How to View History of Latest Watched TikTok Videos 2022

How to View TikTok Video History

On this occasion, I want to share a tutorial on how to view the history of TikTok videos that have been watched. You can try this for videos watched in the last 7 days. If it’s past that, it’s likely that his history has been lost.

When you are watching FYP TikTok, you will often experience the video being refreshed because it accidentally enters your Profile or Inbox. So that when you press the “Back” button, TikTok Home refreshes itself.

But don’t worry, as long as 7 days have not passed, you still have the opportunity to watch the video again. Please follow the guide on how to view the history of TikTok videos that have been watched below.

How to View TikTok Video History

History is a part of TikTok’s feature that lets users look back at videos they’ve watched or accidentally refreshed.

This feature is indeed very important because the TikTok screen is very sensitive. Accidentally pressed the Home or Back button, then the video that we watch immediately disappears.

Therefore, now TikTok has added a new button, which is “Favorites”. So, when there is a cool or funny FYP, you can immediately press the Favorite button to be safe when the video refreshes itself.

Here are the steps for viewing previously watched TikTok videos. Listen, yes!
  • First click the Search menu on the top right
how to see the refreshed tiktok fyp
  • Then click the button as shown in the picture
  • After that, the Filter page appears
  • Activate the button “Videos watched” until it turns green
  • If necessary, also activate “Liked videos”
  • Other options leave it alone, don’t mess with it
  • Finally, click “Apply”

At this point, how to view TikTok video history is complete. All the content you’ve watched will appear. But the order is random, so you have to scroll down until you find the video you want.

Next, many are also curious, can we see other people’s TikTok history? You can, but you have to go through the person’s cellphone.

If we look directly from our cellphones, we can’t. Because the name history or history, it’s privacy. We can only see videos that are liked, even if that person doesn’t have their account private.

Now it’s clear, how do you view the history of TikTok videos that you have watched? If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to write in the comments column. I’m happy to answer it. May be useful!

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