In MLBB, who is Bane’s main enemy, there is a catfish

Who is Bane's main enemy in MLBB?

Who is Bane’s main enemy in MLBB? – Those of you who are used to playing mlbb often, already know the hero Bane. Yes, a decent mlbb role fighter hero, Bane always takes advantage of his cool skills, but wait, do you know who is Bane’s main enemy in mlbb?

Mlbb is no longer a foreign word for lovers of moba games, you will get a lot of exciting match experiences there. Before entering the discussion on mlbb who is Bane’s main enemy, it would be great to understand what mlbb is.

Mbb or what is known as mobile legends: bang bang is one of the most popular MOBA games today. He managed to attract many players with the excitement that was in it because in some time there would be a big tournament.

Of course, the game can be installed and played on different devices such as Android and iOS. For Android, you can install it from the Play Store and for iOS, you can find it through the App Store.

Mlbb has many heroes, each of which is in another role, starting from tanks, fighters, assassins, marksmans, mages to support. Players are free to choose what mlbb heroes they want to use in battle.

These heroes can be used to counter the opponent’s hero, it’s a good idea to see what hero the opponent has chosen so that later you can fight him using the counter hero.

Bane has several skills that will hinder the opponent’s strategy, the cooldown skill he has is faster than other heroes. What’s more, coupled with items that reduce the cooldown of skills, surely it will really help players.

You want to know in mlbb who is Bane’s main enemy? It is also related to the mlbb bane counter. Not just knowing but you can use it in the land of dawn later. Let’s see together.

Who is Bane’s main enemy in MLBB?

The main enemy of Bane Mobile Legends who became the Bane MLBB counter is Selena. Selena herself is a hero who has 6 skills that are used interchangeably. His role is in the assassin mage which is quite troublesome for the opponent.

If the bane skill is too troublesome then you can use selena to be a bane counter. Selena had to take out her stun in order to stop Bane’s movement. So a suitable counter bane is selena and must be used during the match.

Even though for beginners this hero can be said to be difficult, but if you are already a pro it will be very helpful for teammates. In addition, it is not only for counter bane but can also be used for other counter heroes.

That’s important information about mlbb, counter bane mlbb or who is Bane’s main enemy. Now you have gained new knowledge that is able to answer in mlbb who is the main enemy of Bane or the main enemy of Bane Mobile Legend, that way you can counter Bane.

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