How to Register and Seed Referral Code to Get a Bonus of 25 thousand!


Seed is one of the applications used for investment for novice investors. In the Seed application there is a code. Later, the seed referral code can be used to enjoy bonuses in the Seed application.

As we know, Bibit is one of the best applications that collaborate with many top artists as Brand Ambassadors. Call it Raditya Dika and Deddy Corbuzier.

In order to attract public interest, Bibit offers a variety of promos, one of which is inviting friends. This feature can be used by novice investors to enjoy several bonuses.

If you don’t know about the Seed referral code, here’s a full review from how to register to a guide to entering it.

What is a Seed Referral Code?

Seed referral code is very useful for its users. By using the code, users will experience a number of bonuses and cashback that is not small.

Like the Neobank referral code, here new users just enter the code when registering an account. Later, the 25 thousand bonus will be entered automatically after making a transaction or purchasing an investment product.

The referral code for my Seeds is come on2ribuan. If so, please enter the code.

In addition to getting a balance of 25 thousand, you can also get more bonuses by inviting friends using your code. For example, if you manage to invite 10 friends, you will get 250 thousand. Pretty good, right?

Well, if you don’t know how to register Seeds and enter a referral code, make sure you listen to the following article to the end, OK!

How to Register Seeds and Enter Referral Code

After knowing at a glance about the Bibit referral code, the next step is to find out how to register or create an account.

Please note that this referral code can only be used on new users. If you previously had an account, then this code is no longer valid.

Here’s how to register seeds and their referral code.

  • First download the Seed application
  • If so, open the application and click “Register”
  • Then enter your date of birth
  • On the next page, fill out the questionnaire according to your investment objectives
  • Then click “Continue Registration” after the risk profile appears
  • Then enter the cellphone number that is still active or often used
  • Don’t forget to enter the Seed referral code come on2ribuan
  • Next, verify with the OTP code
  • Continue by filling in personal data starting from email, income, etc
  • After that, click “Register”

At this stage the initial registration has been completed. However, you will be taken to the Registration page to complete the final process of registering a Seed account. Things to do include:

  • Fill in the fields according to your personal data
  • Photo of e-KTP and selfie while holding e-KTP
  • Create an electronic signature directly on the cellphone screen
  • Click the “Register” button
  • Create account PIN
  • Finally, check your email and verify your account

Registration has been completed, but it takes a maximum of 24 hours for the Seeds to verify. If approved, you can start investing in mutual funds or stocks by depositing funds.

How to See Your Own Seed Referral Code

As I explained earlier, the Seed referral code can be used to get a cashback bonus. If you are interested in this promo but are confused about where to find your own referral code, consider the following steps.

  • On the application page go to Profile
  • Scroll down and click the “Referral” menu
  • You will see your referral code which consists of random words
  • You can change the code as you wish

It should be noted, the promised cashback will apply if you have made a deposit and invested a minimum of IDR 100,000.

That’s a complete guide on how to register and Seed’s referral code and how to see your own referral code. Don’t forget to enter the code come on2ribuan when registering to get a bonus of IDR 25,000. May be useful!

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