How to look back at View Once on WhatsApp, pay attention to this

How to Revisit View Once on WhatsApp

How to Revisit View Once on WhatsApp – The development of technology makes new features created in whatsapp, one of the features that when asked is view once whatsapp. But can we look back at view once on whatsapp? Read the explanation.

Whatsapp is the most favorite chat application in Indonesia, everyone has used it for various daily needs ranging from ordinary communication to studying students at school online to their teachers.

According to WhatsApp itself, when WhatsApp is viewed once, it will disappear and cannot be seen a second time. But is it true? The following is an explanation regarding how to view view once again on WhatsApp.

How to Revisit View Once on WhatsApp

It’s true, once the user has seen anything that has been sent with one glance then he can’t see it again. This is also as informed by the official website of whatsapp itself, you can see it in the WhatsApp Help Center – One-See Media.

How did it happen? Because something you send with view once WhatsApp will not be stored in your cellphone storage memory. So it’s only natural that you can’t see a second time.

You have to really pay attention to what has been received when another user sends something, don’t immediately close it again and go to the main page in the WhatsApp application.

But pay attention first so you don’t start looking for ways to look back at view once on whatsapp. If you don’t pay close attention to it then surely it will make you look for the tutorial many times.

So in essence there is no way you can do to look back at view once on whatsapp because there is no storage in this feature but will be immediately deleted by the whatsapp system automatically.

That’s the information on how to look back at view once on whatsapp. If any of your friends also want to see messages that have entered view once on WhatsApp, don’t forget to tell them.

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