How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line



Have you ever traveled to a place with high humidity? You may have noticed that your hair was frizzier, your skin was softer, but you seemed to be sweating a lot more. Your body used the moisture in the air to sweat and cool; a process called evaporative cooling. The same principle is used when it comes to crankcase coolers. Swamp coolers are common in hot, dry areas like Utah, Nevada, and Arizona, where there is less moisture in the air and evaporative cooling can work by adding moisture to the air. But how does a crankcase cooler actually work? These animations will give you a better understanding of what’s going on inside this car to keep you comfortable during these hot summer months.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

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Preventive Maintenance Checklist For Swamp Coolers

A crankcase cooler uses moisture to cool the air. A crankcase cooler (also called an evaporative air conditioner) forces warm outdoor air through moist evaporative cooler pads and effectively cools the air. The cold air is then blown into the house by the fan motor through the vent. The main parts of a crankcase cooler can be found in the diagram below.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

This valve is located in your home, usually where the water heater is connected to the rest of the plumbing system. This valve is connected to your crankcase cooler by copper tubing. It supplies water to the crankcase cooler. Without this valve, the crankcase cannot function.

The evaporative cooler float is located at the bottom of the slurry cooler. When the water at the bottom of the crankcase cooler reaches a certain level, a float rises above the water and closes the water supply valve. If this float stops working, the crankcase cooler may fail or overflow.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

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The crankcase cooler pump is also located at the bottom of the unit. It draws water through the distribution pipes, so the evaporation pads are wet.

There are evaporative coolers inside the crankcase cooler. They need to be wet for the crankcase cooler to work properly. Clean and cool air.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

The blower motor rotates the blower, which draws cold air into the duct and pushes it out of the house, cooling the air.

Commercial & Residential Swamp Cooler Pads, Parts, & Supplies In Vegas

When you turn the crankcase cooler dial to the “on” position, the water supply valve supplies water to the bottom of the crankcase cooler. Water continues to flow into the crankcase cooler until the float on top of the water reaches a certain level. This signals the opening of the water supply valve.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

When there is enough water at the bottom of the evaporative cooler, the pump begins to draw water through the distribution lines. These water distribution lines are located on the evaporation pads and water spills through them. If the homeowner feels the air isn’t cool enough, they can turn the sump cooler switch to the pump position to pump more water into the evaporation pads.

When the evaporation pads are filled with water, the blower motor begins to draw hot air through the pads into the crankcase cooler. As the warm air passes through the cushions, the moisture cools the air and cleans it. This process is called evaporative cooling. It works the same way when you work out and sweat, and then the fan pushes against you, cooling your skin.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

Fixing A Swamp Cooler Water Distribution System

As the air flows through the evaporation pads and cools, the blower picks up the cooled air and pushes it through the duct into the house.

Unfortunately, each of these crankcase cooler parts has its own lifespan; they don’t last forever. Eventually, the mechanical parts of the evaporative cooler will wear out and fail. If this happens, make sure your home is under warranty. Home warranties cover systems and appliances in your home at a premium of $300 to $600 per year. If something breaks, you pay a small fee to call the maintenance department to repair and replace it, assuming it broke due to normal wear and tear and is covered by your home warranty. Click to learn more about what a home warranty is or what a home warranty covers. You can also find out about home warranties on our home page.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

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How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

Enter your information to receive a free personal home warranty quote. You can customize coverage and pricing to suit your needs. Experience what over 70,000 homeowners already know: The Landmark Home Warranty helps protect your home and your budget! Crankcase coolers work well until temperatures reach 94 degrees. At this point they also stop cooling because the pump isn’t getting enough water to the pads to keep them wet. Thus, by increasing the amount of water reaching the pads by 50%, the unit cools the house faster and the pads do not dry out.

Blue sponges actually don’t absorb water well and don’t cool at all. So put it down and replace it with a low-tech, sustainable shaker. aspen wood actually absorbs water and also creates a water curtain that cools the sea. It gets really messy at the end of the year, but it’s worth it. These pads are also cheaper.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

What Is A Swamp Cooler And How Does It Work?

You will need the following: (I got everything from Home Depot, but any decent hardware store should have these) Pump, delivery pipe, distribution system (“spider”), pump basket, basket filter bag, floor 3-prong splitter (not pictured ) ). ) 7″ and 14″ zipper… (10 of each should be) a couple of dams, a utility knife, a radio or cell phone to have someone turn the pump on and off for you, and about 2 liters of water – drink while you’re at it. It’s boiling because you didn’t start until 1:00 PM.

Ok Go to the switch and turn off the Swamper. Then take the adhesive tape and stick it. Then put up a small sign that says no electricity. (If someone turns on the fan motor while you’re in there, you’ll get hurt.) Alternatively, you can turn off the fan motor in the crankcase for extra safety.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

Ok.. Notice that there are 8 tubes on the manifold, 2 on each side. We add 1 tube on each side, bringing the total number of tubes to 12, which is our 50%.

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Now take the spider and place 4 of the 8 tubes into it to form a cross. Then place it under the existing one and leave it tied in place (you’ll trim it in a minute). Then you need to cut the distribution pipes to the desired length so that they flow into the crankcase. (I had to move the middle of the second span a bit to make each tube a different length) Measure the distance you need, then pull the tube out of the span and cut. then put it back. Repeat this on all 4 sides.

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

Cut the clip holding the spider and pull the spider out (following the orientation), then use the glue that came with the spider to quickly glue each piece together. Then you need to glue the plugs for the other 4 holes that you are not using. Make sure the tubes are pointing down as you won’t have 2 chances to join as they will weld the plastic.

Now install span again. I attached it to the original with two zippers. I went through it in x order. Maybe you have better and cleaner ways to do it, but it was actually about 105 degrees on the roof so the zippers looked great at the time

How To Install Swamp Cooler Water Line

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Now place the basket filter on the basket, the basket into the water and the pump into the basket. Take the power line and run it to the nearby spider

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