tweets.

Well, if you are already bored with social media with the blue bird logo, here are the steps you need to take to delete a permanent and temporary Twitter account, both on your cellphone and laptop.

Things to Know If Deleting a Twitter Account

Before deciding to delete a Twitter account, there are several things that must be considered. First, deleting an account makes the username (@yourname) and profile photo disappear from Twitter.

Then, within days of being deleted or deactivated, your name and account information will still be visible on search engines like Google and Bing.

All information will completely disappear, like a Thanos’ snap, after 30 days or so.

Once the account has been deleted, you cannot create a new account with the old username. So, before deciding to delete a Twitter account, you should think carefully, want to delete it temporarily or permanently.

How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently

After knowing what the rules are from Twitter regarding account deletion, then we go to the steps to delete a Twitter account. The method is quite simple, it can be done via a cellphone or laptop.

  • First open your Twitter account on your cellphone or laptop
  • Then click the small profile photo on the top left
  • Then select “Settings and privacy”

  • Click menu “Your Account”

  • After that scroll down and click “Disable” or “Deactivate”

  • Finally, enter the password and click the button again “Deactivate”

At this point your Twitter account has been deleted and is no longer searchable. However, this method is only temporary. As for how to permanently delete Twitter, you just have to wait up to 30 days and never log in again.

How to Delete a Twitter Account Forgotten Email and Password

So, is there a way to permanently delete a Twitter account that forgot your email and password? This problem is very complicated, because you need to attach personal data such as an ID card or driver’s license for verification.

But, if you really want to permanently delete your Twitter account, forget your email and password, here are the steps:

  • First open Twitter, preferably via a laptop or PC
  • Then login using a new Twitter account
  • Then go to the Search field and find the name of the account you want to delete
  • Then go to the account profile, click the three dots on the right
  • Then select Report or Report

  • After that select “They pretend to be me or someone else”

Then explain the problem in English, type “This is my old account, I want this to be deactivated because I forgot the email and password”

If so, click “Send report to Twitter”

Until this stage, how to permanently delete Twitter who forgot email and password has not been completed. You must attach personal data to Twitter as proof that you are the person who owns the account.

  • Please check the email linked to the new account
  • Search email from Twitter, and follow the given guide
  • Please upload your KTP or SIM
  • Finally, just follow the steps until it’s finished

If the photo ID has been sent, you just have to wait for a reply from Twitter that your old account has completely disappeared or is permanently deactivated.

As I explained earlier, if you forget your email or password, then how to delete a Twitter account is very complicated. There is no other way than uploading a photo of your KTP/SIM.

So those are a few things you can do if you’re looking for a permanent or temporary way to delete your Twitter account. If something is not clear, please write your problem in the comments column, OK! May be useful!

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