Paper Star Lanterns How To Make


Paper Star Lanterns How To Make – A few years ago I made a giant paper star. They are usually called paper star lanterns, but mine is thick paper and has no holes to let the light through, so it’s a paper star sculpture. It was fun to do, but also time-consuming (hand-drawing and measuring the pattern for each piece), so while I plan to make more stars, the project is still weak in my “one day” stack.

You can create your own example from scratch or download the attachment below. I have stuck it in CRV and AI mode ready to use.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

I created the pattern in Illustrator. The outline was drawn according to the picture and to create the details I used a free pattern I found online (source is Patternheads) that I thought would work for laser cutting. This is particularly successful as it offers a lot of intricate details, but still a strong structure.

Spring 2011 Craft Workshops

You can move and resize the file to the size you want, or copy the entire shape and rotate it so that both fit on the same page.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

I also copied some of the details so that I could cut the test if I felt the need. And I draw a box with two lines that you can use to check the results. I recommend doing this because every time I replace a new disc I have to adjust the power and/or speed of the dotted line. I often find that there is no need to adjust the cutting line.

I recommend cutting the file path in this order as it makes it easier. When the outline is cut, the paper may change and affect the accuracy of the future cut path.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Gorgeous Painted Paper Lanterns For Chinese New Year

When the shape is cut, most of the cut pieces are left. A sharp touch often encourages most others to let go. For the remaining few, I use tweezers to touch or gently pry it out.

I like to place a sheet of paper on a hard surface and press firmly on one side of the scratch line and lightly on the other side.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Once the glue has set, start gluing the dots together. Glue the two sides of the face sheet together and hold them tightly until they stick together. You can smooth out the point a bit, as this may make the glue easier.

Mexican Paper Star Ornaments + Printable Craft Templates • Happythought

I left the last opening unglued so I could fold it. In this way, the wire that passes through the hole holds the star and can be used for hanging. If you want, you can glue the star closed with or without tape. You can also make a hole at the end of one point for hanging.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

I used the tip thread on the ribbon thread. A larger safety belt would be better if you have one.

There are many possible options that I want to try. Here are some tips if you want to try.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Patriotic Paper Lanterns: 4 All American Designs (video Tutorial)

Let me know if you have any other ideas or developments. I hope you find this tutorial useful as a starting point for your own design. I don’t think it’s the right time of year for stars and lanterns, but I You are in the paper folding, so I am excited about the project that I have to To return in the autumn. This past lantern season, I looked all over the place for instructions on how to make these adorable paper lanterns, and couldn’t find them anywhere. I ended up getting a pre-made lamp, and since I struggle with difficult folding and patterns in other paper crafts, I decided to open a seemingly simple lamp I bought and make it myself. As with all traditional origami, no glue or cutting (once the basic outline of the paper is complete) is needed. I was worried that when I opened the cute store bought version I wouldn’t be able to get it back, but luckily it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

Since in my search for advice, I have met many other people who are looking for the same thing, I thought I would do my best to share what I have learned. There may be a better way to do this, and of course my origami vocabulary is a little off, but this is how I do it:

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Start with a 12 inch square piece of paper and end up with a lamp that is about 7 inches wide. (Those beautiful watercolors that our kids make make the cutest lanterns every season. Also, 12×12 is the standard size for a wonderful variety of scrap paper found at local craft stores.)

Dodecahedron Star Lantern {tutorial}

With the outside (colored side) of the lamp facing up, fold the paper in half horizontally and vertically and then again on each diagonal, dividing the page into eight pieces.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

If you want more obvious wrinkles and thick cardboard folds, try using a bone folder. The more precise folding, the finished project will be more beautiful.

Divide the paper further into 16 rectangles by turning the paper inside out (paint side down, so this second set of 8 folds is the “valley” to the “hill” of the first 8 folds) and make another fold between each of the 8 folds. . Part, contact. Existing fold and center point.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Paper Star Lantern Decoration (cosmic White 7 Point Lighted Star)

To demonstrate, I marked the paper with dashes and dotted lines. The dotted line (marking both the front and back of the page) is folded over the straight line. (For a more accurate fit, check the line at a 90° angle and make sure it lines up with the angle crack below it.)

Once these folds are made, lightly mark with a pencil the triangular pieces that come out of each of the four corners.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

After removing all these folds and angles, the octagonal “pie” now has 16 wedges.

Easy Ways To Fold Cute Origami Stars (+video Tutorial)

Paint side down, using the line between the eight dots as a direction (dotted line), fold the edge of the paper (with a dashed line connecting the end of the dotted line).

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

The easiest way to understand this is to first fold the top, bottom and sides to form a square, then unfold the paper, rotate it 45 degrees and repeat the process to create a square.

Finally, an eight-pointed star appears, forming a fold (or two squares, one covering the other).

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Folded Paper Star Tutorial

This is where it gets difficult and the instructions are best understood on paper, I think just trying to figure it out…

Between each folded corner, reach to the other side of the paper and gently grasp the center (indicated by arrow) from the back.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

Flip the triangle over the edge until it still points to the center of the side of the page currently facing up. (I have drawn arrows on both sides of the paper for illustration purposes.)

It’s All Jul: Swedish Christmas Traditions

Keep doing this all the time. By carefully rolling the paper over the cup and tucking in the folds as needed, the star pattern begins.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

The lamp I bought is coated with oil, which adds a glow (and a kind of magical quality) to the paper. You can do this by brushing on vegetable or olive oil before folding and letting it dry overnight. (I recommend trying the first version without.)

Of course, these beautiful pieces are made of paper, so they are quite fast. I recommend placing a glass candle around an open flame before placing it in the lamp, and as with all flammable items, be careful and do not leave the candle unattended.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

D Paper Star Template: Paper Star Instructions And Free Template

My mom loves to use those little battery powered tea lights and they are definitely quite safe and a great option for many kids. See how to make a cute star lantern that adds sparkle by cutting out stars and snowflakes. !

I love making paper lanterns. Actually, a few years ago I made paper lanterns or lanterns for each month of the year and I also made a very cute heart paper lantern. And this is the perfect season for paper lanterns. – They brightened our house during the long, dark winter. So I’m showing you how to make paper star lanterns on day 3 of the free 25 day challenge.

Paper Star Lanterns How To Make

What is The Great Maker Giveaway 25 days? This is an annual tradition here. Every day for the first 25 days of December, we’ll give you a new project, design, tutorial, and video for something you’ve asked us to do. Plus, we’ll have a raffle with 25 prizes, everything from Cricut machines (four this year) to project prize sets with all the supplies for popular projects.

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