Motion Banking Referral Code 01SUPDM58, Register Get Free Balance [UPDATED APRIL]

how to register and motion banking referral code

Motion Banking Referral Code – Through PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk, MNC Bank presents a Motion Banking application that makes it easy for customers to save or make digital transactions with just a smartphone.

Like other digital banks, the registration process or opening an MNC Bank account is done online without the need to come to the office.

Besides that, the requirements are also fairly simple, only e-KTP and selfie photos.

In addition to offering a variety of interesting services, how to register for Motion Banking is also very easy. What’s more, you can get free balance via referral code after the account opening is approved.

What is Motion Banking?

As explained earlier, Motion Banking is a digital financial service developed by MNC Bank to make it easier for customers to make various transactions, both financial and non-financial.

Even though it is a ‘child of yesterday afternoon’ digital bank, MNC Bank continues to improve in presenting superior services so that old customers feel more comfortable.

In addition, it is hoped that people who are still confused about choosing a digital bank will be more interested in opening an MNC Bank account through the Motion Banking application. Moreover, the appearance of the application can be said to be quite good.

motion banking app

Not much different from similar banking services, Motion Banking also offers several advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Register and open an e-KTP capital online account and take selfies
  • Attractive promos and cashback
  • Various interesting features, such as e-wallet top up and cellular top up
  • There are loan and deposit services
  • Login app with Biometrics or fingerprint
  • Can pay for MNC Finance, MNC Insurance, and MNCLife services
  • Send money between bank accounts
  • Legal and safe because it is officially registered with OJK
Considering that digital banks are currently popular, MNC Bank does not want to lose competitiveness from other digital banks, such as Neo+, Jago, to Blu by BCA.

Moreover, since it was first released there have been many interesting promos, one of which is Motion Banking referrals.

How to Enter Motion Banking Referral Code

The Motion Banking referral code allows new customers to get a free balance of IDR 10,000 after successful account opening.

Interestingly, this promo does not require us to make an initial deposit like other banks.

In fact, you have the opportunity to get a bigger balance of up to millions of rupiah if you invite a friend to open a Motion Banking account through your referral code.

So, if you are interested in Motion Banking services from MNC Bank, here is a complete guide on how to register and enter the Motion Banking referral code:

  • First, make sure your device meets the minimum requirements, namely Android 5.1.1 and iOS 11
  • Then download the Motion Banking application
  • If it is installed, open the application and click ‘Skip
  • Read all terms and conditions, click Agree
  • Then fill in your email address, active cellphone number, Motion Banking referral code 01SUPDM58 (zero yes, not letter O)
  • Insert OTP code to verify phone number
  • Next ID card photo right in the square box
  • Continue with selfie while holding e-KTPmake sure the face is clearly visible
  • Then do the test Live Detection on command
  • If it is successful, complete your personal data according to your e-KTP
  • Also fill in the form of employment, income, and source of funds
  • Then select the address for sending the card, it can match your e-KTP or office address
  • Finally, create an account password and login PIN

At this stage, the Motion Banking account registration has been completed. Next, just wait for the data validation process for a maximum of 5 hours.

If approved, you will be sent an email notification as shown in this image:

open a motion banking account

Meanwhile, the free balance of the Motion Banking invitation code will be automatically credited to your account no later than 14 days after account opening.

Referral promo or invite friends valid until March 22, 2022 (EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 2022)

So, what if the MNC Bank account opening fails? It is possible that the data you entered is incorrect or does not meet the service criteria, such as unclear e-KTP, blurry photos, until the data does not match.

But don’t worry, you can still repeat the registration process from scratch by fixing these problems.

How easy is it to open an MNC Bank account from the Motion Banking application?

Apart from not having to come to the branch office, all processes from start to finish are done online via a smartphone. Moreover, the only requirement is e-KTP only.

So, that’s a complete review on how to register and a Motion Banking referral code that you can use to get a free balance of IDR 10,000 without having to deposit a balance. That’s it and don’t forget to enter the code 01SUPDM58yes!

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