How To Fit Led Tube Light


How To Fit Led Tube Light – We offer high quality T5 and T8 LED tubes for offices, garages and other commercial lighting needs. Our tubes can replace or replace existing fluorescents and can come in almost any wattage. Browse our selection by length, wattage or Kelvin temperature.

Going to the LED tube market often depends on length, color, performance, etc. it can be very confusing due to the many different differences. This page provides a simple overview of LED tubes to help you determine the best option for your personal lighting needs.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

How To Fit Led Tube Light

There are different sizes of LED tubes depending on their length and diameter. When it comes to length, the most common type is 4-foot LED T8 tubes.

Ft Led Tube Light Installation

In terms of diameter, the most common tubes are T8 and T12 followed by T8 tubes. Here is a general breakdown of LED tubes based on diameter.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

It should be noted that T8 and T12 are often interchanged if compatible with existing ballast. We recommend checking the milliamps (mA) requirements of the ballast before installation.

When it comes to installation, it’s important to understand whether the tube has a ballast or is compatible with your existing lighting. If you are replacing existing fluorescent light bulbs, the LEDs will require some hardware rework and other special electrical work before they can be properly installed. In this section we will break down the difference between straight wire and plug-n-tubes and explain what the difference is.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

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Direct-wire LED tubes run on direct voltage from the sockets. In other words, it is built without an electrical ballast used to limit the current flowing through the tube.

Plug-n-play LED tubes, on the other hand, are equipped with internal ballasts that are compatible with existing fluorescent ballasts, without the need for rework or special electrical work.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

Type A – Type A tubes are plug-n-tubes and are usually suitable for ballasts; However, there are some exceptions, so it’s important to check product specifications and ballast compatibility before purchasing replacements for your fluorescent bulbs.

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Type B – Type B tubes are straight-wired lamps as opposed to electric ballasts. Ballast must be removed from fittings to install B-type pipes. In some cases, it may also be necessary to change the electrical outlets to ensure that the pipes are wired to receive power from direct voltage.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

Type A/B – Type A/B tubes are hybrids that can be ballasted or connected to direct current. It should be noted that not every type of A/B tube is compatible with every ballast, so it is important to check the product specifications before purchasing.

Another way to distinguish LED tubes is by color temperature, which is measured in Kelvin. Although the color temperature scale varies from 1000K to 10,000K, we will talk about the most common and practical color temperature for tube lighting.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

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3000K LED Tubes – 3000K is a warm white color that gives a relaxing feeling. These are usually suitable for waiting rooms, restaurants or places where providing a pleasant atmosphere is a priority.

4000K LED Tubes – 4000K is a natural white color and is popular for general purpose lighting and lighting in industrial areas such as workshops or warehouses. Considered the Goldilocks zone of color temperature, it is easy on the eye and ensures good visibility.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

5000K LED Tubes – Bright daylight color for applications with high visibility. This color temperature is the most popular choice for garages, warehouses, parking lots and other areas where lighting accuracy, safety and accuracy are priorities.

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The image below shows the difference in color temperature and gives an idea of ​​the appearance of each type of LED tube.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

LEDs use a fraction of the energy used by conventional lighting technologies such as fluorescent to produce the same amount of light. When trying to select the right light for your lighting application, it is best to determine the desired lumen output as opposed to wattage.

Choosing the right wattage is important not only for the right lighting for the area, but also for maximizing energy efficiency. When combined with a comprehensive photometric plan designed for a specific application, end users benefit from the best performance and full potential of LED technology. Given the longevity of LED tubes, it’s important to start this from the beginning.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

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Tube lighting has been the primary lighting choice for commercial and industrial applications for decades. Invented in 1903, these lights are usually of the fluorescent type. Fluorescent lamps are low-pressure mercury vapor lamps that run an electric current through the mercury vapor to produce short-wave ultraviolet (UV) light. This UV light excites the phosphor inside the tube and causes it to glow, creating the original visible light.

Although fluorescent tubes have been the standard lighting choice for nearly a century, they are starting to fade if not replaced by LED tube lights. There are big differences between these two types of tube lights, mostly around cost and the actual quality of light produced. Paper fluorescent tubes and lighting systems are cheaper than LED types, which encourages many buyers to choose this option. However, this is a false economy because fluorescent tubes have a shorter lifespan than LED tubes.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

The best you can expect from fluorescent tubes is 30,000 hours, while LED tubes typically last 50,000 hours or more. LED indicators are not as sensitive to temperature extremes and cycling as their fluorescent counterparts, which is mainly due to their better lifetime stability and durability.

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LED bulbs consume very high energy compared to fluorescent tubes. In fact, LED indicators use 20% or more energy compared to fluorescents to produce the same amount of light (lamps). A Scientific World Journal published by NCBI has shown the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of LED tubes versus fluorescent tube lamps. According to the study,

How To Fit Led Tube Light

“There are small LED tubes on the market today that provide light levels similar to 36W fluorescent tubes. Up to 48% savings can be achieved by replacing a 36W T8 fluorescent tube with a 19W LED tube” (NCBI, 2014, Cost Benefit Analysis and Emissions) Energy Efficient Lighting Energy National University )

Finally, the final difference between fluorescent and LED tubes is the quality of light produced. The quality of light is determined by the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which measures the light’s accuracy in color reproduction. This scale ranges from zero to 100 – the higher the rating, the brighter. For reference, the CRI of sunlight and incandescent bulbs is 100. Fluorescent tubes typically have a CRI of up to 70, while LED tubes are between 80-95. While this may not seem like a big difference on paper, it actually makes a significant difference in appearance. Improved visibility from high CRI lighting not only improves workplace safety, but also provides a more pleasant environment for customers and employees – contributing to increased efficiency and sales.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

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LED T8 lamps are often used in office lighting such as spotlights. In general, these lamps are suitable for indoor commercial lighting applications such as office buildings, warehouses and garages. LED T8 lamps are ideal for these applications due to their high energy efficiency, low maintenance and long life. T8 tubes are best suited for air conditioning with standard ceiling heights.

Many businesses are switching from T8 fluorescent tubes to LEDs because of the increased energy efficiency, among many other benefits. For standard ceiling height indoor fixtures, 4-foot tubes of 1,800 lumens or less are ideal. For high ceilings that require bay lighting, you’ll want to use more than 2,000 lumen tubes to provide enough light. All standard T8 light fixtures fit up to 2ft (0.6m) long. This item replaces standard 18W fluorescent tubes with 9W LEDs.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

Standard T8 fluorescent lamps consume 18 watts of power with 7 watts lost in the ballast. As a result, the total energy consumption for the lamp is about 25 watts.

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On the other hand, the Philips T8 LED tube consumes only 9 watts. This saves 64% fuel.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

This equates to a savings of approximately $18 per year of renewed pipe. This example assumes that it runs 12 hours per day and the cost of electricity is $0.25/kWh.

1) Magnetic ballast devices – with starter. These are the most common types. Replace the hose and starter (it’s screwed) and you’re done! Magnetic ballast devices are distinguished by their presence.

How To Fit Led Tube Light

How To Install

2) Electronic ballasts – no starter. Unlike the example above, these settings have no initialization. These sections are a necessity

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