How to Register and Commbank Referral Code EY9QKO5, Official 2022!

how to register combbank

Combank Referral Code – I currently have four financial applications installed on my phone. Three digital banks and one e-wallet. However, after seeing the attractive promos offered by Commbank, I decided to add one more application.

Commonwealth Bank or abbreviated Commbank is a new digital bank which is a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).

Although it has not been around for a long time in Indonesia, this bank has names in Aussie and New Zealand. Moreover, Commbank is officially registered and has received permission from OJK and LPS.

There are many promos offered, but one of the most interesting is the Commbank referral code. Where customers can get a free balance if they invite friends or family to open an account.

In addition, the easy way to register Commbank makes me even more excited to add to the list of digital bank applications on my cellphone. Calculate investment and save, right?

Commbank Referral Codes and Benefits

Like the invite friends promo from other digital banks, the Commbank referral code can be interpreted as part of the registration requirements. Code owners and users alike benefit from this promo.

This Customer Get Customer or Refer a Friend promo actually ends on September 30, 2021. But it was extended to January 30, 2022.

So, the opportunity to earn money from the Commbank application is still wide open.

If you want to register, enter the Commbank referral code EY9QKO5 (the letter O yes, not zero).

Later after the application is approved, you can immediately get the balance e-wallet IDR 50,000 for 2 months or a total of IDR 100,000 without having to fill in the balance.

For choice e-wallet, Commonwealth Bank has several options, namely OVO, GoPay, DANA, LinkAja, and ShopeePay. Just choose which one you have right now.

In addition to a balance of IDR 100,000, you can get additional prizes by sharing your code.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately download the Commbank Mobile application, open an account, and get an unconditional bonus balance!

Commbank Account Registration Terms

Actually, it is not much different from the requirements for opening a Jago account, the requirements for registering a Commbank account are quite easy. You only need to prepare an e-KTP, Android/iPhone cellphone, internet connection, and earphones for video call.

In addition, here are other requirements:

  • Have an e-KTP with photos and writing clearly visible
  • Family Card (if online registration is rejected)
  • Android smartphone version 7 or iOS version 12
  • Smooth internet connection for video call
  • Headset/earphones (to make CS Commbank sound clear)
After all the conditions are met, then you can proceed to the account registration stage as well as opening a Commbank online account.

How to Register Commbank

So, how do you register for Commbank to open an online account? In my personal opinion, the process is quite complicated.

Because there are so many forms to fill out and the registration is not 100% accepted.

So that you are not confused, here is a complete guide on how to register an online Commbank account along with some things to pay attention to when: video call.

  • First open the Commbank application that has been installedinstall
  • Then click the button “Open Account Now
  • Read first the various benefits offered by Commbank
  • Then click “From now on
  • Prepare a special e-KTP and NPWP for those who are already earning
  • Also prepare an active cellphone number and email
  • Make sure the internet connection is smooth for video call
  • If so, click “Ok, everything is ready
  • Next, fill in the form, starting with your nickname, email, and cellphone number
  • Then enter the Combank referral code EY9QKO5 (letter O yes, not zero 0)
  • If you have, click Continue
  • Choose YES/NO for the given question
  • Then enter username, passwordand repeat password
  • Then click Continue and complete the personal data according to the e-KTP
  • If you have, click Continue again and make sure the e-KTP number is correct

So far, the registration process is still long. So that you don’t get confused reading the steps above, I’ll just separate it into two parts.

  • After making sure the e-KTP number is correct, press OK
  • Then enter the 6 digit verification code for the cellphone number
  • Next, completeMailing address“if the current address is different from the e-KTP
  • Also fill in the form of employment and source of income
  • agree”Customer Statement”, click Continue
  • Finally, prepare your e-KTP and click the “Video Call Now

When you are connected to CS Commonwealth Bank, the first question to ask is your cellphone number and email address.

Then you are asked to take a selfie while holding the e-KTP and take a selfie without the e-KTP.

When it’s finished, later CS will tell you to close video call. At this stage, the Commbank registration process has been completed.

However, they still have to wait for the data validation process before the application can be used.

If all the data is complete, you stay login with username and password which was created earlier.

However, if the Commbank still needs additional data, you will be asked to come to the branch office for further verification.

Currently Commbank already has several branches in several regions.

Please see the Commonwealth Bank address on Google Maps or click the link provided in the application.

Tips for Registering Commbank for Success

Honestly, I was a bit annoyed with opening a Commbank account. Different from Neo+ and Bank Jago, it turns out that the process is not actually online.

If there are incomplete data, we are told to come to the branch office.

Moreover, yesterday I came to the branch, but the account opening was still refused. Too lazy, right? The reason is because the e-KTP alone is not legible by the system (blurred photo) and does not have an NPWP.

Even though I asked CS via Instagram, he said if you don’t have an NPWP, you can replace it with another document, such as a SIM or Family Card.

In addition, verify video call it’s hard to apologize! I think there is only 1 person on duty CS. Been waiting for 10 minutes many times but still not connecting.

But, in the end my Commonwealth Bank account opening was successful. If you want to be successful too, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure the e-KTP is in good condition and not damaged or broken
  • If your salary is above IDR 4 million, you must have a NPWP
  • If you want it to be easier, especially for girls, you should choose a profession as a housewife
  • For boys, choose the lowest nominal salary
  • If you want video callshould stand by in the morning or better at 08.29 WIB
  • After logging in at 08.30 WIB, immediately press the button “Video Call Now

In addition to the six points above, tips on how to open a Commbank account can also be done by directly coming to the branch office because you don’t have to queue for orders. video call.

Finally, don’t forget to enter the Commbank referral code EY9QKO5 so you can get a balance bonus e-wallet IDR 100,000 in total!

If you still don’t understand and have other questions, please contact me via Whatsapp 085760246117.


If anyone asks whether Commbank is safe, I have explained above that this bank is a subsidiary of the largest bank in Australia and has official permission from the OJK as the institution that oversees financial affairs.

That’s a complete explanation of how to register and the Commbank referral code that you can enter to get rewards new customer. Also check out some of the tips above so that account openings are easily approved.

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