HP MLBB Game Stands for What? This is the full meaning

HP MLBB Game Stands for What

What does the MLBB mobile game stand for? This question often crosses our minds, because indeed the mention of mobile games is usually shortened to make it easier. For those who are curious about the meaning of MLBB, read this article to the end, OK!

MLBB is a mobile game, this is abbreviated because if it is called or typed it will be long. Therefore, almost all games have a nickname which is usually an abbreviation of the original name. Example of GTA aka Grand Theft Auto.

Below the admin will summarize what MLBB stands for. For those of you who don’t know the real meaning, please read the following explanation.

HP MLBB Game Stands for What?

MLBB stands for Mobile Legends Bang Bang, or people also often call it ML. Do you gamers know about this game? Yep, the most popular MOBA game that still survives today.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was first released in 2016. If you remember, at that time this game was widely criticized for its gameplay imitating DOTA. But, over time MLBB began to be loved by gamers.

MLBB was developed by Moonton, a developer from China who makes many popular games. Not only mobile, but also a PC game version.

So, do you know what the MLBB mobile game stands for? Now you don’t have to be confused anymore!

However, the word Bang Bang itself has no special meaning. This is a Chinese name, which translates to wújìn duìjié or Indonesian “I was surprised”.

Other Mobile Phone Game Abbreviations

As we know, nowadays there are many mobile games available on Google Play or App Store. We can download almost all games for free, and some are paid.

Besides MLBB, which stands for Mobile Legends Bang Bang, there are many other games whose names are abbreviated to make it easier. Here’s the list.

  • FF – Free Fire
  • FFMAX – Free Fire MAX
  • FM – FIFA Mobile
  • PUBGM – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile
  • AOV – Arena of Valor
  • CODM – Call of Duty Mobile
  • HF – Hyper Front
  • LOL – League of Legends

Take a look at PUBGM, its real name is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s long enough to be mentioned, or typed in a conversation. So no wonder, the average game has its own nickname, Mobile Legends is no exception.


Usually the abbreviation of the game name will be automatically detected when you search for it on Google or social media. So if you have questions about the meaning of the abbreviation, please just search on the search console, OK!

Thus a brief explanation of what the MLBB mobile game stands for. The answer is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Hopefully this article can help friends who are still confused. See you in the next article, OK!

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