How to Withdraw Allo Bank Balance to ShopeePay, DANA, GoPay, and Bank Account 2022

How to Withdraw Allo Bank Balance

Having a similar concept like other digital banks, Allo Bank offers transfer services or online transactions via smartphones. This time I will review how to withdraw Allo Bank balance to ShopeePay or other e-wallet.

Allo Bank has not been officially released yet, but the public can try the application by downloading it through the official Allo Bank website.

Maybe many of your friends have downloaded the application or even made transactions. Either receive an account opening bonus or transfer Allo Bank balance to a bank account or digital wallet.

Allo Bank Transfer Features

In the previous article I have reviewed some of the features in the Allo Bank application. One of them is the Transfer feature which can be seen on the main page of the application.

Overall, money transfers from Allo Bank are similar to those in Motion Banking. Users can choose BI Fast and Real Time Online options.

BI Fast: Transfer anytime with admin fee Rp0

Real Time Online: Transfer anytime with admin fee IDR 6,500

When trying this feature, I chose Real Time Online because the BI Fast option could not be used. Either because of an error or still in the development stage.

So I was forced to give up Rp6,500 for admin fees.

If you want to withdraw your Allo Bank balance to ShopeePay or a bank account without admin fees, you should wait for the BI Fast option to be used.

But if you want to immediately withdraw your balance, please use the Real Time Online option. Because transactions are processed immediately without having to wait a few minutes or hours.

How to Withdraw Allo Bank Balance to ShopeePay

Now, after knowing the Transfer feature on Allo Bank, then we will discuss how to withdraw Allo Bank balance complete with the steps. But sorry, because the Allo Bank application can’t screenshot, I didn’t include an image in this tutorial.

Immediately, see the steps below.

  • First open the Shopee app
  • Then click your ShopeePay balance at the top
  • Then select “Top Balance”
  • Click option “Bank transfer” and select Bank Permata, click “Confirmation”
  • Next copy the virtual account number
  • Usually consists of a unique code + your Shopee cellphone number
  • After that, exit Shopee and open the Allo Bank application
  • Then click menu “Transfer”choose “To Bank Account”
  • In Destination Bank, select “Gem Bank”
  • Then paste the Virtual Account account number just now
  • Enter the transfer amount
  • Write a message (optional)
  • Then select Transfer Method, BI Fast (free admin) or Real Time Online (admin Rp6,500)
  • Then check the transaction details, if it is correct, click “Transfer Now”
  • Finally, enter your Allo Bank PIN

Until this stage, you have successfully successfully withdrawn Allo Bank balance to ShopeePay correctly. Meanwhile, if you want to withdraw to DANA, GoPay, or a bank account, you just need to change the Virtual Account number.

If you want to transfer directly from the Allo Bank application without needing to open Shopee, all you have to do is enter the VA code + account number / cellphone number. For example like this:

Gem Bank: 706085760246117 (706 is the code of Bank Permata)

Bank BCA: 122085760246117 (122 is the code from Bank BCA)

If going to DANA: Bank BCA code 3901Permata Bank 8528CIMB Niaga 8059.


Although it hasn’t been released yet, there are already many users of the Allo Bank application. Moreover, at the beginning of last year Allo Bank offered a bonus of IDR 100,000 for people who successfully opened an account by invitation.

That’s the guide I can convey about how to withdraw Allo Bank balances to ShopeePay, DANA, GoPay, and bank accounts that can be applied if you are still confused about the Allo Bank transfer feature. Good luck, yes!

Watch video tutorials here:

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