How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker


How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker – North Indian Curry / PRODUCT OVERVIEW Channa Masala South Indian Style Recipe with Preeth Electric Pressure Cooker Review!!

A pressure cooker is probably one of the most important kitchen aids in India. Most of us have several pressure cookers of different specifications and capacities that we use in our daily cooking. Be it for cooking rice/pulao/vegetables/legumes or even for steaming idli dokhla. Yes, so practical that they make our life so easy and save a lot of time and energy. Recently I had

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

And happy to review here. The various predefined options already in the kitchen are really very useful. I decided to make a South Indian style channa masala using the pre-programmed channa selection on the Preethi Electric pressure cooker. Making this channa curry in Preethi’s EPC pot was super easy and the end result was a delicious well made channa masala!!! I added a little video for the recipe.. don’t miss it!!!

Multifunctional Rice Cooker

I’m sure Preethi needs no further introduction as it has been India’s household brand and pioneered kitchen appliances and gadgets over the years. Founded in 1978, Preethi is now India’s largest blender brand and a leading kitchen appliance company with presence in over 10 million homes in India and abroad.

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

Electric pressure cookers are not yet widespread in all households in India. But since I have been using the product recently, I just love it. Electric pressure cookers are safer than traditional ones. Various automatic programs help with easy cooking and keep food warm for hours. No more problems with whistles. After reading many positive reviews about Preethi EPC. This has been on my wish list for a long time and I am lucky to have it!!

When you see the benefits, you may ask if there are any disadvantages to this wonderful stove. It has some cons that can always be outweighed by the positives:

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

Preethi Glitter 1.8 Litres Rice Cooker With Rust Proof Body & Anodized Aluminium Pan

All in all, I loved the Preeth Electric Pressure Cooker and would recommend this product as a must-have in any kitchen.

Now let’s see how to make South Indian style Channa Masala in Preethi EPC. Don’t miss the video. It will help you a lot!!!

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker


Best Electric Pressure Cooker In India With Price (november 2022)

SOYACHUNKS BIRYANI / COOKER BIRYANI RECIPE USING CLIP PRESTIGE TTK ON PRESSURE CHAIN ​​Making Rice Papad / Akki Happala Recipe I have always been fascinated by pressure cookers on Masterchef Australia. They look cool and get the job done without the typical clatter of a typical pressure cooker. So when Preethi offered to send me an electric pressure cooker to review, I immediately agreed.

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

The model sent to me (Preethi Touch EPC005) is the 6L variant with touch keyboard. There is a slightly smaller (5-liter) variant of the Preethi Touch, as well as a button variant called the Preethi Twist. The whole device is quite bulky and weighs more than five and a half kilos. However, you don’t need to move the entire appliance, as the lid and cooking pot are removable. The lightweight pan is made of aluminum and has a non-stick coating. The package also includes a measuring cup, a flat spatula and a serving spoon.

I started my experiments with Preethi Touch cautiously, trying simple dishes like rice and dal before moving on to more elaborate curries. The booklet that comes with the stove contains a measuring cup and the required amount of water is given in the booklet that comes with it. I found these measurements to be quite accurate and I immediately had perfectly cooked rice and dal. The cooking process is quite simple. There are 15 presets available – tap the menu button and then use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to navigate through the list. When you are in the desired place, pause for a few seconds – the stove will beep three times and start cooking. The kitchen has two stages. The first few minutes of boiling are used to lower the water and increase the pressure in the vessel. When the desired pressure level is reached, the timer starts. When the timer counts down to zero and the cooking is complete, you will hear another series of beeps. When the cooking is finished, the stove automatically switches to the keep warm mode, which keeps the food warm for up to 4 hours after cooking. When you are ready to open the cooker, you must first put the pressure valve to release the way to release the steam, then turn the handle to release the lid.

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

Upma Made Using Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker

When making simple curries, I often use the stove for steaming and pressure cooking. For the chicken curry at home, I wanted to try something similar with Preeth’s twist. One of the fifteen current modes is Saute. I added three tablespoons of mustard oil and set the stove to cooking mode. After about 3 minutes, when the oil was hot enough, I added all the garam masala and bay leaves. After a minute, I added the finely chopped onions in a food processor. Finally, after another five minutes, I added two teaspoons of ginger garlic paste. An electric stove is not as hot as a regular pressure cooker. After adding the ginger garlic paste, I had to cook for another ten minutes. The total roasting time was twenty minutes, or a little longer than in a gas oven.

In the second stage of the preparation of chicken curry, about half a kilo of pre-marinated chicken is added with water. I closed the lid and added the stove to preset 13, which is to cook the chicken. The pressurization followed the same routine of about five minutes to pressurize and then boil for 15 minutes. I had an almost perfect chicken curry. Why almost? The meat was perfect; But due to an oversight on my part, I ended up with a lot more sauce than I expected.

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

There are several fundamental differences between the Preethi Touch and a normal stove. One of the biggest is that Preethi Touch does not emit any steam. Traditional pressure cookers use a weighted lid to regulate internal pressure. When the pressure limit is reached, the steam lifts the lid and the excess steam is expelled to reduce the internal pressure. This is a purely mechanical process. Instead, Preethi Touch uses pressure sensors to measure pressure; Once the target pressure level is reached, it stops producing more steam due to the heat reduction. This had several tangible advantages. The most obvious ones are that the Preethi Touch works silently and can be used in tight spaces because it doesn’t emit a ton of steam. Another advantage is that you need significantly less water. I hadn’t considered this and ended up with excess water the first time I tried to cook the curry. I can fix this by turning on the roasting mode for another 10 minutes and leaving the sauce thick. Pressure-processed food will never compete with slow-cooked food, but because everything remains sealed until the end of the cooking process, recipes full of Preethi’s Touch seem tastier and tastier. Because it uses less water, you can also cook a little longer in it than in a comparable standard pressure cooker.

Midea 5.7l Multi Function Digital Pressure Cooker My D6004b With Sautéing Function

The Preethi Touch cookware is a removable aluminum container with a non-stick coating. Makes cleaning a breeze. I’ll have to use it for a few months to see how durable the cover is, but it’s definitely a welcome addition. It doesn’t have a heavy base, but the aluminum body does a good job of distributing heat evenly, while the non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the base. It is easy to burn onions when fried in a pan if you are not careful. But with Preethi Touch, you can keep your hands much longer. The onions take much longer to cook, but the combination of the non-stick coating, the even heat distribution, and the controlled and gentle heat also allow them to brown without constant stirring. The frying mode is able to cook ingredients before pressure cooking, but do not expect to completely replace your induction or gas Kadhai.

How To Use Preethi Rice Cooker

Preethi Touch also has a way to suppress idle. Unlike other dishes, idli should be cooked with the pressure relief valve in the release position. However, I have not tried it as an idli base

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