How to Ok Google Open Mobile Legends, Really Sophisticated

Ok Google Open Mobile legends

Ok Google Open Mobile Legends – Google has a lot of cool and powerful services that would normally be needed on a daily basis or within a certain period of time. The goals are also very diverse, such as ok google which is used to open mobile legends.

More and more applications will appear with amazing advantages, even if we don’t even need to type, the application will start running according to the commands of our own speech.

Of course, the process will be right if we say it in a clear voice, so it will save the energy of your fingers to type because with ok google, the application we want will open quickly.

Ok, google, open mobile legends, you can do it, just saying one sentence makes everything automatic. This time we will try to take advantage of this whether it can really work as expected or not.

Below I have provided a way to use ok google to open mobile legends or ok google to open mobile legends bang bang. Try to see the steps ok google open the mobile legends application carefully.

Ok Google Open Mobile Legends

  1. First of all, you have to activate it with the default Google tap on the cellphone.
  2. Then press your Google account icon or logo on the top left of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Press the Google Assistant menu.
  5. Under Popular Settings, tap Ok Google & Voice Match.
  6. Enable Hey Google in the This Device menu.
  7. If it is active, you can immediately say Ok Google Open Mobile Legends.
  8. Then the mobile legends application automatically opens by itself.

In addition to games or mobile legends applications, you can also use them to open other applications such as Facebook or fb, instagram or ig, whatsapp or wa and others.

So that’s how to use ok google to open mobile legends. It’s very sophisticated, right, if you are curious, just practice what I have told you, ok, google, open the mobile legends application, bang bang. But the important thing is that the steps you take are right so you don’t go wrong.

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