New Event Lucky Spin MLBB 2022, For This Month

New Event Lucky Spin MLBB 2022

New Event Lucky Spin MLBB 2022 – Events are something that players look forward to because usually it will give them rare gifts like getting free mobile legends skins. The lucky spin event that is currently being awaited is the 2022 mobile legends lucky spin event.

Every time it appears, there must be many people who follow it, although in general it is not easy but the average mobile legend player will not give up before being able to have the prizes generated from the lucky spin.

Talking about lucky spin ml, what exactly is lucky spin ml? Why is it something that many players are looking for? For more details, see the explanation below.

What is Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin is a type of event that is held every month by Moonton, always a developer of mobile legends, this can also be called a lucky draw. There are many opportunities that you can grab to have all the free gifts in it.

Of course, not only certain people, but the new mlbb 2022 lucky spin event can be followed by all ml players through one way, namely opening the Shop menu. Then proceed by selecting Lucky Spin which is located at the bottom of your mobile legends cellphone screen.

If your luck level is high or good, you can be sure that you will get prizes such as items, skins and heroes in mobile legends.

To find out some explanations about the new lucky spin mlbb 2022 mobile legends event ready to get lucky or the mlbb lucky spin event prize in August 2022, see the following article.

New Event Lucky Spin MLBB 2022

1. Lucky Spin x Star Wars Event

The first of the new lucky spin mobile legends 2022 event is the skin of the mobile legends hero that we often hear, namely star war. If you want the prize then spin up to 10x in Lucky Draw. The event is still available from July 16 and ends on August 15, 2022.

2. Lucky Spin x Kung Fu Panda

The next lucky spin mobile legends 2022 event is called lucky spin x kung fu panda. You can also spin or draw 10 times to get skin prizes from Thamuz hero and epic skins from other heroes. But unfortunately there is no clear information about this one event.

3. Other Mobile Legend Events

In addition to the new lucky spin mlbb 2022 event, there is still another mobile legend event about the 6th anniversary of the mobile legends game. Of course there will be many free skins available, for example, the latest harley skin.

That’s the information regarding the new lucky spin mlbb 2022 event. From now on, let’s access your mobile legends game and go directly to the lucky draw section to take some of the prizes that have been provided.

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