How to Top Up Allo Bank from Neobank Free Admin Fee 2022

How to Top Up Allo Bank from Neobank for Free

The name Allo Bank has recently been discussed by many people. Apart from the fact that this digital bank belongs to Chairul Tanjung, Allo Bank a few days ago held a festival that invited NCT Dream, Red Velvet, and Raisa.

Allo Bank has several banking services that are not much different from other digital banks. One of them is the balance top up feature that can be done easily via m-banking or other digital banks.

Because there are still many new users who don’t know how to top up Allo Bank balances, this time I want to review a complete guide on how to top up Allo Bank via Neobank which is free without admin fees. Listen to the end, yes!

Allo Bank Balance Top Up Terms and Conditions

Before exploring further, it’s a good idea to know some of the terms and conditions for top up Allo Bank balances. This is important so that there are no errors when entering the account number or transfer nominal.

Oh yes, you should also know that Allo Bank has 3 types of accounts, namely Allo Pay, Allo Pay+, and Allo Prime.

Allo Pay is an ordinary account that can only do a few transactions, such as top up, bill paymentpayment, and give point.

While Allo Pay+ and Allo Prime are premium versions with additional cash transfer and withdrawal features. You can enjoy this version by upgrading your account with e-KTP and face screening.

If you don’t upgrade, then the balance in your account is limited to only IDR 2 million. If you have upgraded to Allo Prime, the balance limit is IDR 10,000,000 with a maximum transaction of IDR 20,000,000 per month.

For a minimum, top up Allo Bank balance starting from IDR 10,000, whether it’s a regular or premium account.

You can top up via direct debit, VISA and Mastercard debit cards, bank transfers, QRIS, and merchants that work with Allo Bank.

But according to the title, here I will explain how to top up Allo Bank through Neobank. Maybe later I will make a tutorial on how to top up your balance via DANA, BRI, BNI, or Mandiri.

How to Top Up Allo Bank from Neobank

Well, after knowing the terms and conditions. Now you are ready to follow the steps to top up Allo Bank balance via Neobank or Neo Commerce Bank.

Please see the guide below:

  • In the Allo Bank application, enter the Top Up menu
  • Then select Bank Transfer
  • Choose Another Bank
  • At the top is your Wallet ID or Allo Bank account number
  • Please copy the ID

Usually, the Allo Bank Wallet ID is the cellphone number used when registering, but the 0 is omitted. Example 85760246117.

  • If it’s already copied, open the Neobank app
  • Open the Transfer menu – To Another Bank
  • Paste the Allo Bank Wallet ID earlier into the Account Number section
  • Recipient Bank Name select Allo Bank
  • Enter the top up nominal
  • Then click Next
  • Check the transaction details first
  • If it is appropriate, click Confirm Transfer

So far, you have successfully applied the Allo Bank balance top up method via Neobank. Usually the balance will be entered in a matter of seconds. If it’s more than 1 minute, there might be a problem with the network.

But don’t worry, as long as the account number and destination bank you entered are correct, the transaction will definitely be successful for a maximum of 1 hour.

If you haven’t logged in yet, you can contact the Allo Bank call center via Whatsapp 082208224110 or email [email protected].

Well, the steps are very easy, right? That’s the review on how to top up Allo Bank from Neobank for free without admin fees. So that you don’t send the wrong message, don’t forget to double check transfer details before clicking confirm, yes!

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