Learn to understand the message your emotions are sending you

Emotions are difficult to control because we don’t fully understand them, this test will help you decode them.

Emotions are sensations felt in relation to various life events. They can be positive or negative and manifest for specific or uncontrollable reasons. Being fully aware of our feelings helps us to manage them well and have great self-control. If you want to avoid giving in to anger and committing actions that you may regret, or don’t want to let sadness prevent you from finding the solution to your problems, then You must learn to understand the message your emotions are sending you.

This picture test will help you in this tedious task of better understanding the nature of your emotions. Filling out the test is very simple, you just have to look at the picture and say what you saw first. That first impression is crucial. Was your first glance drawn to the profile of a horse or that of a woman?

Test: A horse’s profile or a woman’s? What you see changes the nature of your emotions

Test: Learn to understand the message your emotions are sending you

This test asks you to visually assess an image composed of two overlapping elements. Depending on the observer’s way of observing, one of the two elements is perceived before the other. The first image you notice allows you to understand how your brain processes information and then track your personality.

This means, depending on what you saw first:

Profile of the horse

If the first thing that struck you when looking at this picture is the profile of the horse, it means you are a very thoughtful person. You spend a lot of time reflecting, evaluating yourself, and thinking about what needs improvement. You always think with a cool head and never stop weighing the pros and cons of every decision. Others see you as strong and determined, in reality you hide behind this image, but you have a heart of butter. You trust nobody but yourself to solve your problems. You are also a person who possesses an enviable self-control.

The woman

If, looking at the picture, you noticed the woman first, it means that you are a person who needs affection and approval. You do not have strong self-esteem and this makes you insecure and you are often dependent on others on an emotional level as well. Your insecurity causes you to act uncontrollably, sometimes exploding with anger or feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. By working on improving your self-esteem and trying to be more confident, you will certainly be able to better control your mood and look your best. You are someone others appreciate for your generosity and trustworthiness.

Do you feel identified with the first thing you saw?

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