How to Register for Tanamduit and Steps to Buy 2022 Mutual Fund Products

How to Register

Now, investment applications are becoming one of the most popular fields. One of the most popular is Tanamduit. How to register Tanamduit can be done easily. This is also one of the advantages of this one application.

Like Bibit and Magic, Tanamduit is an investment application that can be used on Android and iOS smartphones.

In addition to complete features and services, how to register for Tanamduit is also easy. What are the steps? Check out the complete information below!

Overview of the Tanamduit Application

Have you ever heard of the Tanamduit application? For investors, especially beginners, this application is highly recommended. This is because Tanamduit has many advantages, ranging from ease of registration to its application in the future.

Before knowing how to register for Tanamduit, let’s first identify the application. Tanamduit is one type of platform that is specifically presented to provide services in comprehensive financial planning.

In addition, Tanamduit is ready to help plan finances to monitor the investments made.

In fact, even ordinary people can use it easily. This is because Tanamduit is equipped with self-learning services.

This investment application is the development of PT Mercato Digital Asia. This company is already quite popular exploring the field of financial technology.

The goal is none other than to be able to provide new experiences for people who want to invest.

The existence of Tanamduit is under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority. This means that Tanamduit is a registered application and is safe to use. In addition, the founders are also professional experts in their fields.

Tanamduit is very user friendly, so it is easy to use by new users from various circles. Each user can make investments directly, if they successfully create an account and an investment account.

Guide on How to Register for Planting

If you are interested in using Tanamduit in financial planning, it is important to know the registration steps. How to register Tanamduit can be done through the following steps.

1. Complete Personal Data

First of all, make sure to download the app first. Next, open the application to be able to register. The first step in registration is filling in your personal data.

Each user must include complete information. The data entered must be correct and refer to identification in the form of an ID card and the like. Also, don’t forget to set up an active email that will be used when verifying.

2. Enter OTP Code

Furthermore, if the personal data has been filled in completely, there will be an OTP code sent via email. Therefore, make sure the entered email is still actively used. Generally, the OTP code can be found in the inbox / inbox menu.

However, for some users who can’t find the OTP code in their inbox, they can open the spam menu. The OTP code is very important to continue the registration process at Tanamduit.

3. Prepare e-KTP with Bank Information

The documents that must be prepared by the user are none other than the e-KTP and related account information. Inputting information related to the user’s bank will be useful in the investment disbursement process.

Make sure the account information is entered completely. Thus, this will not hamper the disbursement process related to the investments made. Other services can be done easily and smoothly.

4. Waiting for Confirmation

If each step has been done, then the user must wait for confirmation. At this stage, the maximum waiting time is about 2 days.

Every inputted data will be verified correctly. Thus, fake data will be filtered properly. In order for account verification to be carried out smoothly, the data entered must be correct and complete.

Furthermore, the process will be easier and faster. If it has been successfully verified, users can immediately make mutual fund purchases and the like.

How to Buy Mutual Funds at Tanamduit

After all stages of Tanamduit registration have been completed and your account has been approved, you can now start investing by choosing the best Mutual Fund products. Here are the steps on how to buy mutual funds at Tanamduit.

1. Choose Mutual Fund

Please login to your account first. If so, click the Mutual Funds menu on the application dashboard. Then specify the product you want to buy, then click “Buy.

You need to know, the conditions for buying mutual funds at Tanamduit are at least 10 thousand. You could say it is very affordable for novice investors who are interested in getting into the investment world. If so, agree to all the terms and conditions, then click “Submit”.

2. Determine the Method and Complete the Payment

The next step is to select the payment method you want. Here Tanamduit provides several options, namely bank transfers, GoPay, DANA, to LinkAja. After selecting, click “Next” and transfer to the destination account.

If so, complete the transaction by uploading proof of transfer so Tanamduit can process your order. If it is confirmed, then you officially have a Mutual Fund product. It’s easy, right?

This is a review regarding how to register for Tanamduit and how to buy Mutual Funds. Make sure every step is done correctly. Thus, users can go through account creation easily. Good luck!

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